Unifying With Your Light ~ June 27, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

Mercury enters Leo and begins its journey with a square off with our Moon.

Today is most definitely another day to pay attention, to the reality and the data feedback you receive but most importantly to the dialogue within.

Mercury our planet of information, technology, conversation, all forms of data input and output is in Leo, the regal Leo, the light of our zodiac, however as we know, there are octaves within the spectrum, today in the lowest octaves it will show a rather narcisstic couple of days, too much output and close down the input, people with emotional wounding do love to hear the sound of their own voices, like stuck records repeating their wounding to all who will listen, of course folk don’t do this for the answer, those stuck cannot see past their perceived suffering but instead they are requiring their need of attention, many see this attention as love, which is why they react so badly once this outlet is stopped.

Respect and responsibility are the keys here, be aware of your energy, ask yourself is this person really going to help themselves or am I being drawn into their need for feed, am I stroking their ego, and not forgetting, if this is you on the receiving end of this….what do I need to learn here.

And yet this transition in its highest octaves will be opening you right up to our quantum field enabling you to receive the data and wisdom you require in each moment.

The best key i can give you today is that of the alignment of thoughts, feelings and actions.

If your thought and feelings are not in sync with your actions, if you are begrudging, if you are thinking thoughts of truth and yet still serving your reality as expected by others then you are out of alignment. 
We step back into alignment by simply sharing out truth within.

Now with fiery Leo there are times that the information will burst out, before you even think, complete unconscious patterning will be ridiculously easy to spot, those knee jerkers, those act first think laters, and with Mars now finishing up his degrees in Cancer….let’s just say the explosions could well be loud.

A lesson in conscious versus unconscious and the key here is to step away, go within and realise how and why you manifested the experience AND then DEAL from this new awareness.

Confidence is something that will now be highlighted, the anxiety begins to increase in those who need to crack the belief that they hold no confidence and in the higher octaves of those settling into the new frequency template from the Solstice will be stabilising in the new space and realising their new value system.

This takes time and boy do I understand this space, I will still be away from the gloop of social media for the next few days, well as long as it will take for me to continue this energetic integration…let’s just say the work I have coming through is a game changer.


Your reality is bound to feel scattered whilst you are realising your way through this journey, the 4th frequency is the most confusing of all spaces, the loudest, because it is the most unstable, which reflects your instability, how you feel, your reality, everything is high highs and low lows and this is what you have been programmed to believe is life, is normal, no….it’s the matrix and the beginning of witnessing the distortions, it is the mind awakening stage, where everything gets blown, where everything is suppose to trigger you so that you can question your belief systems and realise, finally, that NONE of your beliefs are aligned to light, that your complete existence has been spoon fed by others being spoon fed, like the Human centipede, the transferal of  from one to another, and as we go deeper into the rabbit hole we see that our entire world that we know is one huge lie….and then what….we begin the heart awakening which is only possible once you surrender and EVERYTHING you are now experiencing is attempting to get your attention FOR you to realise and release to allow you to begin the heart awakening and unifying with your light.

The eclipse is fast approaching and I will be back to explain more but for now the words that rebound off the walls of my skull are….




About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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