Headlines and Updates for June 15, 2019: Happy Dad’s Day to All the Papas Out There [videos] ~ June 15, 2019

Tomorrow is a special day set aside to honour all the fathers. We hope everyone lucky enough to still have a Dad in their life can spend time with them this weekend.  ~ BP

It’s understandable that Canadian politics would be focusing on the October 2019 election where they can’t wait to get rid of the daffy Justin Turdeau. The legacy media, of course, is presenting the reality they wish the People to see and Maxime Bernier is besmirched just as Trump is. The establishment would prefer to install Andrew Scheer who appears to be another cabal puppet.

The censorship in Canada may be even worse than in America. Billy Joyce does a splendid update on the situation there. Some shocking Sharia Law statements might light a fire under the sleeping ones, and the ugly pedophilia reality is going to have to come out whether the media accept that or not.

CANADIAN COVERUPS ? Pedogate, Human Trafficking and Sharia Law! What ‘they’ won’t show us!

In America, despite the presidential election being over 15 months away, the fake polls on candidate popularity are tossed into the news feeds already for people to argue about and the first debate agenda is set. So, like it or not, for the next year plus we will be embroiled in a roiling political fever IN ADDITION to the nonsense around trying to eject President Trump by whatever means possible.

Fortunately, we have reliable, credible sources for real news and analysis to cut through the crap. BCP explains the latest hoax. Complete with what we believe to be fake Nancy Pelosis and Joe Bidens, the whole production is a lark.


Hopefully, with the elevated frequencies and the ejection of thousands of dark djinn (demons) as explained by Thomas Williams a couple of times recently, Humanity can get a grip on themselves and proceed quickly and effectively with the removal of the deep state puppets and psychopaths.

Wailing Wall, Jerusalem

We are so used to seeing violence and repeated acts of war in the Middle East, but the removal of the djinn from the wailing wall in Jerusalem should make a difference. Thomas reported that evil spirits within it were infecting those who visited the wall.

The unrest continues in France as les Gilets Jaunes protests go into their 31st straight week. Where will that end?

The really positive news from Paris centres around the Notre Dame Cathedral. In the video below there is a stunning view of the gaping hole in the roof taken from within the church. In some areas we see burnt timbers in the rubble on the floor. I didn’t expect services to resume so quickly after that event. They are taking precautions and it’s almost comical to see all the robes worn with white safety helmets like some bizarre ritual.

Notre Dame cathedral holds first Mass since April fire | LIVE

The cabal is still trying to incite war—somewhere—ANYWHERE! It’s their only hope for survival—and it won’t work.

This is how it went.

FALSE FLAG: Iran accuses the US of lying about the ‘suspicious’ attack on American-linked oil tanker | End Time Headlines

US Releases “Smoking Gun” Video Of Iran’s Navy Handling Mine On Tanker Hull | Zero Hedge

But Jim Stone brought this:

He says… OK, that has been cleared up. We know it was not mines, and that the hole picture the MSM posted was fake, just like I originally said. Now to yesterday’s redaction,

All that fakery and lying even had Jim confused. You can read the rest of Jim’s thoughts on this at his website. You may have to scroll down a little.

The deep state love their missiles, don’t they? They can put them exactly where they want them. Precision instruments. My favourite was the Pentagon CCTV footage on 9/11. We’re going to get them for that. For everything they’ve done; all the crimes they’ve committed.


Dave explains the brilliant Patriot strategy in his analysis.

Durham’s Secret Weapon, [DS] Setup, Panic, Server Brings Down The House – Episode 1892b

Unbelievable. These aberrations of creation are non-stop outrageous. Prior to the 2020 election they are beyond desperate to get Trump out of the running because he stands between them and their ability to get their own agents back in control of America—and the world.

Dems eye repeal of Justice rule barring presidential indictments

When it comes down to it, though, they are putting the final nails in their own coffins.

This is the first I’ve heard about the deaths in the Dominican Republic which appear to be consistent with poisoning of some kind.

Another US tourist dies in alarming Dominican Republic mystery

Dave doesn’t normally bring us videos on Saturday, but now he can enjoy his Father’s Day, so I’ll include this one today. Boom! indeed.

The education process for the public has culminated in a brilliant power play, as Dave calls it. It’s crystal clear, folks.

The deep state are their own judge and jury. Guilty as charged!

Caught like fly paper. These people are stupid.

Boom, Did You Catch What Happened, There Are No Coincidences – Episode 1893b

We have very good news today for Americans with respect to the Health Care programs. A big, positive announcement coming up in two weeks, as well, POTUS says. “We will ALWAYS protect patients with pre-existing conditions”, and “We will never be a socialist country.” Lots of improvements to tell us concerning many aspects of health care reform. Wow.

Trump delivers remarks on health care expansions

In closing, for our greater understanding I present this fascinating interview; probably the most interesting chat with a rapper you’ll ever hear. I don’t think you’ll hear this on mockingbird media. People need to understand that cloning was perfected long, long ago.

He appeared on Vlad TV and revealed that he was a clone. This odd concept came up straight out the gate when he was asked about his hometown. Vlad wanted to clarify that he was in fact born in New Jersey but grew up in South Florida.

Buu agreed with a straight face and added on some more info.

“Yeh, originally. My first gen. I’m a second gen now…my first gen was born in Jersey, however, I was cloned by Clonaid in Canada. My model number is 0112568 for anyone who wants to see the registration of cloning.”

His nationality was brought up next. Kid says he’s “Sicilian and Puerto Rican,” adding that those are his ” two genomes.” This information was made available to him through his stealing “documents before escaping” the cloning facility.

Apparently, these documents were vital for his personal narrative. He says that most of his memory was wiped clean to allow for “whatever new program was made” to proceed smoothly.

Oh, and apparently Gucci Mane and Michael Jackson have gone through a similar experience. Watch the clip below for more of his testimony.

Read the rest…


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