Mars Enters Virgo~Unification ~ August 18, 2019

Editor’s Note: Wow…what an emotional topsy-turvey day this has been! Old closures while healing certainly can make us feel we have failed in some way, but this how duality itself is indeed ended which actually serves us a being a foundation for the new…unification!

So…I heartily recommend reading this article to better realize why things happen the way they do, work on setting up your own end of duality in your life, and then BE…



By A Gift From Gaia

Todays energy shift with Mars now entering Virgo will be creating the space for many to begin leaving the ego need for the details, in Virgo everything becomes more intricate and therefore the perfect playground to highlight the duality you are perhaps still figuring out, the need to correct, the need to state, the need to be right all starts to show itself and whilst you may be on the belief that you are holding the light, lets always remember that until we entirely unify with our light that we are always standing on the lighter side of dark, which again shows the duality and many different worlds we have our dancing feet in. 

There is always more, and the unification means that the reality reflects the vibration held. By holding the streams of duality we continue the separation within and therefore continue experiencing the confusion, the contradictions, and the old death and rebirth cycles. By unifying with our light we experience rejuvenation, a field full of opportunities as all abundance blocks are lifted and we receive an access all areas pass.

Mars in Virgo requests us to be more precise so I would urge you to take a look at where you are trying to push for perfection, this energy is likely to bring out those who follow the people program to the word, the preachers, the righteous, the holier than thou and this will give the cosmic surfers plenty of practice of saying “no thank you” and start closing down distorted timelines, taking many on a trip within to some soulitude space in which they will no doubt realise that the precision needs to be focused within, Virgo being an Earth sign means this stream of action energy is going to be like medicine for the physical for those with the Eye to see where the importance needs to be heading. This physical vessel is due an upgrade, its due some CARE and LOVE, its requesting to ascend now that you have awakened, but before that can begin the language of the body needs to be learned and if we choose to surf this stream of adjusting self, detoxing, cleaning up the feed (in all ways) through this virgo party that is soon to kick off what we will find come late September is the ability to move and shift, to emanate, to expand becomes much easier. Our importance must now shift to the physical and understanding that it is this magical spacesuit that contains the light of our soul and in order to do so without blowing the fuse box we must not ensure we are doing everything to keep a clean and crisp mental and physical field, a newbuild means exactly that, we build upon the foundations.
Mars likes action, but this action can be to our betterment or detriment and that is only ever going to show either your conscious or unconscious truth. 

Lets make a pact, right now, a Promise to Self to make some real earthy changes to how we see or connect to our physical body to prepare it for the influx of light that will enter, lets fully understand that we are either allowing our ego to feed us or our light, and let me tell you, only the very best is acceptable for our soul. Its funny really because we see the people program and the people pleasers bending over backwards as though they have been possessed, contorting in all weird and wonderful shapes to please their reality and those who sit in it and yet if folk would just turn that amount of energy within and gave to Self that same amount of attention – Oh Lordy Lord what a different world this would be in. 

So I say to the people pleasers, you know when you feel rejected from the world, burned out because you give ridiculously to your out there world, but yet you know you have a heart of gold, that you have the ability to GIVE beyond measure, angels you are so POWER-FULL!! In fact I would go as far as to say you literally have the power to change this world however until you learn to bring it all within you will continue the feelings of leakage and lack. 
Turn that force inside, recognise Self and the importance of returning all of that energy and filling YOU up and the magic we will all witness will be truly out of this world. 

Today is a mighty fine day to bring the full closure of these old ways, especially now our super charged Moon now squares Pholus.

Pholus is a centaur and signifies No Turning Back, so we know that these emotional Moon transits we have been experiencing are now at the point of fruition and we shall see the effects of our observations and choice, or perhaps blind reactions. 

He also signifies “shooting yourself in the foot” so I am sure there is going to be much guilt and regret surfacing to be realigned, but regardless we have an opportunity to take the turning point that Pholus gives and we know that when we work from the purity of love within, the flutter of our angel wings begins to create the hurricanes of change across our fields. 

Choosing to work your light web from within will ultimately decrease the physical stress experience and allow the magic of Source to be witnessed.

Sending so much love angels


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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