Deep State Government – QAnon ~ September 1, 2019

Deep State Government

Deep State Government. By Burn Notice.

It is good to be aware and prepared for whatever might unfold after the exposure of darkness.

Once enough people become aware of the presence of evil, it will shift collective consciousness in a more aggressive way than we have yet experienced.

We are now very close to this event. Prepare well, as it may be traumatic for many.


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Justice will only follow this shift in consciousness. It cannot lead our awakening. This may sound odd, but it is logical.

Evil will always hide without accountability and transparency.

Being awake to the “infrastructure of evil” ensures that humanity will demand it be dismantled. This process is already happening world-wide.

Just observe how different the dinner conversations are from two years ago!

It is happening.

The recent OIG report into James Comey agitated many people who felt that he should be prosecuted for leaking classified Intel.

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I don’t intend to fully weigh-in on this discussion, but I do appreciate the merits of everyone’s different point of view.

I did read the OIG report and personally, I think the case around ‘leaking’ is a little flimsy.

Comey was working with Deep State pals Rybicki, Priestap, Baker, Strzok and Lisa Page.

IMHO, prosecuting this case would lead to years of media confusion, for limited benefit.

I prefer to focus on our collective awakening, not on justice.

Eventually, our consciousness will ensure these people will not be able to walk the streets.

The media are already judging Comey poorly in regard to his leaks.

Deep State Government - James Comey

James Comey

Deep State Government

I am suggesting that Comey’s seven FBI memos were separated out of the larger IG report in order to illuminate something far more serious than his media leaks.

We are being shown that Comey and the Deep State operate way outside the law.

They are a law unto themselves.

Consider the current difficulty Gen. Flynn’s Counsel is having in getting requested FBI information from the Deep State DOJ:

Deep State Government - General Flynn's Lawyer Sidney

Outrageous! Deep State DOJ Refuses to Grant Security Clearance to General Flynn’s Lawyer Sidney…

Sidney Powell will represent General Michael Flynn. In June General Mike Flynn hired well-known defense attorney Sidney Powell to represent him after abruptly firing his lawyers. Deep State Government

Comey violated FBI policies 25 times.

You don’t accidentally break established FBI policy 25 times. This was a fully-planned violation of protocol.

The OIG report provides evidence that Comey ‘knows’ that the rules don’t actually apply to him or his fellow operatives.

Comey considers that the rules exist solely for other people.

FBI policies serve as ‘optics’ to make the public ‘think’ that due process is occurring.

The OIG report concluded that Director Comey violated FBI policies and his employment agreement.

To be clear, that’s Director Comey! The FBI boss!

Because the Deep State never thought HRC would lose the 2016 election, they became extremely untidy.


This OIG report proves the Deep State’s complete disregard for due process.

Deep State Government - OIG Report
Deep State Government - OIG Report

OIG Report

Deep State Government

The seven FBI memos pertained to Comey’s conversations with Trump about the FBI’s Russia investigation.

This ‘sounds’ logical, but we now know that this Russian story was ‘made-up’.

The truth of this assertion will be proven once the FISA documentation is declassified.

Ponder again, the FBI’s flagrant disregard for due-process.

Now apply this ‘pattern of abuse’ to the FISA application process, which is about to be revealed.

Apply it to international surveillance agencies. Apply it to the FISA documents presented to Judges.

Buckle up!

Three different “Russian” dossiers were in existence in 2016.

Those pushing this rubbish to the FBI were John McCain, Perkins Cole, David Corn, Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele.

Deep State Government - Buckle up!

The handwritten notes exposing what Fusion GPS told DOJ about Trump

A memory stick quietly exchanged in a coffee shop. An admission of a “Hail Mary” leak. An unmistakable effort to push the Russia investigation closer to Donald Trump’s inner circle with uncorroborated tales. Deep State Government

Comey’s policy violations are just the warm up before the big match.

They are the hors d’oeuvres before the banquet.

Bigger things are about to break and we don’t need the media distraction of a questionable ‘document leak’ while crimes of treason are being exposed.

The OIG report reveals the patterns of the Deep State: Comey didn’t return FBI material after he was sacked!

Why is this interesting?

Because his removal from the visible government DID NOT remove him from the invisible government.

The Shadow Government remains!

Deep State Government - OIG Report

OIG Report

Deep State Government

I had a premonition that when evil is exposed, they will continue to ask us submit to their rule.

After all, they have ruled us for thousands of years!

Each time they’ve been exposed, they shrink into the shadows, re-brand and return as a fresh form of captivity.

Think: Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Rome, the Papacy, Colonies, the Crown, Bank of England and the Federal Reserve banking system.

They have again retreated into the shadows and are preparing to re-invent themselves.

This is what they’ve always done.

They will always try and control us. Let us not be fooled again. This is the #GreatAwakening.

If you know where to look, you’ll see that the Deep State are still operating in full view.

In post #17, Q asks: “Why does Obama travel in advance of POTUS to foreign locations?”

Deep State Government - “Why does Obama travel in advance of POTUS to foreign locations?”

Why does Obama travel in advance of POTUS to foreign locations?

Deep State Government

Post #466 shows the Deep State has operational intent and a budget.

Deep State Government - The Deep State has operational intent and a budget

The Deep State has operational intent and a budget

Deep State Government

Post #609 reveals John Kerry is actively coaching other nations, while Obama is still travelling the world, like he is still in office!

Deep State Government - Obama is still travelling the world, like he is still in office.

Obama is still travelling the world, like he is still in office.

Deep State Government

Make no mistake, Obama and his administration truly ‘believe’ they are serving their third term as President.

They may change the language a little, but it is evident if you know where to look.

Training is at the heart of organizing. It’s why I’ve always made it a priority – from my 2008 campaign until now. And it’s why I’m proud to announce @allontheline’s in-person training initiative, Redistricting U. Join us:

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 26, 2019

This organisation is an example of the Deep State’s new infrastructure so they can continue to guide the people:

Deep State Government - Obama is still travelling the world, like he is still in office.

Look at who is running “All On The Line”:


Eric Holder and “President” Obama:

Deep State Government - Obama is still travelling the world, like he is still in office.

All On The Line

Deep State Government


Here is another example that Q confirmed in Post #1356.

Deep State Government - National Security Action

National Security Action

Deep State Government

This also reveals that they don’t recognise the authority of the people.

Ponder the above sentence very carefully.

Welcome to the mind of the Deep State dictatorship!

Darkness will always apply force to your mind, telling you what to think.

This is the Great Awakening.

Be aware of evil’s desire to rule over you. Be aware of how it controls your thinking. Be aware of how it triggers your emotions.

Nothing in our future will engage the patterns of our past.

Our future will be totally unfamiliar and uncertain, away from all control.


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