Sophia – 2 voices! A Distant Galaxy + 1 Inbox ~ May 23, 2019

Today’s conversation has more to do with us than it does with another race. It is spoken from a broader view, and although these words are not used, it sounds like it comes from someone who has peeked at the ending of our story! 
There are a few things of interest to share before going there…

Here’s the link to the full article “Owl looks like a spaceship”.
And a few recent videos of lights and shapes in the sky…

Bright explosion in night sky dazzles Australians
Multiple people see the same MASSIVE “structure” in sky – “Dark Disc”w/red lights appears in photo!

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May 23, 2019
Is there someone who would like to connect? There is, Sophia. We feel now that our input would be most welcome. Welcome to a people on a planet that only now discovers its hidden dark corners. The dust has been swept away. All is revealed. We may be of some assistance during this time.

 This time of tribulation.

It is interesting to say here and to note for you that this time was
previously spoken of in some texts you term “sacred”. Please pay
attention. For some of these words will prove to be prophetic, yet not all.

There are interspersed among nonsense and controlled dialogue, bits of
real forecasting. Note that at the time it was not seen as forecasting but
instead an accurate portrayal of THE WHOLE PICTURE.

For indeed these words were spoken and then recorded from one who
holds a different perspective and a broader point of view.

Some in your now moment retain this larger picture of where it all is
going. These are mostly ignored or relegated to obscure formats that
remain unseen by most. Yet they remain, and will, no doubt, become the more accurate portrayal in hindsight.

Yes, well, thank you for coming forward now. It is with appreciation that I
ask you to share what you feel would be helpful. Also, to introduce
yourselves for I feel a number of you present. More like 4 of you listening as well as contributing to the conversation. You are so very welcome. It is with great joy that we introduce ourselves now.

We come from a distant galaxy.

You appear humanoid?
The faces you see are familiar to you, no doubt. Our body is quite fluid
however, more liquid than solid. There are no comparable forms to what you have encountered here now. It is the faces that you see and indeed
recognize, that come closest to similar sentience.

Are you unable to send a visual that I can perceive?
It is not that anyone is unable, it is more that the machinery used to
decipher and clarify the image/the form is only able to do so within the
parameters available to it. You might say then that what you see is what
you are able to. It does not mean that there isn’t more to see, or that one
day you won’t perceive more.

Okay, please go on.

As your planet looks into its darkest components, there are things to keep
in mind.

What do you mean? And please, tell me if your information comes from your own experience on a similar journey, or from a broader perspective of earth’s current journey?

I will tell you that no, my/our history does not include a journey such as
earth’s right now.

I am from a distant point-of-you *

*Note, I wrote this as “you” and not “view”. I am in another “zone” when I
connect telepathically, and this surprised me. I expected it to read “view”. As always, it is given to you as it was recorded and heard. I am not sure what
precisely is meant by the term. Sophia
And as your science has now confirmed, time and distance are one and the same. You reached out today for information that would be of some help
to you in these times of tribulation.

Here it is:

This is spoken to the individual, and meant to be applied personally. For in personal, individual focus is found the colors of the broader picture.
In your focus, then, take in every nuance. Take in the horror of what
happens here. Do envision and prepare the possibility of retribution,
peace, love, joy and absolute freedom. It is in both that wisdom is found.

Note – the word retribution surprised me here, I hesitated for a bit as I heard it, attempting to hear something else. Yet that is the term they stuck to,
which is defined as – “Punishment or reward distributed in a future life based on performance in this one.”

You are in the midst of massive opportunity. This is not to say that it is
easy or that it feels good to you. It is clear that this is not simply

By “massive opportunity” is meant the chance to learn, in real time, in
physicality, the true purpose of depravity and its opposite, which is
unbridled joy. Both give rise to growth. Both are necessary for comprehensive appreciation of physical life. One is not possible without the other.
It is seen that there are some who focus only on the dark, while others
shield their eyes and speak only of light. There are reasons offered for
both focusses’, yet that does not matter for this discussion.

In a world of polarity, it makes sense that individuals would choose one or the other. Yet humans are not one thing only.

It is seen that there are those who embrace the light and the dark and from them comes the deepest colors for your new world.

This life, this moment, this time of tribulation was chosen by you to happen while physically participating.

It is with enormous respect that we say to you now how very much your
choice is appreciated. Creation itself benefits here.

You are not one thing; you are all things.

Those of us watching, see you from every angle. We anticipate with
interest the end of your story here on earth.

We do not feel your pain, but witness it and see your confusion. It is for
this reason we reach out to you now.

Thank you. Is that it, then?

It is, yes.

Goodbye now.
Goodbye Sophia, goodbye.

This conversation ended there. It took a long time to get all of this telepathically.  There was a struggle to communicate precise meaning. Yet in the words you’ll hear the essence of what they meant. There is always more heard and
felt by me than is translated into the recording of this, and on that note here is a bit of explanation. It is sort of – “don’t throw out the baby with the
bathwater”. There are daily revelations in large and small circles of our lives right now. Discoveries of every sort are rising to the surface so that we deal with them. There seems to be no single way to move forward. At each moment we are offered a choice point. We are talking about people here, other bits of eternal essence. We are also looking within, perhaps primarily looking
within. All else is reflection as we witness ourselves. We came for this and I
don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been wondering “What was I

The message from these beings’ answers that question this way: We were
looking for true wisdom. That’s what drew us to earth for this time, this
moment, this event, this cycle, this life. True wisdom is discovered when all
parts are explored. It is gleaned from every particle. We’ve come from
extreme polarity and it screams at us daily to stay there and join a side.
Wisdom tells us that all sides contribute to the ultimate answer.

It tells us to take in our observations and emerge richer for the experience.
It asks us to decide, not who is right or wrong or good or bad or light or
dark, but which parts to hold onto in our self-definition. It compels us to act f
rom that self-definition.

What they are telling us here is that as we do this, we demonstrate wisdom. They are telling us that what has happened here, to you and I and everyone we know, has value. As we evolve, all of creation benefits. We are
remarkable and living unprecedented times. I’ve been communicating with One often, and would like to share some of a what was part of a private c
onversation. It helped me during a tough moment. I hope that it does the
same for you…

One. 4.4.2019 3:50 AM

You all arrived here prepared to confront evil and destructive
tendencies in a world gone mad. You find yourselves now in a state of self-awareness… This is the truth of evolution, of development, of the circle of fulfillment, and of life. It is not now that you confront your own evil, for I tell you that it is impossible. None of you harbor evil. What you confront are your own obstacles, self-installed and waiting examination. Your work now is you. Any untoward attitudes or
practices you face now will be those preventing you from your own
joy; from swimming in your own vast, pool of liquid love.
Lightworker, this time now is for you. It is not exclusive of others but with them that you’ll realize your truth. Your love is not truly felt until it is reflected.

That’s it everyone. Have a beautiful weekend! Sophia

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