SerialBrain2: Video Version of Trump’s Visit to the UK and the Explosive Truth About Meghan Markle | And We Know [video] ~ June 10, 2019

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 22: Prince Harry, US President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge pose as they attend a dinner at Kensington Palace on April 22, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Editor’s Note: Yep… you really should watch the video at the end of this article. The truth always comes out, my friends. In the picture above, see the way William leans toward Michael and away from Kate (who has awfully now hips and wide shoulders? Just sayin…

Become aware of the massive deception played on our global society, watch for more scandalous news to be revealed as the dark becomes light, and be…



This decode was a real eye opener for those who are unaware of the “fake” and contrived nature of the “reality” created by those who have been running the world. Nothing just happens; it’s all planned. Things aren’t left to chance; even sex. No, it’s all choreographed. No chance meetings.

The clowns create personalities, make introductions, encourage “gender perturbation” where appropriate, promote marriages of convenience, employ false pregnancies, and nothing is outside the realm of possibility.

When we say “anything goes”… we mean ANYTHING. There is nothing they won’t do to achieve their objectives. Deception is just something they use to manipulate Humanity into playing their game; into going along without objection. Royal families = royal deceivers, yet the public just eats it up.

Having to suffer England’s royal acting troupe is a difficult pill to swallow for a guy like President Trump and you can’t blame him for having a little fun with them to make the gruel go down more easily.

One of the most satisfying outcomes of the Trump visits to see the Queen is his respectful, oh-so-subtle delivery of the royal comeuppance. Arriving late, arriving early, keeping them waiting, Melania’s unmistakable flaunting of the Princess Di drop-dead gorgeous caped gown screams of trolling, and the infamous eclipsing of Queenie from the cameras in 2018… well, Trump gets my vote for best actor of the century.

While Her Shortness toddles along on the grass trying to catch up with him, Trump is looking around as if to ask, “Where did she go?” It was just a moment in time, but it gets the tears of mirth a-flowing.

POTUS lets the royals know they are not better than anyone else. The Royal Reptilian Bloodlines have seen their heyday and are over.

The following video from And We Know enhances the brilliant and shocking decode involving the sham of the Royal Family from SerialBrain2 which you can read at the link, along with the archive of previous posts.

If you refuse to accept the truth in this, you’d better get over it because there’s plenty more just like it coming down the pike and it won’t wait for your wagon of denial to get out of the way.

Looking at the photo at the top of this post, which ones are men? What? All of them? We never know any more in the Land of Make Believe, but SB2 is telling us that Meghan Markle is a designer doll.

They can no longer make us all believe. The spell has been broken and we know they create designer lives for the El-ites.  ~ BP

SerialBrain2: Trump’s Visit to the UK and the Explosive Truth about Meghan Markle.

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