Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening – Akatu – Pleiadian Collective ~ August 16, 2019

Kabamur Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.

About Kabamur – One of Many, Many of One – Pleiadian Collective

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Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


Beloved Friends!

As All Beings Are Continually Bombarded With Fake News Stories, Mixed With Sacred Truth And Ongoing Awakening;

It Is Noted In The Collective That Many Do Not Understand Certain Meanings Of Words Thrown Around Daily Among The Masses!


Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


We Remind You That All Words Are Thought Constructs Of Energy Formation, And Only True In Individual Perception If Believed!

We Will Address Three Words In This Moment Together!

Disclosure, Enlightenment, And Awakening!


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Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


Disclosure Is To Be Considered As Multiple Sightings Of Crafts From The Multiverses Increase,

And The News Of This Truth Spreads Among Many On The Multiple Forums And Videos.

Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


Military, Government And White Hats Are Very Aware Of The Presence Of So Many Life Beings From Galaxies You Are Not Aware Of In These Moments!


Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


For Pleiadian Presence Is Only One Race Of Beings With You In The Final Dream!

There Are Many Friends Here From Arcturus And Other Planets!

Many Also Arrive That Are Friendly And Harmless That Just Want To Observe And Leave;

For All That Come And Go, We Monitor And Assess!

Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


There Will Not Be Complete Disclosure Until The Shift; But Awareness And Knowing Is Here Now.

There Will Be A Noted Increase Of News On Disclosure From This Moment On!


Enlightenment Is Present And Open For All Created Beings!

Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


Animals, Nature And Humans All Have A Consciousness And Presence From The One!

This Enables All To Have A Knowing Of Self And Free Will To Have Doctrine Or To Connect With Other Life Forms.

Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


There Is Still Much Duality Here But Moments Of Pure Awareness Throughout The Dream Of Each.

All Plants, Trees, Crystals, Animals And Humans Can Connect To Self And Others.


Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


Awakening Is Knowing You Are Dreaming And Yet Knowing You Are The Sacred Essence Of The One Creator Of All!

It Is Knowing And Feeling And Believing You Are Not Your Story!

You Are Not This Name And False Identity!

Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


Awakening Allows You To Fully Understand Oneness And Duality!

To Know There Are Vibrational Frequencies And Life Forms Around You Unseen!

To Fully Understand That You Are A Powerful Being That Arrived Here With All Present,

By Choice And With Intention!

Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


That You Came From Higher Realms And You Are Infinite Love And Light!

You Are Living A Waking Dream And We Are Honored To Be With You!

For This Is Your Moment!

Awakening Is The Gift You Give To Yourself!

Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


No Being Can Awaken Another! Yet You All Are Catalyst For One Another!


We Speak To You In These Moments With Great Love And Protection!

For You Are The Sacred Essence We Arrived To Care For And Teach!

Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


Awaken Beloved Ones!

Remember Who You Are!

Soon We Rise!


Disclosure Enlightenment and Awakening


We Are The Pleiadian Collective!

Pleiadian Collective

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That which does not kill us makes us stronger.


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