Headlines and Updates for August 21, 2019: Deepening Mysteries [videos] ~ August 21, 2019

To whom shall we give top billing today? I know—let’s talk about Epstein!

Top Model Scout Flew 12-Year-Old Triplets in from France as a Birthday Gift for Epstein

Did I share this one yet? It seems the Epstein residence has been under surveillance for some time. Who knew? Prince Andrew and underage girl at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan town home VIDEO of Prince Andrew staying in Epstein’s sex mansion forces palace into damage control Right at 9 am this morning while watching a video I experienced interruptions from Century Link and DonwDetector.com showed the image below.

There were also problems with Instagram, Facebook, and Gmail, mostly in the NE United States. It seems there were some issues with the General Flynn Digital Soldiers Conference and he will not be attending. His attorney, Sidney Powell asks all patriots to donate $1 to his defense fund at mikeflynndefensefund. org.

Some of the donations are posted in Tweets and there are a few hefty ones.

Is the New York Times the new Onion news? The New York Times Officially Becomes A Joke Newspaper The alarm bells are going off in the minds of awakened Hawai’ians as similar drones to the ones seen over Paradise, California at the time of the fires are planned to fly over the islands. For me, the images are not showing in the web page, however. Thanks for the heads up, L. .

Powered by lithium batteries, it kind of gives you some perspective for why certain nations might shoot down another country’s drone, which happened again recently. You don’t know what they’re doing up there; taking video, shooting weapons, bouncing 5G waves, eavesdropping… drone reported over California at time of “wildfires” and suspicious explosions and melted neighbourhoods when trees did not burn Giant 5G Drones in Hawaii Skies?

Pushback is Growing… As always, when Donald Trump says something “bizarre”, he is pointing to something and we need to dig. AND, since Q has gone dark, he is picking up the slack. Does he have any intention of buying Greenland? Trump has waved a red cape in front of the bull now with his most recent comments today. “nasty response”. He has said that before. That demands extra attention. Video at the link.

Trump accuses Denmark’s leader of ‘nasty’ response to Greenland overture There is apparently more than meets the eye in Greenland, and certainly a lot more than just ice. Sir Patrick Mack brings us what he found about Greenland in the IPOT video below which gets into resources. Scott Mowry mentioned “rare earth minerals” in his Sunday intel update as well. And then there’s the “US Space Force” aspect he says… perhaps another “China Lake” scenario… and perhaps Greenland shares some similarities with Antarctica. He also gets into occult stuff you wouldn’t expect, going deep, deep, deep down the worm hole. IceWorm – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 8.21.19

Dave had some interesting things to say about Greenland in his X22 update yesterday, as well. Voter Manipulation, Message Sent & Received, Why Greenland? – Episode 1948b LT has the SerialBrain2 video version of the Greenland decode ready this morning. You can find all the SB2 posts archived here. SerialBrain2: The Secret Reason Trump Said He Wanted To Buy Greenland

Now let’s talk about Epstein. The other Epstein. Look who meddles in US elections. If you have not looked into the article and research from Dr. Robert Epstein (no relation to Jeffrey as far as we know) concerning the underhanded tactics of Google and Facebook with respect to election rigging and undue influence on voters, you may wish to peruse his article.

There is some linking of the “S” word to Dr. Epstein now… surely there won’t be two Epstein “S” events in one summer. The burgeoning Clinton Body Bag is full to bursting already. Here’s an opportunity to take down the beast and support another brave warrior who exposed Planned Parenthood and paid the price. It’s an easy way to make a difference. The following is an excerpt from an email campaign. ~ BP

You couldn’t be there when David entered the dark underbelly of the abortion industry – sitting across the table from abortionists haggling over the price of baby body parts with cold-blooded clarity… “I want a Lamborghini.”

You couldn’t be there as David saw with his own eyes the preborn children who had been killed with great precision to preserve their organs for maximum profit. You couldn’t be there when the videos were released and Planned Parenthood and their allies conspired to crush David with trumped up legal charges and an armed raid on his home in which they seized laptops, hard-drives, and recording equipment.

And you couldn’t be there with David when he appeared in both Texas and California for booking and processing – fingerprinted and photographed for mug-shots like a common criminal. (But our criminal defense team was there!) But, now, this is the reality… there is something you can do to help vindicate this pro-life hero.

My name is Tom Brejcha. I’m the President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society – a not-for-profit law firm underwriting and helping to spearhead David’s criminal defense. Now I’ll get right down to it… We anticipate the costs associated with David’s legal defense to exceed $5,000,000. That’s right, FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. You see, it’s not just one legal battle we’re fighting. Altogether David has been sued or prosecuted six times! Already we defeated a two-count felony and misdemeanor criminal case brought by the District Attorney of Harris County (Houston), Texas at the behest of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. And another nasty civil case brought by a baby body parts broker, Stem Express, in Los Angeles was dismissed. On top of those cases, David still faces two separate civil lawsuits in federal court in San Francisco, California, and a third in federal court up in Seattle. And that’s why I’m praying you will use this link to make an emergency contribution of $30 to the DAVID DALEIDEN CRIMINAL DEFENSE FUND.

Awaiting federal judge approval… another deterrent to migrant families, and a great idea. Trump officials unveil rule allowing indefinite migrant family detentions The chief advised that he has inside sources and to watch his Tweets.

Eye the Spy also threw out Sept 5 as the date after which QAnon would return to the boards.

Epoch Times headline: Focus in Spygate Scandal Shifts to CIA, Former Director Brennan The perpetual sneer; if looks could kill…

Daniel Lee has a revealing update on pedophilia, and ties to “Toledo” again. Coincidence? Ohio Child Trafficking, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Les Wexner The latest video from LK in the SerialBrain2 Occult Series is a surprising one, from my perspective. SB: You are the victims of the biggest and most sophisticated psyop ever perpetrated against Humans and Q is desperately trying to wake you up!

Q944 We went too deep. Attempted a pullback. Not ready. I remember when Q posted 944 or posted it again and wasn’t sure what to make of it. It’s difficult to know the context when there’s so much going on and posts can have multiple meanings. This one is particularly vague. A couple of weeks ago I brought forward several comments from QAnon that are spiritually suggestive.

Is it possible the Great Awakening is not so much about the People learning of the globalists’ scheming to control and ultimately eliminate them, but the spiritual awakening to the psyop? There’s a lot to think about here if you can put aside religious bias and listen with an open mind and heart.

Clearly we’ve been wrong about many things, and may still have a lot to learn. I heard it suggested that even those of us claiming to be awake are only half awake. What might that mean? Q has been called a psyop. We already know the Jews have been taught some unsavoury things about who they are, and how the rest of us are cattle.

We know mankind is all equal, sovereign, and we bow to no one. So who got psyopped? Why does religion have to come into everything? If no one had any, there would be one less platform to divide us on, would there not? Why can we not simply abide by the Golden Rule and Universal Codex knowing we have one Source? Lots of questions.

SerialBrain2: Q Occult Series – Part 12: Let’s Unify the House of Abraham Against Satan LK Dark to Light Published on Aug 21, 2019 In part 12 of the Q Occult Series we go over why Satan divided the House of Abraham, and why a never thought before alliance of two different faiths, needs to happen. The truth, is often hard to accept… Eventually, we’ll get it all figured out. ~ BP

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