Enlarge the HUman Spirit ~ July 21, 2019

FIFTY8 / The Atomic Soul & Spirit Spark

In these series of videos I talk about the knowledge I’ve curated to empower your mind.

This film is about the true meaning of the soul/spirit and the human potential visualized by Star Wars, which is a symbolic film about the atomic soul and divine spirit inside all of us.

We have been searching for ages, something beyond ourselves, some meaning and purpose to our lives. What is living all about? Is there anything beyond this life? What meaning is there to this experience we call life?

To understand yourself, is the beginning of wisdom. This plane is where beings can witness their creative power in manipulating energy or matter with whatever attitude you express with your emotions.

These emotions is your individualized and personal “prototype” of organic technology. It is infused with organs, blood, consciousness, energy, artificial intelligence (EGO), DNA and your frequency specific karma.

Your body, family, and limitations is your karma. Our soul lives next to our heart and records everything we experience. Our spirit/double holds our body together within our energetic egg/auric field which transmits our reality 70cm/roughly 28 inches in front of you.

What we can’t see is all black, a void. Most of the time we deny the presence of the soul because we cannot perceive it with our senses. But we also can’t see radio waves, air, sound or microscopic bacteria, but they are there.

All feelings of happiness is from the soul. Any feelings of distress are due to the body. When you look at this reality, all things were created through this atomic soul, or the spirit spark of the heart.

The challenge of this reality is that we are trying to attain eternity, bliss and knowledge inside of an imperfect instrument. That is why we have to come to the realization of our existence beyond this flesh and blood. We have to become masters rather than servants of the body. We attain knowledge once our soul is healed, which is guarded by your double/spirit. This power has both polarities of creation and destruction and we are here to learn to master them.

The body is doomed to it’s kingdom as long as the Spirit is unawakened, but when the Spirit is awakened and has clear, emerging power, it is the kingdom of heaven being brought from the Spirit into the physical. It is that of true love, powerful and magnificent and all-encompassing.

The human is fickle. Spirit is not. Spirit must be developed, and we develop it by choosing to be it. It too needs its food. It needs us to be it and to develop it.

When we can fix our attention to the energy within the heart and raise our energy up to the top of the head, one then attains the perfection of “yoga” and can transfer themselves to any planet or place in the material world.

There is a new heaven and new Earth coming. It is the return of the Christ, the awakening, this superconsciousness. What side do you want to be on? What do you want from your life?

When we encourage these positive states of consciousness, external conditions must change. We are all here to become God, a creator of life. Learn how to become a Jedi & Go Home https://www.fifty8magazine.com/theway…

Book a Session and Empower Your Life https://www.fifty8magazine.com/knowle… Music “We Have To Go” by Steve Jablonsky / Transformers The Last Knight OST “The Force Suite” by John Williams / Star Wars The Force Awakens OST “Finale” by John Williams / Star Wars The Last Jedi OST “A Close Friend” by James Newton Howard / Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them OST Twitter: @FIFTY8_Digital Instagram: @FIFTY8_Digital Patreon – https://bit.ly/2NINtPc Donate – https://bit.ly/2L3ErxD PayPal – https://bit.ly/2wDAU14

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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