Editor’s Note: I really like to see articles like this one that urge us to really explore ourselves in order to find out who we really are! Yes…it is past time to merge heart feeling with head thinking. This has not been encouraged in our current society, but…the time’s they are a’ changin, my friends!

Please read this article, balance heart with head, and be…



Greetings, friends.  Rosalie has urged me to share some of the thoughts that I have been expressing in another medium.  I have been working on improving my ability to express myself though the use of artwork, namely, through the use of embroidered images that I have been creating with embroidery digitizing software.

Among the many encouraging messages imparted by Kryon in channelings by Lee Carroll is the expectation of a vastly improved human consciousness.  Among the many improvements, I have chosen to illustrate this one:  There will be a balancing of masculine and feminine energies within the human population that will lead to a greater degree of harmony than we have ever known in our history.  This potential is very reminiscent of the vision we find in The Book of Revelation, in which “the lamb will lay beside the lion,” symbolic of a new paradigm of relationships among all living things, one in which those who were once predatory will be so no more and those who have been the victims of such predation will live in peace.

Listening to Kryon acquainted me with another very similar prophecy, the prophecy of  The Eagle and The Condor.  Instead of using the symbols of lion and lamb, I have used the symbols in that prophecy, the eagle and the condor,  in the embroidery design which  I have included in this post.

This is a prophecy that is found among several of the Native American peoples in both North and South America. You can find out more about it by doing a search on the words “The Eagle and The Condor.” There is much more to the prophecy than I could squeeze into my wording, sorry to say, but that is part of the challenge, saying as much as I can within very limited space– a BIG challenge for one who is well known for his verbosity!

The main theme of the prophecy begins with an observation that anyone who is the least bit familiar with human history can see: Human civilizations  have developed along divergent paths, one main path, has been that followed by highly industrialized societies; the other path has been followed by those in the non-industrialized, traditional native societies. The industrialized societies are said to have “taken the path of the head;” whereas the non-industrialized societies are said to have “taken the path of the heart.” These words, of course, are symbolic.  One group has placed a high value on the intellect. They have sought to use their brain to control the forces of nature and of the physical world to maximize physical comfort. This path produces highly developed science, technology and material wealth, but pays relatively little attention to spiritual, non-material development. Some see these as “masculine” traits and to these they add aggressiveness and, in the extreme, being “cold-hearted.”  If the symbology of the Book of Revelation were used, these would be “the lion.”  Using the symbology of the native cultures in the Americas, these would be “the eagle.”

Civilizations that have taken the second path, the path of the heart, place relatively little value on material wealth or even physical comfort; they do not revere the intellect as the only or even the best source of knowledge; they revere “feelings” and intuition rather than intellect. Rather than seeking to control the forces of nature to maximize physical comfort, they see themselves as integrated with nature and seek harmony with the spiritual dimensions of nature and all living things. Some see these as “feminine” traits and to these they add passivity and, in the extreme, being irrational and over-emotional.  This group could be symbolized as “the lamb,” or, as is done using the symbology of the native cultures in the Americas, these would be “the condor.”

There is room to add more contrasting traits, and certainly room for debate about what those traits may be, but in any case, the prophecy identifies these two basic “paths” along which the industrial and non-industrial societies may be seen to travel.

But the prophecy contains more than a description of these paths. Like the famous Mayan calendar’s prophecy, it points not to an inevitability but to a potential for change, a change which depends on whether humanity evolves toward a higher consciousness regarding the advantages and limitations of each path. If we take advantage of this potential for a higher level of wisdom than we have so far, the energies of these separate paths will converge and form a new energy, one which recognizes the value of both the physical and non-physical, corporeal and spiritual dimensions of all human beings. We can come to recognize that the Eagle and the Condor “fly in the same sky.”

Can we become neither over-intellectual nor over-emotional? Can we recognize that the capacity to love is as vital to our prosperity as is the capacity to think rationally? Can we also recognize that “being spiritual” does not require that we live in poverty; that we do not have to withdraw from the physical world in order to live a spiritually sensitive life?

Frankly, I hope so.

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