Personal Divinity ~ June 22, 2019

Being a Pisces, I can run pretty deep and think I have been able to get a glimpse of what is happening on our world, and why it is happening. The geo-political stage we are all excited about is driven by spirituality, which is…the battle between Light and Dark.

My concept of soul growth gives of a better understanding of how both Light and Dark operate on our world. Many folks are now coming to the realization and understanding that our time on Earth is indeed a personal journey prompting spiritual growth. Our souls are either growing by gaining even higher vibrations, and/or growing by remaining steadfast in lower vibrations.

Many may not appreciate this point, but everyone wins from their spent on Earth! The dark have a “mission”, as do those of the Light. The big “experiment” here on Earth has been conducted to test out the that fact that…the highest vibration is that of Love. Biological humans are in the process of showing that heart-felt love cannot be controlled by the Dark, regardless of the horrific conditions used to test this fact…but, someone had to be here to cause dark actions! I do not promote, or agree with tactics used by the Dark, but I do understand the need for the actions of the dark in this “experiment”.

The questions have been: Can Love prevail as the 3D race of biological humans becomes subjected to continual and massive amounts of external control designed to promote negativity? Can Love become the focus of souls blinded to their level of spirituality? Can Love become the driving emotional state negating efforts from the dark to quell and stop the flow of Love on Earth?

Those of the Dark are doing their darnedest to stop the flow of LOVE by designing “workflows” emphasizing FEAR in humanity. Although life on Earth is a game, and is an “illusion”… 3D tactics causing “False Evidence Appearing Real” have been very much in play causing humanity to reach for personal survival although economic slavery measures are, and have been, in place.

Now (in the present moment) counter-tactics used by the Light (Trump, Q, Allied Resistance) are being recognized globally causing humanity to find hope which holds a higher vibration than Fear. Hope alone sets the stage for humanity to consistently hold a higher vibratory state and higher vibrations ARE the state of BEing which allows humans to consciously create that which they want. This IS the state of personal (soul) understanding which opens doors, and closes doors, that are in keeping with our own personal mission here on Earth.

So…now we have humanity holding higher vibrations, and what does that yield? Higher vibrations stem from the heart, and as the heart re-awakens to self-love…self mastery (personal divinity) is realized. When you consider humanity has consistently been told verbally (and subliminally) that we are disappointing, dumb, and ineffective…the re-awakening of the heart is tremendous (!) and leads to a greater sense of personal value!

Yes…the personal realization of self-love IS the ticket leading to holding consistent higher vibrations. When you love yourself deeply…despair is NOT possible! Events and circumstances will begin to be positive in your life. Those folks holding lower states of consciousness, of BEing dark will no longer appear. Fear of anything is eliminated because You are “in control”.

No one knows how “the details” for how the humanity of freedom will occur…we only know it will arrive like a “thief in the night”. So…no one knows the timing…what can we do? NOW is the time to raise your vibrations and the best place to start is with loving yourself. Once your heart thinks you are truly great, you will then be able to effectively love whatever, whoever there is to love and your life will become grand!

My main message? Although these concepts sound so very simple, due to our consistent negative “training” they are difficult but oh, so beneficial, to achieve…Love yourself, BE in control of yourself, lose dark baggage, and be…


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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7 Responses to Personal Divinity ~ June 22, 2019

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Excellent, Cynthia!


  2. Cindy I have some Intel as my children were illegally taken from me via cps. The funding of the dark has been via our very own court system. Theyve been operating under admirality law when it should be common law/divine law. Many judges, attorneys, and cops that have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution do not and is the very reason our country has so many incarcerated individuals. Trump has made a child trafficking group that has found out 86% of trafficked kids come from our own foster homes. Much of this has been suppressed due to the FBI and CIA corruption but from what I have been told, he has cleaned house of many of these individuals. The foreign enemy is our own BAR association out of England which has controlled our legal system for decades. I have a friend that works with Trump and stated there has been over 1500 people already sent to Gitmo and by 2020 the BAR should no longer exist. I was also told July 2nd and 4th will be huge by him.


    • cindyloucbp says:

      Sorry to hear of your loss HollyAnn. The Universe has mysterious ways of placing us in circumstances where we belong (even if we don’t think so!) I agree the “court” system is a rigged game and like you, I eagerly await for July to roll around. Thanks for reading my blog…Namaste…



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