Entering the Cacoon Phase ~ August 22, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

Oh the cosmic kaleidoscope continues to turn making more and more beautiful patterns as the coloured beads rattle as they move and yet never cease to amaze the new beauty they bring in their mirrored capsule.

Are you witnessing and observing the patterning?

I was always a people watcher, I loved nothing more on my lunch break to sit and watch the world go by, visions of some perched on a couch, some would be shouting, some artistic playing with paint or strumming guitars, people watching holds a whole new level now the art of remote viewing holds no purpose, the details fell away and yet cleared spaces to see the patterning, the codes that float in fields.

It’s in the patterns and the behaviours that you get to see the truth of all, faces lie, people try and boy do they lie as they try to fly, but you see to fly is something physically experienced, it’s an action, it’s committed, it doesn’t need to try, it doesn’t need to believe, a bird knows it can fly right? It’s instinct tells it so, therefore a bird is never trying to fly, it’s literally just getting on with the job in hand and that is a pattern with point, a symbolic vision as I watched the evening skies and saw the formation of the birds, like an arrow, a compass needle pointing.

All birds connected as One, the same consciousness, one leading the formation, the arrow head and yet neither following any One individual, a perfect synchronised movement as they share the same conscious flow of order, holding the same purpose, the same intent and flying perfectly in a state of bliss.

And then I wondered, as I have watched flocks of birds….have I ever witnessed a flock and then randomly one turn around? Break the formation and choose another course?


I feel there is a lot to learn from watching nature

And nature is where you are most likely to feel guided to be, these energies, no matter where you are on the spectrum are over spilling in data, polarity is spinning out and many who are seeing the patterns and codes, who are witnessing the collective move are now responsible for breaking down more of the duality coding, when we see it we get to call it, we get to choose to close things down, to say no thank you, we get to be a part of the polarity or we get to dissolve the polarity from within and see it all in its truth, to allow the Divine order to play out, without bringing judgement to the table.

Spinning the duality wheel in reverse cracks the old ways, instantly showing the authenticity and integrity voids. The programs within begin to power up, trying to overcompensate, creating reactions that expand out the dis-eased order for it to be Seen and neutralised.

And whilst we have been flying in these energies recently many more are becoming fluent in patterning, calling out the loops, validating them from within, releasing the attachments to the pattern and learning how to become a quantum pattern designer.

Many are driven into nature to reconnect to the only matter of importance, many honouring the SOULitude required to shift into a new phase.
The cocoon phase whilst we rest out from the recent realisations and release but please remember, those new to the cocoon, this too takes some time to adjust to and honour, the cocoon can be a dark place, there are no windows and neither are there meant to be, the cocoon phase is incredibly important, what goes on out there is only an ego desire, and those new to the phase always try and dig a hole to escape or continue to peer out, which only relates in another cycle of you needing to build another secure home for the magic to take place, the breakdown of the old matter, the mush phase all of it must be respected without the need to push or break the spell of transformation that leads to the emerging butterfly that you know you have transformed into time and time again.

This year has been all about neutralising the programming, dissolving the fears and realising the ego creations you have become so attached to and yet plead to transform.

And it most certainly hasn’t failed, we have rejuvenated endlessly, transforming into the new with every phase of the moon, with every solar wind and with the constant soul codes from our cosmic rays as we bathe in the photonic light.

Love is what fills earth’s fields, purification is well underway and whilst we see social media fill with the fear of those reading the reports of the fires in the Amazon and around the world please hold the respect and love for our planet as she purges her dis-ease, this conscious vessel we call our home must release all, must show all that is unconscious and that reflects our human machine like ways, our great mother is simply following the same codes and reflecting, giving opportunity for all to align….or not.

Passion is filling as those who care truly realise the symbolic messages and align, assist in the repeating of the symbols and codes that nature is showing, purifying through the flame of passion all that no longer serves and through this the breath of creativity gently moves in to expand those flames bringing more light, more power and more heart felt warmth for the acceptance and cooperation of the process required.

As the heat rises the Soul expands allowing more wisdom, insight and clarity to be unified with and yet to those not yet willing to release this contradiction become loud, victim, defense all of it starts to show, stress comes to those who sit in their kNOw bank, the stagnation felt through indecision and torment to those who see the light and yet choose to dance in shadows, a refusal of soul never bides well and the physical body begins to take its toll as the light, the movement the quickening continues to pick up speed, aligning to its natural flow, we know as the speed of light.

Many of you on this path will no doubt be witnessing how quickly you move through physical purges once the connections and dots have been aligned, once you have discovered the links the cosmic keyhole of understand, innerstand and overstand opens super quick, the body releases the old energy and the transformation happens ridiculously fast now, highlighting the power of aligning to Source.

Guilt and loss also appears to be surfacing for neutralising and so always remember the power of choice, don’t feel BAD for someone else’s choices, it’s their experience, it’s their journey and you don’t need to create BAD anchors in your field…let it all go and float away into acceptance, respect is required here, respect for everyone’s choice, for their required experience to wake up….you are not an alarm clock, you are a light being, here to share light as you move through the sands of time, to guide like a lighthouse through your example, to adjust the brightness from within and most certainly realise when to not waste that precious energy. When light is so obviously surrounding another, when they are stood in the cold light of day what is the use of you adding your light your energy to what is already so very obvious and powerful, we cannot blame the blind for not seeing and we have not yet mastered the art of God, giving new eyes, healing blindness, have you ever thought that perhaps they wouldn’t like what they saw if you could? Some things just love the dark and belong there, it would be like refusing the right of a nocturnal animal and forcing it to stay awake during the hours of light….non-acceptance is a grumpy space.

Allowing the unconscious to fall away, expanding in the conscious amazement, choosing you, choosing the best option, the best opportunity the best everything will allow you to play in these love codes.

If you are feeling the static come over to the A Gift from Gaia GROUP where you will find modules in files for you to read and some recent videos to re-establish clarity through connection.

I have a heart full of words forming poems and modules so I am off to play in these sonic love waves.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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