Full Moon Lunar Eclipse~Into the Depths We Go ~ July 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: This message tells me “it’s time” to leave the BS behind, uncover your real self, and be…



By A Gift From Gaia

Where oh where shall we begin?

Well I guess the NOW would be the best place to begin, and yet the now is a timeline stretching through well into 2020 as what we are now to begin as we walk through the door of this eclipse passageway will be our topic throughout this super gigantic shift we are all witness too on our planet.

There is an unsettled feeling in the air and the clamps of restriction tighten creating limited space to move

As the moon Conjuncts Pluto, our Sun highlighting the pair and we begin the Deep C Diving, or perhaps there is no requirement to go deep into your consciousness, perhaps these hot little bubbles are raising from your C bed rapidly coming up from the depths to be observed and understood with all the data each one holds.

When the moon Conjuncts Pluto we go deep, into our underworld or as I rather call it our innerworld opens the gates and relieves itself in the surprise bubbles of hidden feelings and emotions. 
Symbols become louder and reminders, triggers and memories begin to take the front seat, of all that you so hurriedly tried to forget all those moon’s ago.

Revisiting is going to be a big theme here as you discover the root of what has been driving you over these past months or years, avoidance is highlighted and the realisation that the direction you have been taking was to either pacify or to run in the opposite direction, but by doing so we come to realise that the resistance we held has become the bed for the new to be birthed, only the defects are starting to be Seen.

And the sun highlighting it, allows us to revisit the crisis, the memories of what made us move so fast and they return for the purpose of truly zero pointing out the catalyst.

This full moon eclipse leaves no stone unturned and we are brought back to our foundations to see if all has been built out of love or resistance and retreat.

Whether you once stoked up that fire in the belly which shouted I’LL SHOW YOU and with this energy you will feel the need to bring the foundations to a state of peace.

Releasing the karma dogs to allow the energy to move, cleanly, clearly and with full respect and responsibility for where you stand today.

It’s time to look in your bag of gripes that you love to ignore and begin picking out the thorns that poke through.

It’s time to heal.

To ignore this opportunity to roll the sleeves up and get amongst the muck will show quickly the WEIGHT you are choosing to carry, the more WEIGHTING for the right moment, for another to make a move, to see what’s next said will load up the Sacrifice programming for a deeper lesson on how to ride Divine Time and work with Divine Order and as we pass each checkpoint to learn more, to act aligned what we witness in those still choosing to hold their blindness slip deeper into their dis-eased states.

Eris Square the Eclipse raises the feminine frequency, in its lowest octaves we have those who call themselves feminists, which is simply no different to the patriarchal energies of old, the resistance to the patriarchy is equal in distortion, however for those working through these octaves it’s likely to get incredibly loud, something you are likely to see in your out there world. This frequency especially whilst holding the Plutonian energy will uncover secrets and lies and any misdemeanor lurking underneath the kind eyes and the crooked smile of those trying to control.

Narcisstic behaviours rise, as the need to dominate and control through the emotional wounding is triggered.

And yet Eris in her highest octaves will be clearing the space, cutting down the tangled webs of lies and deceit to create a clean crisp field.

Eris will call out the B.S, she will raise the eyebrow and question, she will ask the direct question and stare deep within you, watching you squirm as you try and repeat the lies of old.

You will know an Eris when you See her…..

She comes to assist in the cosmic clear up and with this significant lunar eclipse in a Square she is taking no prisoners.

It’s time to get to the bottom of it all, we have the opportunity to clear providing we make it our focus, to rebalance that which we chose to use as our catalyst or springboard out.

Are you still holding your karma dogs? Is there bitterness? An injustice? Have you accepted the status quo for an easy life? 
Are you fed up of being lied to, governments holding secrets…it’s no wonder folk are wanting to storm area 51.

We are realising the truth of the words….Power in the People as we come into the space of understanding we are responsible for choosing the timelines that have allowed these processes and ways to continue sticking that bandaid on our ever declining race.

And it’s enough…..

We begin to shift our out there world once again, from within, and we unmuddle the muddling and we start to make conscious, aware decisions based on our truth, which in turn creates the ripple effect, and by the Only true laws, that of our Universe, we begin to shake up the structure of our world.

We are changing shape angels just be sure to align and be a part of the new design coming in, because if you are a part of the old ways, then the demise of your beloved false security is soon to become highly unstable and the reverberations shall be rattling the bones of old into dust.

Into the depths we go


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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