We Don’t Need No Stinking Solar Maximum! ~ August 14, 2019

Editor’s Note: Are you aware the our solar system (including the Earth) is in the midst of receiving extremely strong cosmic energies? See here and here. Do you know these energies are hitting our Sun as well and are quite aware of causing our Sun to send specific solar energies our way? This is science folks…of a spiritual and vibratory nature.

Do you realize that when these cosmic, or solar, energies are received by the Earth, another vibratory energy is released by the Earth which is responding to cosmic energies by “ringing like a bell”? The energies released by the Earth are known as Schumann Resonance energies which affect ALL that are on this globe. You can see the latest Schumann Resonance graph here. I try and post these daily…

So…now that you have this info, it might be a good idea to read this quick article by Denise LeFay, know that spiritual is driving the science of our vibratory Ascension into another, higher level of consciousness, and BE…




Thanks go to Barbara for sharing this link to today’s Spaceweather.com message with me.


As I was reading it that great old movie meme, “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!” started playing in my head. The Sun is doing its thing no matter if we’re in a solar maximum or anything else for that matter. If a specific Light energy is immediately needed in humanity and Earth, then it’s now a matter of, we don’t need no stinking solar maximum! for the Sun to instantly transmit it. When specific Light energies are needed to further the evolutionary Ascension Process, they arrive no matter what. And in case you’ve forgotten, yesterday, August 13, 2019, was the end of the Lion’s Gate period.

I sense yesterday’s solar explosion is carrying some more NEW and very specific energies for the second-half of August 2019. That’s a Heart’s up everyone!


August 14, 2019

“EXPLOSION INTERRUPTS SOLAR MINIMUM: Yesterday, Aug. 13th, a completely unexpected explosion occurred on the spotless sun. Coronagraphs onboard the orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) recorded a cloud of debris billowing away from the blast site:

The slow-moving cloud is *not* heading for Earth. It will sail wide of our planet and not cause a geomagnetic storm. If the blast site had been facing Earth, the story might be different. Coils of strong magnetism evident in the structure of the cloud could cause strong auroras and other effects if they made contact with Earth’s magnetosphere.

Explosions like this can happen at any time–even during Solar Minimum–when magnetic fields in the sun’s atmosphere occasionally become unstable and reorganize themselves. No sunspots are required. Good thing, because the sun has been without spots for 7 straight days and altogether more than 150 days so far in 2019. Solar Minimum continues, with a chance of interruptions.”


Forerunners Embodying & the Sun

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. It’s interesting this is mentioned because NASA has been lying this whole time about a solar minimum. We haven’t been in a solar minimum for months now. Why do you think all of these elite have bought and built these underground bunkers including Bill Gates. And if people think that the videos from the solar observatory is real, nope. The Solar Flash Event is a positive event. It’s all good.


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