Gaia’s 5D Shift… ~ July 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: Good words of advice here…don’t be fooled by the drama which is sure to play out from our controllers. Some kind of bullying tactics will be in play as they wrestle with not being able to stop the transition of humanity into a higher dimension.

It’s a very good idea to become as “observer” without feeding into the drama by becoming personally emotionally involved. I echo others when I urge all to remain focused on the Epstein pedophilia, as sickening as reports will surely be. The key to loss of control WILL BE continuing exposure of “beacons” of humanity actually preying and feeding on other humans…and I mean that literally!

Remember, as the ugly truth emerges with humanity throwing off the yoke of slavery, we need to BEcome in balance within ourselves. Yes…realize your FREEDOM, demand fair justice, be wise and merciful, and be…



As we all know the underlying field of intensity with these new frequencies are being felt and seen by many. We’re seeing it being played out on the world stage as if it were a playground controlled by controllers using bullying tactics. The ego does this when it senses a loss of power.

Many people in the spiritual world still speak of saving Mother Earth as if we must give our energy to save her but she needs no saving. She has passed that irreversible line of distortion of the 3-D density and has moved on to the 5-D from her cleanse and there’s nothing anyone or any Geo-engineering organization can do to stop it.

Gaia is holding enough space for enough souls to unwind themselves from this 3-D density so the shift will be as gentle as possible. Don’t get distracted by the insecurity shown by the controllers of society which is being reflected by the chaos on this planet.

Because, the current world leadership has zero effect on this shift or transformation to a higher consciousness all they’re trying to do is delay it. They are trying to keep the human race from this leap in evolution by making the shift loud, noisy and full of distraction to keep you from looking within to where the real truth lies.


Remember, no one can box your soul in and this shift is an internal one and is determined by you alone. But, also remember, it’s not about disconnecting from the theater, it’s about playing your role in it.

The actions of the controllers will get bolder and more destructive but remember they will have to answer to those Karmic knots they have created for themselves . Don’t get blinded by the drama or hoodwinked into believing it’s more important than it really is.

For millions of years the change on our planet has been relatively gentle and progressive. From occasional big shifts and five mass extinctions. We are now witnessing one of the greatest transitions possible in Gaia’s history meaning the rapid shift in higher dimensional consciousness. It’ll only get stronger and more clear as the old 3-D reality dissolves. Hang on!

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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