Full Moon in Pisces: “The Path Home” ~ September 13, 2019

Editor’s Note: Speaking as a mystical Pisces, I urge all to read, and re-read this post describing the birth pangs our consciousness is going through on our way home to BEing ONE. Please read, calm your fears, and BE…



By Remembering Mu

Hi beautiful Beings! I know it has been a while since my last update, but I trust you all are well and flowing with these heightened energies beautifully. Many have been moving through a deep release on all levels of anything left that stands between the previous cycle we are shifting out of and the next phase that is birthing itself through us. So whether you are experiencing this as blissful or excruciating, rest in the knowing that you will soon be delivered from this phase and welcomed into your next.

This full moon and energy frequency is guiding us through the fog and the darkness, and ultimately guiding us to a place of reconnection beyond anything we have known before. So even if you are having difficulty imagining that in this moment, walk in full faith and knowing that all is well. When we become caught up in the collective trance, it becomes all too easy to see ourselves as imperfect and unworthy. We are being reminded that we are literally creating our realities with our perceptions. This is a time for us to heal any perception of isolation or separation from Source, this is a time of complete transcendance and a clearing of the lenses through which we see the worlds. Many will be awakening into a greater level of their multidimensional Presence, and begin to truly see the larger pattern of their complete self and purpose for incarnating at this time.

The shadow of Virgo energy is the tendency to want to make one particular area of our lives “perfect” at the exclusion of everything else ~ we develop tunnel vision and see everything in terms of what needs fixing. It’s not that this is necessarily wrong, or that we’re not being guided to look at these areas and to heal them for a reason, but we are being reminded that fixating on any one area can cause us to become static and immovable. We find balance when we look at the totality of who we are across all the dimensions; we are being asked not to lose sight of the bigger picture at this time and to remember our Light. This state of balance is an active process — we must keep the larger picture in mind in order to allow for us to merge back in with the One Heart, with Unity Consciousness, with the Source of All that Is. By rigidly focusing on only one area of our lives, on a need to be perfect, on comparing ourselves to others, we are forgetting that there is only One in all of this and that we are all united — there is nothing and no one to compete with, nothing to compare ourselves to, everything we see outside of ourselves IS us and we are everything that we see. Remember the One Heart, remember Love.

With all the heightened energies of this time (that will only continue to accelerate), we are encouraged to spend some time just lying down with nothing but the intention of allowing the Divine to fuse with our bodies. To simply rest on nature’s healing table and allow Heaven to merge in with us, bringing Heaven to Earth. It’s not so much about setting an intention for a rigorous meditation schedule or following any specific meditations or needing to get answers or needing to connect in any kind of particular way, but just to lie down and rest and set the intention for healing, and then to let ourselves receive. Setting an alarm (if needed to remind you) every day and making a commitment to take 10 deep breaths a day on its own would be an incredibly powerful practice. None of this needs to be complicated, in fact the simpler the better right now as the miracles truly do WANT to occur, they will be effortless when we just let go and Be.

Through this, through just Being and allowing and finding balance amongst all the parts and the totality of ourselves, the dots are going to begin to connect and we will have that greater clarity and connection that many have felt to be lacking for some time. We will see the greater pattern, we will find stability and expansion, we will experience the Union of polarity, we will perceive mystical truth. All things are becoming interwoven into the greater home. Wisdom is breaking through and great understanding is arising. Through each of us, the balance of the Cosmos is fulfilled. We are truly beginning to remember who we are, our majestic power, and how much bigger we are than we ever imagined ourselves to be.

Beyond anything, this gateway is offering all those who are ready to traverse the long sought after path home. This path is leading many through the birth canal, through the portal of transcendance and rebirth. All that is needed is to rest in and breathe through the contractions, the physical pains and heightened ascension symptoms that many are feeling ~ just to breathe through it, the breath is the way through. This is also an incredibly huge time for twin flames and all those on a sacred union path, I will make a separate post on this soon. For now, just rest and allow yourself to be delivered. Allow yourself to remember all that you are. Allow yourself to come Home.

Eternal Love always,

~ Meeyah

©️ Remembering Mu


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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