What is Consciousness? How do we Manifest? ~ May 29, 2019

In my day to day, I’m a creative. As you well know, I do photography, video and design. I use media to visualize my consciousness on FIFTY8 along with my fashion/design and film work. I’ve discovered that my job is very similar to manifesting.

The purpose of this post is to share with you what consciousness and awareness mean visually and how we can manifest consciously and unconsciously. This is also called self awareness or self actualization.

Our consciousness is like a physical camera. Whatever we focus on, shapes our reality. The way we take a picture is exactly how we manifest. The process of creating an image starts with first imagining what you want to photograph. Then you fill in the details with props, locations or effects and lighting. Then when the day comes to create, it almost creates itself like magic. I’ve found that this process is exactly like manifesting. Whatever you can imagine and desire, you can experience in your reality. Now lets take it another step further.


Most of the time people are unconsciously creating. this is called mass consciousness.

We are subjectively creating day to day without realizing it. Living day to day, thinking the physical reality is what creates. The Masculine way energetically. Physical effort and work.

But it is our inner world that creates our reality. Our imagination and subconscious create it all.

Everyone’s reality is the Effect. The cause is the subconscious/imagination.

The subconscious mind is like the iceberg underneath the water.

It is full of patterns of belief, emotions, habits, values, reactions, long term memory, intuition & your imagination.

Your conscious mind is responsible for your daily life and the attributes of will power, long term memory, and logical/critical thinking.


Now think of your subconscious as your imagination, your inner vision.

Your conscious mind is your physical film camera.

Whatever you can imagine in your subconscious, you can photograph.

The final developed photograph is the effect of your imagination/subconscious mind which is the cause.

So your imagination/consciousness is what creates it all. Still following me? Let’s visualize it…


First, focus your attention on your subject of your desire.

Use your imagination the way you would visualize a final image you want to create.

Use all your senses.

Sighthearingsmelltaste and touch.

Imagine what it would be like to see in your mind’s eye what you desire. When it is there hold it.


Secondly, imagine what it would feel like to have what you desire.

Use your emotions to feel what it would be like to have it. Send this emotion to your entire body.

Again, whatever you desire could be anything.

From a physical object, health, love, relationships, travel etc…

Whatever you can imagine, you can create. So imagine what it would FEEL like to have it.

The more pure the emotion, the stronger the manifestation.

Feel the joy of having it. Feel the accomplishment of attaining it.

This is the secret to all manifestation, the FEELING of having it.


I start this process when meditating and listening to instrumental music. Music helps me silence my thoughts and lately my playlist is full of film scores.

Usually for me, once I have the mental picture of what I desire, I imagine what it would feel like to experience it. An example: I’m using my consciousness to manifest $10,000. So I paint a picture in my mind of a TON of CASH and the freedom of having it.


What would it feel like to have $10,000? Usually when I’m clear in my vision and emotion, I start crying in absolute joy. Like an ugly cry, like you see when kids get a puppy or kitten. It just flows and clears away any limited energy from my manifestation.

Sometimes this emotion creates other visions that are aligned to this frequency/emotion. Which at times, I see my future.


The power of your assumption and your creative energy behind it, are the tools of creation.

Now once you have the object of your desire in your imagination and you feel the joy of having it, drop the image.

Just like you would in snapping a picture.

Know that you took that picture and it is in your memory card = consciousness.

Now that it’s in your consciousness, it will manifest.


But usually the speed of the manifestation is based on your belief or faith in assuming it’s creation. The potency of your desire is the speed in which it is manifested.

Like taking a picture, do you aimlessly look around at what to photograph, or do you know exactly what you want and find it and capture it? The more you’re emotionally invested in attain this picture, the faster your desire will manifest.


Lastly, this is the most important step.

Belief. Faith. Trust.

Knowing that your image is done and manifesting in your life is the BIGGEST challenge.

You must believe in the unseen world of your subconscious.

For me it helps to be conscious of my thoughts and emotions.

Are they aligned to my manifestation or are they out of alignment?

The best way to know if you are aligned is your emotions.

Negative emotions mean you are out of alignment. Positive emotions mean you are in alignment.

So if you are aware of your thoughts and emotions, this is one of the biggest skills in creating. Mastering yourself.

Because everything that happens to you in your life is the EFFECT of your SUBCONSCIOUS.

You create the final image due to the CAUSE of your IMAGINATION.

Your reality is yourself pushed out.

Everyone you meet is a mirror of your subconscious and what you feed it.

So if your reality is full of joy, passion and excitement, that is what you are feeding your subconscious.

If your reality is full of pain, suffering, challenges and polarity, you must become aware of your subconscious beliefs.

What you feed your mind, is what you will experience.

Whatever exists in your consciousness, it will mirror back to you in your reality.

This is the first step in creating with Christ Consciousness.

You are the creator of your reality. You are God.

Your imagination/subconscious is responsible for everything in your life.

The power we all hold is truly remarkable. We are so powerful we can create suffering.

Now, we have all heard this before. But can we believe it?

This is how we create a new reality.

By using our imagination, we can change every situation in our life to exactly what we want. But we have to believe it and feel worthy of it. For me, surrendering, worthiness and allowing is my work.

It is in my subconscious due to my daily life and letting others effect my beliefs.

This is where allowing and surrender is key.

Surrendering to the unknown and knowing it is coming is all that matters. It’s as simple as that. For me thinking about Genesis and the story of creation is always helpful.

In the void, God declared, “Let there be light.” = thought.

First was the sound of thought. Then the feeling of light was manifested instantly. INSTANTLY.

Manifestations can also be thoughts. If your thoughts are aligned to your desire, then you are on the right path.


This can not only work with manifesting things but also healing.

This is proven with Quantum Physics.

The Quantum Field (the Force) that exists all around us is interacting with us all the time.

It reacts to the observer of this field and we are that observer.

So what you focus on with your imagination, these quantum particles will form into physical matter, whatever you desire.

But you have to believe it to be true. That you already have it. That your “picture” is developing to what you desire.

Then you will experience it. This is how I healed my back.


I woke up one day and couldn’t even get up to walk my dog. I was in so much pain, it was even hard to breathe.

So I meditated and imagined all the muscles in my back relaxed and healthy. I imagined running around and being able to breathe clearly without any attention to the pain.

All I did was focus on what I wanted, a relaxed and powerful body. Within 15 minutes of my mediation, the pain was gone. I took my dog to the park that day and even ran around for hours. I couldn’t believe it. This works and I am proof of it.

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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