Chaos is the Energy of Change ~ August 13, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

As we prepare for tomorrows superior conjunction of Venus and the Sun and following onto the 15th August we have the full moon, we are without doubt in a space of discovery, or perhaps you prefer the more reactive way of living in which you may just accept the presentations as being a part of life and in this case you become a very reliable mirror for those choosing the path of Self-discovery, but wherever you are on your journey all movement, and even non movement (perceived of course – all is always moving) is highly important as the collective evolves.

Lets never devalue those you may once have judged as 3D or asleep, every single human on this planet is highly valued and pure gratitude can be given to all experiences once you understand how to decode the hologram and expansion comes to those who use these codes to See, Feel and move their way through the new worlds they find themselves in.

Understanding this phenomenal world of mirrors is crucial and in the beginning we discover that we are manifesting our lowest of octaves to be seen, perhaps we can argue its more of a case of our Soul screaming for us to look deeper and realise the patterns, the word karma comes up a lot and we begin to take responsibility for our experience, and as we become comfortable owning the experiences we are busy identifying the associated ego programs, validating the feelings, invalidating the program and dissolving it from our being. As we continue through the mirror its as though we begin to be the mirror as we see clearly the frequencies held in those we come into contact, but there is a trick, a bend in the mirror you hold that could well be reflecting your judgement, and once this is Seen, we begin entering the phases of acceptance, detachment and allow the energetic resonance to move you, without the need to physically state, push or in some cases smash through the B.S.

And as always the energy is now highlighting, guiding you through this path for you to release, I shall write about the Venus conjunction tomorrow but for now lets focus our attention on the moon as she begins to fill us with feelings as we head towards the full Moon.

Collectively the energy may well feel a little off balance but as the lightwalkers of Gaia we begin working within Self to hold our light web in a state of equilibrium, which means we focus on keeping the physical body relaxed and out of conflict, those who have received the Rush till you Gush light gem will have the techniques, so as suggested set regular alarms on your phone to check in with Self and ensure all is relaxed, when there is conflict and tension the lotus petals that surround our seed crystal in the heart gently close as we are signalling there is an energy of fear, which is the opposite end of the spectrum and something the heart doesn’t need to be involved with, so we close down the heart to deal with what is required. The ability to Self-observe is something that takes much practice as its quite alien to our human, but after time and practice it becomes natural.

Your focus as an energy worker is to work from within and from within we emanate out, thus creating a harmonious field that allows others to follow your light and lead.

Conflict – now that’s a word the collective may well be feeling as the Moon (heart) opposes Mercury (mind), a perfect energy for the distortions to become visible and this is likely to create the required internal chaos you need to See the truth of your current space you are holding. May I suggest that today perhaps isn’t the day to have sensitive conversations or to “have it out”, instead it would be wise to truly understand the mirror and how YOU manifested this experience to SEE YOU, its really not about out there until the out there is fully aligned to your amazingness. Mercury is all about data and information, the moon is much about our emotions but it also in its lowest of octaves holds our primal behaviours, ego patterns and little humans like to expand and be Seen….but its how you DEAL with the FEEL that’s going to either speed things up or slow things down, with Venus in the underworld, being stripped bare to stand before the Gods it would be wise to not try hold onto these self-disrespecting ways, release into the pure waters of unconditional love and the octaves will shift into a much higher vibrational experience.

All is going to be Seen…..

The Moon is also in a square to Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Chaos, which is holding the backdrop for the movement, Chaos is the energy of change, you can either get attached and tied up in the details or move to the most expanded awareness and use the energy as a super guide, releasing the fear and allow yourself to move through with the understanding that Divine Time and Divine Order is at play – who are you to argue? And whilst this is at play, this is really starting to look like a tactical game here, we have the moon squaring Pallas Athena, the Daddy’s girl of Zeus, a goddess with incredible beauty, but with the energy of the warrior and yet more importantly here the mind of a Master, the ability to strategize and SEE the patterning, utter perfection energy for those who are mastering the programs of old.

This square will be uncomfortable however the ease of seeing the repeat throughout your life will be glaring you in the face, a feeling of groundhog day and therefore you hold the ability to realise why it keeps replaying and where you need to rewrite the story.

Talking of groundhog day, we are timeline glitching, this morning I watched the same lady walk past twice within a space of 15 minutes, come over to the private A Gift from Gaia GROUP if you wish to read more and see what others are experiencing.

Vesta is trine the Moon giving us the push to focus on the job in hand here, so whilst this energy is likely to create the contradictions there is to be an inner requirement to focus this time around and release the old ways that continue these loops.

Finally we are on our 3rd and final trine of the year between Mercury and Ceres.
Ceres is the natural nurturer and requests that all is simplified, in her highest octaves she guides us through the feminine flow of healing and yet it her lowest octaves she shows us about our attachments to the physical world and highlights the energy of grief and loss, which is a frequency that is currently raising in the collective, loss, lack and inadequacy seems to be the topic coming from many as they are being guided to clear this frequency from their fields. 
Ceres will be guiding us to soften, relaxing everything down into its most easiest and simplest form, touch becomes more sensitised, words become more gentle and compassionate and the need to war dissolves especially with the Athena aspect, whilst she is a war Goddess she is concerns herself with the strategy as opposed to getting her hands dirty, apply this energy with Ceres and allow them to work together we find firm, fair peace talks available, the energy holds no requirement to blame, just accept, learn and move on or away from the old. 
Today practice Ceres, soft, compassionate – may I add here that compassion is not empathy and its not people pleasing, enabling or avoiding, it is getting to the truth of the matter, fully understanding every perspective and making conscious movement and decisions from this space, for the betterment of all concerned. 
So slow things down, pay attention to each footstep taken and make it soft, smell the roses, watch the leaves on the trees flutter in the breeze and emanate this softness to all you come into contact with.

Hearts open wide angels there is likely to be much confusion and conflict, and it is our role to bring the balance to those unable to See……..yet.

With a special shout out to my angel today Renee Nae Harris, so much love and gratitude


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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