The Karmicons Series (2/12) ~ August 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a 12-part series written by my Eastern European friend, Senad. He presents some very interesting ideas, but of perhaps the most important reason why I post these is to better illustrate the Global awakening for spiritual thought that is now taking place. It’s not just in the US, folks!

So…Please read, understand the principles Senad relates, and BE…



Dear friends,
here is the second part of the Karmicons Series.
You can expect that they will try to sabotage your reading because they don’t want that people know, who is heinously torturing and abusing them. You will notice their attempts as intruding thoughts:« You don’t need it. This is not true. We don’t even exist:) Go to a pubm and drink, reading is a waste of time.« etc.

They can try to scare you off, but don’t give up! Don’t allow them or anybody to stop you from knowing the truth about the karmicons villains and your Wonderfulness.

Here you go.

Unwakened people think they are human, Slovene, managers, and everything other than what they really are. It is incredible that we can even live without knowing who we really are. Humans are a kind of beings, Slovene is a kind of national roles, managers are a kind of roles, too, but we all are first Beings of Pure Awareness and only then everything else.

Awakened know that and we are living as actors who play roles. Unawakened are just roles that think they are actors who play roles:)

Without Pure Awareness as our Essence and Beingness, we are just empty bags thinking and greasy meat, just zombies that are biting into the Life.

Life is a chili
We all know that facts are facts and explanations are explanations. For every fact, there are hundreds of explanations, but they don’t change the fact that the fact is the fact. Such Fact is Existence. Existence exists. And it exists no matter explanations and even without them. There are over 1.000 religions on Earth alone and each of them has its own Explanation of Everything. Science has its own, too. There are many theories, myths, and stories about how the World happened. And then there are explanations about the meaning of Life.

So, Life is everything else except Life.

Some say is a school. There are Teachers and pupil. Teachers are smart, strong and
competent, pupils are stupid, weak and incompetent. Teachers are teaching pupils how to live right. If they are good, they reward them, if they are naughty they punish them. When pupils finish school, they will know how to live.

Life is a Test claim that there are Testers and specimens. Testers are good, specimens are bad, so they have to test them. They have to prove through the series of tests they are good. The good one will live, they will discard the bad one. First will become new Testers that will test new bad specimens.

Some say Life is War. In this kind of Life, there are Commanders and soldiers.
Commanders command and soldier kill. Who kill more enemies, wins. Who loses is a loser. Winners are good, losers are bad. Who wins takes all, who loses, lose everything.

Then we have Life as Business, Serv

And of course, Suffering, as Buda said. He was the one that was actively spreading
karmicons explanation of Life. A false explanation, of course.

»Life is a chili, red or yellow, short but hot!« That was the life of The Buldozers, Slovene rock group, back in their days of days.

And Life for all that have given up on him, Life is an illusion. There is nothing, you are just imagining that there is something. You don’t exist, too; you are just imagining yourself:)

All those explanations are false and are true violence upon Life. In truth, Life is Life. Single beings are living our own personal lives, all lives together are Life.

To be continued.

All the best to all.
Senad Dizdarevic
If you want to know more about the karmicons and the future of Earth read my new book
»Letters to Palkies Messages to my friends on another planet«. You can get it on Amazon.

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