My thoughts… ~ May 22, 2019

My heart leads me to write this message of love for ALL.

The flow of cosmic energies onto the Earth (one of these are the Schumann Resonance energies) are causing turbulence in and on our world that are beyond understanding. Some face the effect of these energies with fear, others with joy from the changes produced in politics, in various societies, and most importantly…in our emotional selves.

My understanding stems from constant investigation through reading and paying attention to my emotional makeup. We have been told by many sources that the evolution of humanity, along with the evolution of Mother Earth, will cause an upliftment of the entire galaxy, and…perhaps the Universe!

Why is this small planet on the outskirts of the MilkyWay Galaxy so important? Why is our spiritual evolution of interest for many other galactic societies? Recent readings from “Fifty8” magazine make perfect sense for me. From this, I have learned that humankind is the result of many, many DNA alterations from galactic civilizations we know, and do not, know of.

All beings in this galaxy show certain extremely developed traits, but…other galactic/universal societies do NOT have the full range of emotional/physical attributes displayed by humanity. If you have been exposed to other galactic/universal societies through the newsletters of others, there is often a marked lack of individualism. Or…if individualism is discernible, there is a plan of planetary guidelines agreed on by all geared toward their societal success. For me…this is a lack of free will.

Here humanity is on Earth, with snippets of DNA from many other galactic societies along with…free will thrown in the mix. We may have muscle strength from Planet A tempered by the agility of Planet B enhanced by the emotions of Planet C. Let’s not forget about the mental reasoning power of D and the emotional fortitude of Planet E with the imagination of Planet F beings.

Let’s see now, Humans are actually a polyglot of galactic capabilities that enable us to possess multiple facets of ability which are denied to our galactic brethren. They may have this ability…but not that ability, while humans have abilities we do not yet know of! Let’s throw in the fact that humans live in a spiritually dense 3D environment AND have had strands of our DNA disconnected thereby limiting our capability!

Is there any wonder that humanity is now emotionally challenged by “Q” to rise up and overthrow eons of negativity? This IS because human emotion, combined with free will, allows humanity to use their resources to overthrow evil AND begin to realize spiritual growth. That, my friends, is why our galactic brethren are here all around this globe to watch the final outcome.

Once humanity throws off the yoke of servitude and slavery, we will join the galactic community. Will we take a backseat? No…since humanity, once endowed with 12 FULL strands of DNA, will become divine leaders and guides due to our ability to feel, sense, and act all at once!

Please join me in watching how humanity is destined to become spiritually complete as humanity overcomes the tremendous negativity this “experiment” has wrought. The outcome? Humanity will soar up and up into other spiritual dimensions by bringing new information to Source/Creator/All That Is/ONE. My mind can barely comprehend this mighty role we are ALL playing.

You ARE special!



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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