Highly Charged Energy Entering ~ May 22, 2019

Via A Gift From Gaia

Happy solar return to our Gemini beams of light!

On the day the Sun enters Gemini so does Mercury and in complete alignment Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades.

Mercury conjunct Alcyone brings loss and disappointment, generally concerning what we value such as relationships and money

Sun conjunct Alcyone activates the third eye and throat chakra, what are you seeing? What are you or perhaps are not speaking. This conjunction isn’t too favourable as it represents murder, beheadings, stabbings, shootings….violent or abrupt ends? Let’s just say it’s going to be “cutting”

Mercury is now home in Gemini but he’s just arrived and there is much to sort out, Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, lungs, hands and nervous system and the Sun in this sign will highlight where you are carrying excess matrix, where you are holding old baggage and for those with broad shoulders will feel the weight of the world they so love to carry bearing down.

We are today due some solar winds and this will carry the Gemini/Pleiadian frequencies that cut through, Gemini loves to connect things but those old ends will need a trim before we can begin piecing things back together and making things run smoothly again. One of Geminis lower traits is nervousness and anxiety, and through these next days this tension bubbling underneath will either show you to stand in your light or continue the self sacrificing programs of avoiding Self….which will take much effort to hold in.

Moon opposing Mars…shall I tighten those thumb screws Sir?
Tetchy, irritability, moody, knee jerk emotional outburst, fire in the belly, rage, selfish and self righteous….ooooh it’s all going on! How exciting!

The feminine wounding pool is stirred, neurotic banshee energy as there appears to be no limits, a bottomless pit of emotion for you to dive deep into to retrieve the realisations you require for the ultimate healing, forgiveness of self, trust for self, to never allow this pattern to continue. Chiron is the wounded but Chiron is also the healer, self heal…put your client list down, this is about YOU and only YOU. Whilst the wounds surface the opportunity to heal is immediately available.

Chiron reminds me of nature, when you see the big bush of stinging nettles and then sat side by side is a patch of dock leaves to soothe the sting.

This may well sound like a whole mash of highly charged energy entering and you wouldn’t be wrong however how it is received is entirely dependent on your frequency, how sleepy you are in your awakening, what you have been avoiding and how expanded your awareness is and ability to not just accept what appears in your lap but to go deeper and understand it at its program level. 
Then from program level to not just dissolve it from a reality perspective but to actually remove the program from your being, in its entirety because when you realise your Truth, Divine Truth then all the discord trickles away returning you to peace, calm, and unconditional everything.

Cosmic surfers love these energies and welcome them with open hearts, we see the purpose, we watch the collective shift and we participate by holding the light, being the lighthouse and creating, contributing more ways to expand into our realities.

Some of you may decide to sit on the shore and observe the surf….so much tactical data can be retrieved by doing so

Me….I’m grabbing my solar surf board and I’m running straught into those waves, I’m currently working on a piece called the Tale of two Flames which debunks the Twin Flame belief system that catches people in their attachment programs and highlights that sticky stagnant matrix pit.

It will be released in the private A Gift from Gaia GROUP, if you are struggling with this concept or the whole soul mate story then head on over, the link is at the top of the page and I will notify all when it’s completed.

Today will be interesting and no doubt you will be feeling the fields warble as we move, if this solar wind hits…wowowow….all the more interesting and I will keep you posted.

Have fun angels and receive the mirror with grace


Our Seven Sisters are watching 



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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