Masculine & Feminine Divine Oneness ~ May 31, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

Hola surfers…we have news!

Many of you who surf the same bandwidth have been feeling a shift coming in, apprehension perhaps anticipation or anxiety without the fear or excitement.

A knowing….

We have arrived in a space here in the A Gift from Gaia bandwidth in which we now have the opportunity to decode, embody the template of the unified frequencies, the Masculine and Feminine Divine Oneness.

The feel flows naturally into the deal to expand constantly into the heal phase. The merger of the feminine (feel) into the masculine (deal) creating the unification (heal)

Many of you have been yearning, opening to authenticity, which is that of Divine Truth a feeling within that knows intuitively that accountability is the key and we can no longer play by our ego rules of enabling to appease, to stroke, to EMPATHise, we of course validate unconditionally but we know that to miss an opportunity to touch the unconscious and shine our conscious light into their sleepy EYE is nothing short of falling from our angelic Self back into our sleepy human state, creating dis-ease within our own field.

These codes are rich in the Magenta frequency, the colour within Source that is required to make up the balance to return us all to the purity of our unification, the balance of blue masculine and red feminine and then softened into a beautiful magenta field.

All harshness muted into a state of non care, a reflection of the non carers and yet to the conditional heart we know that it is only a matter of your linear time before you realise Self and the ego screams to be cared for and the mirror reflects back your true frequency FOR you to heal those voids.

You see when we realise Self we understand that our energy must be respected as Source is respected and we have no need to enter into spaces with the confinements of your belief systems…your reality will take care of reflecting back the discord within and eventually you will see the truth of your field.

We come to care for the process…it’s not personal

Today our Sun conjuncts Aldebaran, one of the most important stars, the eye of the Bull, the star of Michael signifies the alignment of Divine Truth, but wait….something more magical…it’s a tight orb but our New Moon in Gemini will also be aligned!

At this point I highly recommend reading the latest mini module called The Sword of Truth over at the A Gift from Gaia GROUP.

Sun conjunct Aldebaran is EXTRAordinary energy that in its lowest octaves literally rips the rug from beneath those avoiding what needs attention, ego reactions will be high, everything out of balance with the unification will now get louder and louder for the cyclic stretch and relax that we have found ourselves experiencing, more intensely more noticeably. 
DIS-ease and violent deaths come under this star to star conjunction and just days after our sun left our seven sisters.

In the highest octaves the star of Michael brings incredible light codes that will literally move you out of one field and into the new without even the slightest warble. Those called into service, keyholders, gridkeepers and lighthouses have been busy in the cocoons making sense of this new wave so that we can guide, highlight and cut through more of the unconscious noise out there.

Now watch as these new codes filter through the collective…it’s going to get interesting and I will share more on the Conjunction with Aldebaran for the New Moon.

Get prepared angels, your guiding lights are about to shift bandwidth….are you coming?



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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