Message from your Guides about Mercury Retrograde Inbox ~ July 22, 2019

We just passed the midpoint of Mercury Retrograde. And you’re bound to be feeling it.

Our Guides today have a message about Mercury Retrograde’s trickster energy.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system. It governs our
minds, which loves to race ahead!

When Mercury is Retrograde, you’re meant to slow the heck down.

Trickster energy happens when you aren’t present, don’t think things
through, and try to race ahead without listening to the signs from your
This has been a month of extremes.
You’re most likely experiencing great joy and intense drama – all at the
same time.

This Cancer/Capricorn polarity we have now is pulling you in two
directions. You might not feel like working anymore. Or maybe you’re
questioning the nature of your work entirely, wanting to steer your life in a new direction.

You might have a loved one (or loved ones) who really need your support, keeping you from focusing on your ambitions. Or perhaps you need
support from loved ones and it’s a challenging learning experience.

You can’t escape from the transformational energies now. These six
retrograde planets are having you dive deep, purging your fears so you
can travel more lightly on your path.
It can feel exhilarating and exhausting.
Allow yourself to experience your emotions so you can move through them. Feel all the feels.

If you want some assistance navigating these intense changes, I invite you
to join me for my Intuitive Mentorship & Group Readings.

So much happens on these calls it’s almost hard to put into words!
Each session is unique and usually ends up having a collective theme. It’s
really amazing how the Universe has a way of pulling together the
right people to hear the right message!
I connect with group’s collective energies and spiritual helpers & am
guided to give is guided to give individual readings that benefit the whole group.
You’ll receive intuitive insights and healing about some of the emotional and subconscious blocks you’re experiencing.
You’ll discover ways to be more calm, centered and clear about your
path. I’ll share some of my personal time-tested techniques for managing energy and staying positive in times of change. And you’ll bathe in the
love of your Guides and Angels.
If you’re on the fence about joining me because you can’t attend live, please know that the replays are as powerful as the live calls.

You will also be able to submit your question ahead of time and I will be
answering some of them whether the attendee is on the call or not.
I no longer offer 1:1 sessions because I find these group readings even more

I hope you’ll join me! I look forward to seeing you there!
~ Kari

2 Live Online Group Readings & Mentorship
Wednesday, July 24th – 5pm PT // 8pm ET
Thursday, July 25 – 12pm PT // 3pm ET
2 Dates to choose from to attend live – or join both! Get clear,
intuitive insight as I connect with the group’s energies and spiritual helpers for guidance and direction in your life.

Experience profound healing in the areas of your life that you most need it.

Nurturing, safe, intimate group environment where everyone benefits
from the collective wisdom and healing that transpires on the calls.

Calls recorded for you to keep forever

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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