Headlines and Updates for August 6, 2019: Grappling with the Devil Incarnate [videos] ~ August 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: Feel the craziness expanding? Expansion is the name of the game these days with expansion happening in the 3D world, and in the souls of those who are aware and aware of their spirit.

I can sense change in the air…people here at the beach are aware…just not quite sure what the heck is going on. So…read the latest from Starship Earth, keep your eyes open, and be…



It’s a busy week for me with travel on the agenda, preparing for travel, farming out the dog, etc. but I will keep up as best I can.

As we move forward in the awakening process and the subsequent revelations, we are warned that we may be required to flip our beliefs as to who the good guys and bad guys are. In some cases it may wind up being the reverse of how it now appears, so stay flexible.

Just because you don’t hear that something YOU want is or isn’t happening, doesn’t mean it isn’t. Take some military strategy courses and you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect.

Daniel Lee is doing the right thing and keeping Jeffrey Epstein and pedophilia in the spotlight. Nothing is more important.

Mass Shootings Tied Directly to Satanic Pedophiles

Health care is a key talking point for voters and Kamala Harris is not making sense.

CNN Host Makes 2020 Dem Admit What Her Evil Plan Is For You In Her Healthcare Plan

Some good detective work turns up an ad for “crisis actors”. Just in case you didn’t believe in staged events.

Maintain situational awareness at all times, and don’t assume dates are written in stone.

#WAR https://t.co/2bIsWlQL5s

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) August 6, 2019

In case you missed it, this video shows that Fox News was notified of a third shooting event in advance. We don’t know if it was preempted purposely by Fox patriots or if the mere mention in error was enough to call it off, but whatever the reason, we’re so glad it did not unfold as planned.

Thanks for the link, S.  When I hovered my mouse over your link there was an error message showing but when I actually visited the link the video was fine.


This is what it has come to, folks. Sick people will target Humanity any way they can. They actually derive pleasure from knowing their actions will cause pain and suffering to innocent people. We are the enemy. Do be cautious and pay attention to where you shop, and from the sounds of the news of late, it’s a good time to avoid Walmart.

This is akin to razor blades in Hallowe’en apples. These people are sick. Be the warrior and never let your guard down.

Woman Loses Her Hair After Using ‘Tampered Conditioner’ Bought From Walmart

Walmart’s getting a lot of (bad) press… and it’s almost impossible to get an accurate account of anything.

Shooting at Walmart in Baton Rouge: Initial report that fight led to gunfire incorrect, sheriff says

Hubby went to a Walmart in the Phoenix East Valley today —duh—and said there was a police vehicle stationed there.

I’ll be glad when we exit this violent phase…

LIBERAL MEDIA BLACKOUT: Chicago Hospital Had to Stop Accepting Patients as Weekend Shootings Left OVER 50 Dead or Injured

This is OUTSTANDING reporting from Linda Forsythe at the C-Vine News Network who brings us the updates on the Guantanamo Bay pre-trial tribunals on the 9/11 hearings. It’s happening, folks, and she says it was a “crazy” week. That seems to be the trend this week, doesn’t it?

Linda always explains the transcripts in an easily understandable way and walks us through the proceedings. It’s almost like being there.

For those not aware, yes, there was “chatter” in advance because the 9/11 events were planned. Susan Lindauer, an intelligence asset, spoke up and sounded the alert and was told to stand down; ultimately she was incarcerated to shut her up.

Do you need it spelled out? If so, 9/11 WAS an inside job—for many reasons/objectives. It appears from Linda’s report that some monkey business has been ongoing these pre-trials of Al Qaida individuals.

You will hear about the typical stonewalling, obstruction and everything else that complicates the prosecution of the real criminals. So frustrating. BUT, Linda says she sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

Week of GTMO Pandemonium ~ Tribunal Analysis ~ 9/11 KSM et al Pre-trial ~ 7/22/19 to 7/26/19

Oh, the drama. Corey Booker is disgusting.

Cory Booker Demands All Trump Rallies be Cancelled, ‘Breeding Ground For Racism’

I’m out for tonight.  ~ BP

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  2. I interviewed with Daniel a week ago re: trafficking of American children via CPS.


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