The Collapse of The 3D Paradigm and The Emergence of The Golden Age ~ September 6, 2019

By: Gregory Trollip



The events taking place have been written about through the ages, the collapse of the 3D paradigm and the emergence of the Golden age. The awakening of the Soul within is a process of Self realization, an awareness of our birth right and the role we play as CoCreators bringing into alignment Heaven on Earth. We are Beings of Love and Light, the strongest of the strong incarnated to transform the illusion of separation through raising our consciousness with the Power of Love. For centuries we have been enslaved by beLIEf systems designed to keep us in the limited mind matrix prison founded in fear promoting opposition, competition and separation. You are only as strong as your weakest link and so any form of comparison brings with it opposing forces which naturally weakens the whole. We are one Heart, one Love and one with All there is. 

Your Heart knows this however you have been taught by the system to think rationally and logically in a Universe where chaos is order. The mind=ego is taught/programmed to focus on the external for gratification and accomplishments, seeking to improve ones life with fleeting perishable objects at the expense of Self Love and love for others. Parents spend less time with their kids than they do with their ‘boss’… And even less time with themselves as they struggle to ‘ make ends meet’. They tell you to sleep 8 hours a day, so one third of your life you voluntarily choose to be unconscious. They tell you what to eat and when to eat and then create circumstances that leave you little alternative, but to choose their food which they poison. This happens so that you can go to a doctor who poisons you some more to quickly get you back to your modern slavery environment, not realizing that the body is in fact telling you ‘ I HATE THIS SHIT’. 

You persist because your family and society are watching and you have bills to pay. We live in a World of exponential Abundance, perceptive by the Heart, body and soul but not the programmed mind=ego. NOW let’s get straight to it, Love and fear cannot exist in the same moment. Love is eternal, abundant, wholeness, joyous, UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. fear is an illusion only made real by the energy that you give it, the plan of the dark from day one. Create a matrix system based on fear where all their unconscious energy flows and takes away their power in Unity. 

Fear has no friends and so there will always be conflict whereas Love is All encompassing without condition. Take a look in the mirror today and ask yourself… WHO AM I? Who is looking back at me? Why am I here? Questions are the answers if you’re willing to listen. The Universe lives inside of YOU, your body is on this journey NOT your mind, listen to your body and ALWAYS follow your HEART!!! How often do you tell yourself I LOVE YOU? You are not the story in your head, You are the feelings in your Heart. DO THIS… 




As we are all reflections what I breathe out, you breathe in and visa versa… I WILL take care of me for you and YOU take care of you for me. Unconditional Love is Source energy and the very fabric of your every atom. STOP focusing on all the external drama, Everything is a test for you to surrender to Divine Will and have Faith that Great Spirit has your best interests at Heart. As a reHearter, if its gets you into your mind then you’re in the dark and susceptible to the rules of the Matrix. 

Don’t try to understand this shit, I did for a long time caught up in self importance and thinking I know better until I surrendered and said IDKS I DON’T KNOW SHIT!! We are shifting from the 3D mind matrix of understanding to the 5D reality of knowing. Your Heart knows the way, follow its guidance. Let go of All beLIEfs and surrender to the unknown, You Will Love it here. I Love you All. Let’s do this. 



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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