Comment… ~ August 13, 2019

We have been entering Lyon’s Gate with moment of NOW, and welcoming by our Beloved Guardian Feline Race Family, presenting Past and Future, were not existing 3D/Lower 4 D matrix anymore, but still with 2 possibilities ways.

One, where the most of Human population, still, involved in 3D cloud of everyday living, leaded by the remnant of illusory enslaved program instalment by dark ones, but can be easily traced to the right way, from illusory separation to reunion with all Beings of Light and Love, Love and Light toward Beloved Father / Mother God and our Beloved Source, leaded by Divine Heart’s Love.

The other is staying in this Illusion “ Cloud” program of Collective Ego Mind program, that is keeping this Illusionary Hologram of “ 3 D Matrix” live program of everyday working, just only cleared of all remnants of Archon’s present / Gratefully our Beloved Pleiedian Delta forces and very powerful Lights energies coming from the Central Sun in “Starlight program” /, wile several negative and powerful Beings are still in possibilities to take over World, if They have been in possibilities to rich huge amount of money to pay their minions, because They still in control of amazing Hi technology with many years advanced, but They do not want to share with Human population, and They are programmed to use advanced technology only against Humanity and for our Enslavement again, until to totally destruction of Humanity and all other Beloved Souls in all Kingdom and Elements with our Beloved Mother Earth, what this was their plan so far, and particularly Now, as revenge for Awakening of “ Sheep” against them.

In this way, leaded by “ Awakening” Ego mind of Humanity, has been programmed of new vision of using Golden backed Money, that would be released by Quantum Ai Supercomputer, but this will be huge trap for All of Us. These several powerful people of Dark “ Elite”, have the key to these enormous amount of money, hold by Quantum Ai Computer hidden as “Crypto currencies” , and the new level of Higher 4 D can start with the new Techno level with the new destructive War machine like in many of Video Games, that just were promotion of our possible Future that will leading to Spirally Downfall to final destruction of this Great Earth Experiment.

The First Option, what is only possible option for our Freedom, and Peace and Love and Light, and Great Reunion with All Beloved Star, and Inner Earth Family and All Beloved Company of Heaven with sharing Abundance and Harmony and Happiness and Joy and much higher Technology, is following our Sacred Hearts with Unconditional Love and Light, and All Humanity will follow this Way, collectively with All of our Multidimensional selves to our Beloved Source, pure Love and Light.

But for this Great Reunion, Every member of this Sacred Christ Consciousness Pilgrimage must have some percentage of pure Divine Unconditional Love energy, activated in the last chain of Spiritual DNA Layers, as a basic matrix of the New, reborn Universe, including those, who worked for dark side for eons of time and want to rejoin to Light side again, but they must be ready to have minimum of several percentage of activating DNA for Heart Chacra centre for Pure, and Divine Love and Light, just, what Negative Ones took from Us , by disconnected from DNA and the Heart Chacra centre for eons of time, and that must be returned again.

The other important thing is the minimum of percentage of Crystallization of Humanities and our reunion with other Beloved Souls from All Kingdom and Elements and with our Beloved Mother Earth, and that should be 51% of total of Humanity / it is possible because is about of 4, 5 Billions of Humanity are awaken enough to be Advanced Light workers /, and 51% and more of Global Earth Globe with Goddess Gaia, and all her Inhabitants, with fully awaken All Kingdoms and Elements, supported by Crystal Mineral Kingdom, including Lemurian Crystal Andara and Emerald Crystal of Atlantis, that will make strong Heart Core reunion with Heart Earth core and Surface population.

This percentage is acceptable for this wharp speed Spiritual Journey through Orion Portal, toward Central Sun, Alcyone, one of Lovely Suns of Pleiedian system, with possibilities to slow down at some point, with speed depending of accelerating of our further crystal transformation like.

Thus percentage is the same as Beloved St. Germain proposed to Council for Ascension of Humanity, what was accepted by Higher Spiritual Council.
This process of accelerate speed of transformation is taking place NOW and HERE, because Dark energies after lost battle with the Light Side, and when it has been withdrawn to their dark core, they still trying to prevent Us from fully Ascension, not just together planet with all her inhabitants, what is unique Experiment in this Universe, but with transformed physical bodies to crystalline from 3 D to 5 D what is another unique Experiment.

Their stubbornly trying to prevent Us from these unique Divine Experiment, what is part of their AI program mode, is totally unacceptable anymore, and Divine call is their totally elimination from physical plane. But there are some, who still have small percentage of heart in their dark gown, so They, our fallen Humans, are still well accepted and We are welcome their entering to the Light first, and then to Love and Light.

Full Moon in Aquarius, on 15th of August 2019, bringing us the great possibilities to take flight as a Free Cosmic Humans of Love and Light, together with all Souls from All Kingdom and Elements, with our Beloved Mother Earth/ Goddess Gaia, after clearing of all Archon’s remnants from all “ Hidden” pockets, and We, Humankind loudly pronouncing that We are Free and take the way toward Love and Light, toward Peace and Abundance and Harmony sharing equally for All, with Happiness and Joy guided by our Divine Hearts. We are finishing this Game, right NOW and HERE, and telling former dark ones that We have left this dark game forever, and We are giving All our Love and Forgiveness to All, who enslaved us for eons of time, and thank you for this harsh lections for our Souls, but no more of these Lections, it is done.

We are giving All our Love and Forgiveness to all our many of past lifetimes, and to our Life times in parallel worlds as to break completely with our Past times, playing many roles in the lower dimensional realm. NOW is time to spread our Wings and take Flight as a Free Comic Human Beings to 5th Dimensional Real, free of all negative influence.

I Am that I Am, and I am the first accepting, with my 11th Avatar selves, the highest waves of Divine Love and Light from Beloved Cosmic Heart’s centre, through Heart core of Beloved Father Sun Sol and Heart Centre of Beloved Mother Earth, going as echo many times to surface and back and amplified by Andara Crystals with great reunion of Lemuria and Antlantis, as a basic matrix of our New Earth and Cosmic Humans, tightly connected with All Beloved Souls from All Kingdom and Elements, and with Beloved Mother Earth Gaia and Beloved Sun Sol, and with our Beloved Multidimensional selves in Galactic and Inner Earth Families and All Beloved Company of Heaven, first with reunion of our 5th Dimensional selves and Beloved Twin Flames to our Beloved Divine Source of Love and Light.

This huge waves of Love and Light will start at 11.11 on 14th of August, to prepare basic Love frequency in great reunion with another Huge waves, coming from Beloved Creator, that will follow soon after. This another Huge Blasts of Light and Love energies, amplified by our Beloved Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters and Masters, also through me and my 11th Avatars selves first, and after to 144 000 of White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood, with the great Heart to Heart Reunion with the Heart Core of Beloved Mother Earth, with transfer to all Humankind with expression of the Great Love and Light, connecting of All Beloved Inhabitants of our Beloved Planet, and All Beloved Souls in this Universe, in a Physical and Spiritual form, and We Are All connected with Love and Light energy as One, Ascending as One Energy Body form of Love and Light as a Heart Core, and Light and Love for those in huge transformation to Love and Light, going to periphery.

All My Love to All in this Beautiful Universe and Love and Healing energy to Beloved Mother Earth Gaia, and Beloved Father Sun.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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