Mother Mary on the Tipping Point ~ July 24, 2019

Channeled By: Linda Li


Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. The Divine has decreed that the planet has been literally bombarded with incoming light, and the effects are tremendous. Not only are our light workers being impacted, but also the planet and humanity are dealing with the energies. The side effects of the energies are overwhelming the populations and the planet. Mother God has been closely monitoring the situation, and so is Father God. Being the parents of the planet and human race, Mother God and Father God want to make sure the ascension pace is manageable so that humanity and the planet can have breathing room, and the ascension journey can be smooth and stable.

That being said, we, the Divine are determined to bring the energy level up. We know the planet has reached a point where we, the Divine need to make sure all living beings have a chance to awaken. Divine Mother God has repeatedly asked the Divine to make sure all of the planet and humanity awaken at some point, and that point has arrived. We, the Divine have observed the ascension process, and realize that the awakening process has been working well lately. The speed of the souls awakening has reached a very high level, and we, the Divine have to manage it so that we won’t overwhelm the planet. So far, the whole process is going well. Souls are awakening at a rate never seen before. For that, we, the Divine have a great deal of appreciation for the Christ and the company of heaven. Job well done indeed. We are pleased with the results, and we have faith that the entire planet will wake up timely. The Christ is the one who has awakened the masses. The credit is due to her. She is the hero and we admire the great job she has done. We love her indeed.

I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In the next few weeks or so, we, the Divine are going to continue the push for mass ascension. We have almost reached the point of mass ascension. Once the percentage reaches the measure we, the Divine have set, the Christ, the Divine, and the company of heaven will bring the mass ascension to the planet, and humanity will be uplifted. That is the “Event “.

At this point, the first phase of the entire design is almost completed. The only thing we are looking at is the percentage. The percentage of human awakening on the planet. Once the tipping point is reached, the trigger will go off, and mass ascension will be upon the entire planet and human race. That is what we are working toward. And that is what will happen in the near future.

The Divine has repeatedly made sure that the Divine plans get carried out. The mass ascension has the entire plan included, and that also includes Gaia’s ascension and planet’s Release. Overall, the Divine has carried out these ascension plans step by step, and now we are at end of the whole ascension plan. Once mass ascension happens, the Divine is going to bring yet another Divine plan in which we will go on to the next phase, the phase where our light workers will be the leaders and lead humanity home. That is the upcoming new phase, the new Golden Age, and that new phase is coming up shortly dear heart.

That being said, I do want to remind you dear heart, that in order for the next phase to begin, you, as a light worker, need to get ready. In other words, your next mission is here, and you have to start your next mission as soon as the mass ascension happens. We, the Divine no longer allow delays. You have been prepared for so long, now is time to start your mission. Humanity needs you. There are millions who are in your tribe and you need to start your service. The moment the mass ascension begins, you need to lead your brothers and sisters as they are your soul groups. You are the leaders dear ones. Be that leader you are meant to be. Lead your tribe home. Know it is your Divine mission, and you have the Divine decree. There is no other way. Service is your soul mission. Carry your soul tribes home if you have to. Their ascension depends on you dear heart. You are their way home. You are the way shower. Lead them and know it is a soul contract that you signed before birth, and now is time to fulfill that contract. Time has come Indeed. I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. So it is.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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