Editor’s Note: Hello all! This is installment 10 for the series of articles addressing “Karmacons” and their dark influence on Planet Earth. These were written by my Slavic friend, Senad Dizdarevic and introduce a different name for the 1%’ers (Deep State/Dark Forces/Illuminati/Cabal).

But, more than introducing another name for the Dark, his writings also teach of a different dimension that exists simultaneously with ours here on Earth. Spiritual mentors you may be aware of, Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, give some insight into another view of our cosmos and how it operates.

So…please take advantage of his free offer ( an ebook detailing more about the Don Juan/Carlos Castaneda connection…I was fascinated!), look into and discover your own heart, and BE…



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»In the Eagles claws and in the Fliers prison planet

Toltecs exactly knew thousands of years before a »modern« man what they are up against and what is the real meaning of our lives in the Fliers prison. They knew that this is a life or death game and they did every possible thing to succeed and stay alive. 

In time they organized a very concrete system of practices with a single goal: how to transform from the physical to a light body. And stay alive. The teaching was very secret and only a few of them knew it.

As we know there is no Don Juan school for nagualism in Los Angeles University:) New members of secret groups are selected by Spirit or Intent and not by men. With Castaneda was the same.

The rest of us was not the chosen ones:)

But we were crazy reading their magical adventures and trying some of the exercises. Most of us more exercising the reading than actual exercises:)

I tried stopping the internal dialogue with watching over the horizon and it worked perfectly. I live in an apartment building and through the window; I see another building. I also can’t be all day outside so I exercised only for an hour a day. And some days not.

I liked dreaming a lot, so I learned to lucid dream with the book Art of dreaming. That was my Exercise! I learned it pretty quick and I am lucid dreaming for more than 30 years now.

At the time when I was reading the book, setting intentions before sleep in getting lucid in dreams I didn’t know how important this knowledge and skill will be for me in the future. Believe me, for you, too:) I know how it sounds, but you will see that that is very true…

Later I tried Tensegrity and there was one exercise that stopped the mind in an instant. It was like switching it off at the moment. In those years I was still living under the spell of the karmicons script for my incarnant Fedja and I was completely unaware and unawakened. Half of the time I behave harmfully and half a time I was trying to be better:) Building in the morning and ruining in the afternoon.

Until I was awakened in 2004 by still unknown beings from space. Then the real game began.”

This is the intro from the e-book “Where are Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda?” You will get it for free when you subscribe to a newsletter for awakening, personal, partnership and family awakening on 

Here is a Table of Contents:

In the Eagles claws and in the Fliers prison planet

Don Juan: reality or fiction

Carlos Castaneda’s Church of readers:)

Toltec teaching for the transformation into a light being

The natural model of the awakened life

Who can transform into a light being? And how?

Where are Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda?

Dear friends,

Partnership for awakened Earth

Be nice and friendly  

All the best to all. 


P.s. Before the end, I reveal where are the nagual boys. They are alive, one more than the other:)

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