Energy and the Field | The Council ~ June 26, 2019

Editor’s Note: Below is a pretty good way of describing how it is that we create! Oh…we were never taught about this power…always believing this to be power stemming from outside of ourselves.

But…the fact of the matter is that we, ourselves, do create our own lives! how do you change what it is you are experiencing? Simply (!) by changing your vibratory rate to a higher lever. How is this accomplished? By holding happier and lighter thoughts of Joy!

Despite whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you can live in a different way by…BEing happy in your heart! Fake smiles do not count, live your dreams, and be…



Again we will speak to the subject of energy and the field in which you are participatory. Today, let us build an image for you if we may.

There is, in our image, an immense field. It is actually infinite. However we do realize that this is an idea that is incomprehensible to you, so let’s stick with immense.

This field encompasses everything of which you, as a collective, are aware. As a matter of fact, everything of which you are aware is made up of this field, because nothing else exists. Now you, being you, feel a need to name things. So you ask the field what it is. The field responds with, “I am that I am”. Okay. That is quite confusing enough, so you give it another name. You name it God, Allah, Wakantanka, or whatever, depending on your language and culture. We hope you can be broad enough of mind to accept that. This is quite alright with the field, because It knows It is everything.

In this immense field, there exists trillions upon trillions of points of experience and awareness. In one tiny corner of it all there is an itsy-bitsy thing called a planet. And on this planet there are vastly more teeny-tiny points of awareness that have a growing awareness of what they are, but are in a state that certainly needs some raising up. They do not yet accept that they actually consist totally of the stuff of the field. And they have not fully reached an understanding of the ramifications of that.

This field is fluid, as fields are. Observation will show that parts of the field move in prescribed ways, orbits within orbits within orbits. So individual parts of the field encounter vastly differing states and qualities of the energy as they proceed through the field.

Energy fields, being what they are, will be lowered, or lifted to some degree, depending upon the qualities of the energy they are passing through. Being fields in and of themselves, they will also be affected by the changes in other fields that surround them.

The surrounding energy field that you are traveling into at this time is increasingly higher in frequency and awareness. This is affecting you in predictable ways. Your own intentions and efforts are compounding this effect. You are, in addition, having an effect upon all of the fields around you and all of the fields within you. Fields being what fields are, this is not actually very accurate. But for communication’s sake, it will do. In other contexts we would say that there actually are no such boundaries to you.

All of this, as we are sure you are aware, describes your situation… partially. We would still address the way in which you can, may, and do have an effect upon the fields that make up the individual that you call “me” and why that is possible.

Ask yourself this. What causes the creation of things in these fields? What causes them to change when they change? What caused a part of the field to become a star? A planet? A mouse? Me? And am I able to use the same energies to change or create? And, if so, who am I? Do I dare accept that it could be true?

Do you see the problem that most of you have with these ideas? You have been carefully taught that you should never think this way.

Thought, intent, imagination are the way in which things are brought into being. It is as true for stars as it is for cookies or buildings. The only difference is the Source or source of the thoughts, intents, or imagination. Yes, you can do this. Actually, you already do this every moment. So, the question is really, what are you creating? Do you like it?

Happy imagining.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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