Daily Energetic Navigation – Fully Loaded ~ August 17, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

Emotions are now at peak levels within the collective and we continue sorting through as all of the ugly comes up to be seen, choices are to be made and you will See easily those ready now to choose to walk in light, to choose Self and to explore the new fields, and for some those old emotions are going to take them Deep C Diving to discover the depths of their ocean floor…….again.

Some folk find the repeat loops important to check and check again if everything has been experienced of that octave, it’s a little like the obsession of constantly checking windows due to OCD, the feeling of fear that arises in case the checking hasn’t been done correctly, that you may have missed something and yet somewhere deep within your heart you will know that all was completed correctly, that no matter how many time you Dive into your Consciousness that ocean floor has been studied and there is nothing left to see…..other than the same old same old.

Something to think about here, especially during this transit of the Moon conjuncting Neptune in which those clearing aspects of the 3rd or 4th frequencies are bound to be getting caught up in a huge swirl of emotional, ego thoughts and fear, regrets and a need to go back to the old ways just to pacify the ego needs, if you are considering to choose unconscious timelines then please take a safety line with you…..

Be aware of your subconscious drivers, look at the agenda, what is the driving force, are you looking for comfort, are you scared of the new, are you sick of the emotional turmoil within and are finding the easiest way to make it stop, are you holding attachments? Whatever’s surfacing IS here for you to identify within and clear the associated false beliefs and unconscious programming, much of this energy is bringing up the emotional lines of the nurturer and whilst you are most likely fixated on the out there world, your reality, the work that is required begins within and until that work is completed there are no opportunities for renewal because the frequency held is still at that same level, the focus is still the same as it is rooted in lack. Until it is all provided for within we can only ever offer the sketchy version of Self. Also when there are others involved its essential to scan over their subconscious drivers, and when Neptune is in play this is easily Seen, as I said on my recent video a sorry is only ever a changed behaviour and renewal can only open when all is in harmony, when all subconscious drivers are heading in the same direction with the same purpose.

Moon conjunct Neptune really climaxes the recent transits our moon has been making, please see reports below, specifically this past week to get an idea of how super charged our Lunar Goddess currently is, and today she is sitting with Neptune.

If Venus is earthly love then Neptune is Divine, unconditional love, and represents our connection to our Universe through its watery streams, Neptune also rules the oceans which again is a reflection of how we are all one, how nothing is separate and it is a role of Neptune to erode those boulders that stand in the way of Oneness, never underestimate the power of water.

Water holds a ridiculous amount of data, our Universe is filled with water droplets and vapour, our world, our bodies, all frequencies are held in our fluid and whatever our vibration will be circulating through our watery networks and systems within and travel through each cell and this dictates our field, even our words hold vapour, a whisper has the same power as The Butterfly Effect, in fact words are the most powerful spells so please be aware of the water you are programming and sending into the collective, more so during these emotional waves because these coded bubbles of communication and dialogue within the physical will be manifesting rapidly in these energies.

The moon represents emotions, the relationship between Mother and child, its all about FEEL and until you hold the ability to observe the moon shows us to be quite reactive emotionally. The moon as we know controls the tides and so we can see easily how these two celestial bodies work together and loudly!

So the lower octaves of this transit most often take you to the back of our cosmic ship and you look at the path behind us, regret, guilt and such feelings arise and empathy can easily take you back into the unconscious realms, please remember that whilst you are standing gazing out the back of your ship there is no one steering it into the new, and with the amount of data this transit creates it becomes more difficult to decipher what are your feelings, what are theirs, what is the collective and the overwhelm of FEEL can begin, empaths, those learning to understand the data will no doubt feel the confusion, but the heart will guide those into SOULitude to zero point it all out, to figure it all out.

Cosmic surfers and those learning to see multidimensionality will find so much to surf during this transit, the opportunities are ABUNDANT, creativity heightens, wisdom pours in and its through this transit that we begin to dream and set the seeds for manifestation, we are feeling the importance of holding and emanating the high frequencies we have anchored to assist all in our spectrum to focus on the build of this new template that is the foundation of our new Sacred Field. Those “aha” moments are going to be entering, that internal KNOWING gets loud and if you are at the phase of releasing something of old you will see with ease the why’s and wherefores, the patterns will become incredibly clear.

As Neptune holds the spectrum of the Victim and the Saviour we realise the collective will no doubt feel like a huge pot of gloopy soup, sensitivity will be high however the conscious surfer move this sensitivity out of the emotional pool and use this energy wisely by taking the time to be with Self, to meditate, to journal, to be out in nature, to ensure every action is that of conscious being and as Compassion is so easily achieved we move easily, in flow with the harmonies of Earth and allow all to move for the greater good of All.

Oh and hydrate, feeling dehydrated will be symbolic

All this water, all this data flowing in means one thing……SURFS UP DUDE!

And there is nothing I find more joyous than surfing these super waves, so I have a little quest today for us all, instead of filling the thread with words lets fill the thread with super awesome photos of your special moments, things of beauty and abundance!

Today will be simple….are you choosing to look out the back of your ship or are you going to take that commanders seat and travel forward with us into the unknown.

Conscious or Unconscious….the choice is yours


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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