Stable Sacred Fields ~ August 12, 2019

Editor’s Note: Nice comments here about the need to “go within” to BE rather than know from learning. The heart space is my key, your key, and humanity’s key to ascending (or expanding your consciousness) into another place (dimension) where Love is the only facet of living.

Your own single and unique perspective by which you are Love, then provides the “nuts and bolts” by which our society will still continue to turn…but with a MAJOR difference in intended outcomes! Greed and illicit gain soon will become forgotten.

Instead, love and caring concern will drive industry (with the help of our Galactic brethern), and banking will not be driven by profit-taking. Usury will disappear. Stay tuned, look into your heart, and BE…



By A Gift From Gaia

As the Lionsgate portal now begins to close a surge of new data is gushing through for us to begin the next phase of our unification of light, we are and continue to be in a huge influx of Divine instruction that appears to be quickening quicker than I could ever have perceived The Quickening would look like and for many it is perceived to be taking its toll.

When looking out into the collective or perhaps you are personally experiencing within your reality field the heaviness of hopelessness, unworthiness and inadequacy, dis-ease as perceived sickness gets louder and for some they may be experiencing people passing, but its appearing more frequently and allowing the fear relating to loss and death to rise, which is what we would come to understand as a patterning as the light codes pour through into our fields, opportunities to awaken the heart are presenting for all and the chaotic presentations are the essential experiences to shake many from their slumber to begin asking the correct questions, chaos is a word that most are uncomfortable with but chaos is always the energy required to renew.

All is an opportunity the question is are you ready to take it, to listen, to figure out the symbolic messages and the coded whispers from the physical body and to begin applying it, allowing the heart to awaken and take its place of trusted internal guidance.

All is being experienced and viewed for the opportunity to clear a whole mountain of outdated “junk” programming and yet when blind to the light this experience is incredibly uncomfortable, the light burns through the density and the programs of the ego fizzle and foam under the heat, but the moment the awareness is triggered from the curiosity, usually the first step follows from the victim question “why me” we discover that there is in fact a new path that appears, a path that takes us within, because that is where you will find all the answers you seek, whether that at first leads you towards a keyholder who has taken the journey and is able to share and support and mirror or whether you already have a compass within pointing true north from your high level of emotional intelligence and you are either inquisitive or trusting of Self to follow that star.

But of course there is a spectrum that we exist in, and whilst the collective in some octaves are realising and releasing we have some octaves open to those ready to recalibrate and then there are the cosmic surfers who are currently surfing some super waves of creativity.

Jupiter is now direct, a huge, giant Jupiter size gush of data is flooding through as the Lionsgate portal now closes and this appears to have ramped up the power of creation, all that was required to be unearthed during the retrograde has been Seen, adjusted within and we can now release the learning, sharing the divine codes that have been processed through the cosmic keyhole of Understanding to Innerstanding and now in the Overstanding phase, a space in which we can share authentically from a place of BEing rather than the regurgitating state of knowing.

This new flush of information releases any of those blockages and the movement becomes rapid.

But in which direction are we going? In of course! Especially as Uranus has now turned retrograde and what I find most exciting about this, and the Divine Timing is that this retrograde leads us right up until the 10th January 2020, just two days before the great alignment of Saturn, Pluto, South Node and Jupiter in Capricorn on the 12th January 2020. Uranus is teaching us the ability to move and shift the entire world from within, gone are the days of spending the human time or physical energy on fixing out there, Uranus is about to show the entire collective the truth of the frequency held, highlighting where we hold beliefs, where folk show up in their false beliefs because what is to be seen is the truth is in the pudding, or rather the reality. This gift from Uranus will be showing clearly that very little effort is required and that there is no need to push out there when all is in fact being generated by your thoughts and feelings, a beautiful lesson in how to manifest and by the time this is complete in January you will see the fruits of your labour or perhaps when you witness the field with very little yield the realisation of the ego instruction will send you rapidly back to the drawing board to readjust the way you tend to your field.

The journey within is such a beautiful journey that creates happy, joyous and stable Sacred Fields.

Mercury has now returned back to Leo after his backwards dance dipping him back into the emotional waters of Cancer and the conversation, the dialogue now becomes a whole lot more precise and powerful, an ability to speak from that space of innerstanding as you were taken back through the past/recent events to learn to figure the whys and wherefore out, coming back to the table, showing up in the authentic you and knowing there is only one way this is going to go from here and that is consciously. A secure knowing and sure footed movements, choosing perfectly aligned opportunities brings a beautiful air of clarity. 
This new energy of mercury will be exactly trine Ceres tomorrow and the lighthouses of those who have healed old emotional wounds shine bright, attracting those ready to begin their own journeys, the softness of the nurturer emanates and this will also bring those unhealed healers to the surface to learn that whilst we support we do not fix, this energy will highlight those with the habit of over supporting – this was a huge program for me to crack!

Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto today will without doubt assist in the completion of old timelines, the moment the realisation you will notice a rapid release and the feelings of stress will rapidly dissolve once the pieces of the jigsaw are complete.

And to finish it all of we are back in the cosmic ray frequencies and begin MORE deep DNA programming ready to be activated, with all this heart expanding energy and the known effects of the cosmic rays we tend to experience heart palpitations and flutters.

This week is set to hold much movement and much deep learning!


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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