Twin Flame Soul Update ~ Tremendous Soul Merging ~ July 15, 2019

Editor’s Note; Yes, I Am a twin flame and hold such complete inner JOY at merging with my twin on an inner level..and we KNOW that physical must follow the the etheric!

So…please red this message, KNOW that if this message resonates, you hold inner JOY as well, and now in the time to be…



By Remembering Mu

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve made any kind of twin flame/soul update, I’ve been guided to pull back from it publicly to a large extent as so much has been shifting within the collective at this time. Many are transitioning to a new path while others are deepening within the path and experiencing a greater understanding of what this journey has been about on a soul level. Either way, it has become very individual at this point and all are being shown their own truth ~ it is unique to each soul, there is no wrong or right, there is only what is right for you. Wherever you are, this is a time of completion and much is coming full circle. With this said, I am sharing below what is revealing itself through me, so please only take what resonates and leave the rest.

Tremendous soul merging is occurring at this time ~ for many it has already completed itself, and many others are on the verge of this complete soul merging. This merging consists of the complete unification of the masculine and feminine within, but also of the original soul essence at the highest levels with the form. We have been doing this all along, even when it hasn’t felt that way, and bringing all the aspects of ourselves in many different timelines into our conscious awareness. This is why we have been moving from seeming bliss and union to then re-experiencing a lower timeline and what can feel like negative thoughts and feelings. This has been us integrating fragmented aspect after aspect into conscious union with all that we are at the level of form.

So, for twin flames/souls we have been experiencing our own processes separately in this process of reuniting within. For this reason, it can seem like one of you is so aware of the connection and like the other is completely focused elsewhere. This can seem confusing when you try to make sense of what is happening from the mind, it can make you feel like you’re going crazy and must be mistaken in all that you feel. You are each completing your own experience separately, but make no mistake that the moment the full merge takes place within, then everything one has been focusing on and growing towards will be integrated within the other. There will be no secrets as far as all that is true and real at the soul level. All the growth that the masculine has been undergoing will become integrated within the feminine, and all that the feminine has been expanding in will be integrated within the masculine. Like magnets, there will be no stopping the reunification in the physical from this space.

Many of the divine feminines have at least one lifetime of existing as a mermaid and have been merging more and more with this energy through their own processes. Mermaid consciousness has been absent from the planet for aeons and is returning through the feminine. This is a consciousness of unconditional love, of allowing and flowing, intuiting and empathizing on such a deep level where there is no difference between the individual and the all. It is a consciousness that the masculine has been longing for and yet has been unable to feel; and it is a consciousness that, with the feminines anchoring in of this energy through her, is re-emerging within the masculine’s awareness as well. He feels the magnetic pull and he is shaking off all that has not been authentic, he is waking within the dream at such a deep level and realizing that he has only been half alive up to now. So divine feminines, continue to anchor in this energy and focus on the magic and the love that is everywhere. Your complete embodiment of this consciousness is magnetizing all that has always been yours at the eternal level. Trust in what you are perceiving energetically from the divine masculine at this time as well, telepathy and heart communication is at an all time high. Soul merging is taking place both in waking life, and especially during dream time. Believe in the magic, it is real and it is through you that you are anchoring it in here.

The divine masculine is moving through intense karmic endings, and though they have been energetically for some time, what is different now is the level of strength embodied to move through all of it. He was never ignoring the call or doing anything wrong, he was focusing exactly where he was meant to be focusing for his own growth and resolution. Much like when the masculine first sought the feminine out or was activated in some way to connect with her, the masculine is now being reactivated for the return. With the feminine now completing her journey of embodiment, it is acting as a beacon for the divine masculine to return to her. So, whether you have met your divine masculine or have yet to meet him externally but have been integrating him from within, the return has been activated and the orchestration of this unfolding will be so beautiful to behold. It does not matter who your divine masculine is, whether you’ve been redirected elsewhere or not, the true soul match is returning within and without.

Trust all that is occurring in your lives and the power of the Divine to bring you where you are meant to be in the perfect way and perfect moment for you. Even if you don’t understand at all why things are the way they are, all you are asked to do is to just trust and flow with all of it. You will be amazed. Let go of the external focus and really embrace the magic unfolding within you. No matter what you are moving through, please know that this complete alignment and soul merge occurs in an instant ~ it is possible to move from what feels like the lowest to the highest of heights in a single moment. Enjoy the process and allow yourself to feel the magic and excitement that is available right now and always, this is a very exciting time to be alive. With the new galactic year beginning on the 26th of July, we are all entering into a brand new cycle full of so much magic, serendipity, and true love.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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2 Responses to Twin Flame Soul Update ~ Tremendous Soul Merging ~ July 15, 2019

  1. Crystal Rose says:

    so it’s to be…lovely expression

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cindyloucbp says:

    LOVEly in the right expression!

    Much Love…:)


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