Detaching From the Attachment ~ July 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is a fairly esoteric piece of writing, and difficult to understand unless you are prepared to go way deep into yourself. The meaning I take from this article is the formless beauty of ourselves, our own energy is “all” that is needed to break away from the old into the new.

But…for this to happen without distress or woe, we have to let go and be flexible. Are you pining and wishing for something specific? Let go of that desire and watch the Universe bring it to you, or…something even better!

So…it’s time to dive deep into yourself, think about your wants and needs, determine if they are truly needed as this time of great change happens within and without, and be…



By A Gift From Gaia

Something most, if not all are experiencing on some level as we move ever closer to our Galactic New Year, and for those understanding the importance of this space in 2019 will no doubt be taking their cue to begin closing down the obligations, expectations, loyalties and any other hooks that may hold you within the old.

And I am not different.

For weeks now it has been non stop fast paced change, for me June 6th started a shift that I can only describe as magnificent only now I’m noticing something, as though the old begins to fractal out, into fragments and the shape of each fragment seems to form into something I can only describe as OUT, quite a perfect word as the truth emerges from behind the uncomfortable sensations and thoughts that begin to fill me, if I allow.

More attachment to the old ways, trying to complete tasks the old way, trying to continue the patterns of breakdown when the new energy focus is on the rebuild.

And the more I try to function from those old codes the quicker the depletion happens.

A huge sign that I am about to take the new codes from understanding to innerstanding and it’s time for me to honour this space I find myself in and discover how to move and function from them.

So as I mentioned in the recent energy reports we are moving across the sea of heaven into our Galactic New Year and I shall be taking the time out, completely until completion so that I can not only move into living physically from that space but of course to clean up that internal bulb so I can continue to be a lighthouse for those who resonate with the frequency.

Attachment is going to be your focus over these next few days specifically, or rather detachment from the attachment, this may take form in numerous ways but most likely the out there world will hold the topic of relationship, again this word depends on your frequency as to how it shows up, it could be your lover, family, job, role/purpose, the material things….but ultimately this would just be the reflection of the relationship you have with self.

I’m discovering the deeper levels of my old attachment to humanity, which is infused with the old programs of discord, trying to work, push and create in those all thought codes are simply creating restriction and a whole exaggerated world of collapse, and whilst this is true I now must ask myself about my attachment to the physical ways and views compared to the more powerful way of being through pure energy, and releasing any need to manipulate the physical world through using vital energy Source intended for my physical as opposed to the abundant quantum ways that we can tap into once the breakthrough is complete.

And if I don’t, this space simply becomes a constant loop of breakdown…

This may sound like the words within a crop circle to some, but you will see once we return how this realisation will come to change the shape of how we move here.

We are no longer here to keep repeating the old, those choosing now to hold the old ways and belief systems are showing their separation from Source, ultimately their choice, and for us to keep pushing the same old codes begins to take me back into the old space of the Unhealed Healer, and that’s not going to happen.

The old gems are already written, my work is available for those requiring those keys and that is enough….

Enough…weirdly yesterday as I was working this data through me and finding the next most conscious choice to take, I kept receiving the words


And yet every single time it came up, the low frequency that poured from it kept taking my ankles out from under me

I googled it…wow there has been books and all sorts of programming based on this little beauty….

Before I go off let me show off a little gem for you…

Words and Sounds are incredibly important, even the begining of the Torah it states

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

The tones of creation..God spoke the words before the light appeared

And this brought me back to the word spells and the detachment from many words that hold a multitude of frequencies and therefore meanings.

Take a look, pay attention to the words and phrases you are using.

Let’s take a look at the word enough, I’m not sure about you but it rings its truth for me when I use it this way


Meaning I’m at my limit….

Now let’s use the I Am Enough….

What’s the truth of the frequency you are using, are you even aware what frequency your subconscious mind holds with this vibration?

Has the word been used around you to bring an abrupt halt or has it been used more of a soft acceptance you are expecting from the phrase I Am Enough

The truth is we are not ENOUGH, we are MORE….there is after all always MORE.

We are reflections of Source, the Universe, the All and we are constantly expanding, do you think the Universe or nature ever says that’s enough? Of course not!

And no matter your intention in that moment, unless you have taken the time to detach from the words and tones, the frequency received will be that of stagnation.

Interesting isn’t it when you See.

This led me to drop ENOUGH in the old ways and apply it to it’s true meaning, of that’s enough, that’s enough of the old ways of moving and contributing and now we are to move into the new and this is where we simply become……I AM, leaving the statement open to expand without expectation and restriction.

I will now be away from all groups and spaces I hold open here on Facebook until the energy guides me back to write, it is essential for my own unification that I come entirely away from the noises of old to focus purely on the new tones coming in.

I am still completing the zooms I have scheduled and as Mercury entered back into Cancer the data and noise will become louder until you too will hit the wall of white noise and retract for your transformation too. 
I will continue to be placing the new codes into our water, which of course Cancer supports and to connect all you need do is open your awareness and heart to receive every time you touch a drop….it’s that simple, it always was.

All messages will be caught up with when I return

Happy Surfing and remember……detachment from the attachment is the gem to see you through these next coming waves 


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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