Phoenix Rising ~ Metamorphosis is Happening in Your Perceptual Field ~ May 21, 2019

By Marcia Sisterstar

Hello, Beautiful,Metamorphosis and transformation is what’s occurring in your perceptual field today. In the sky within and around you, the Sun and Mercury are conjoining. Their meeting is transforming our messenger planet — whose energy you use to perceive what’s really going on — from a young, impetuous Morning Star to a wise and brilliant Evening Star. 

T0 Gemini, where the Sun-Mercury conjunction is happening, is no “ordinary” degree. It’s the home of Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, fabled in ancient traditions across the planet. These stars have long been seen as having a unique feminine potency — and a special role in the Universe. The earliest surviving lore connects them to the ecstatic bliss of the Goddess. By 2,000 years ago, though, the Egyptian astrologer Ptolemy was referring to them as “the sorrowful sisters.” Alcyone, brightest of them all, has a particular association with the transformation of suffering into bliss. She’s the one who’s sending her star codes to the Sun and to Mercury today. It’s her frequencies that are being live-streamed right into your heart — and are transforming your mind.

Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun occurs just 36 hours after his alignments with two other agents of cosmic feminine metamorphosis: 

  • One of them is the dwarf planet Sedna, who orbits at the outermost reaches of the solar system, at the edge of the Oort Cloud. Holding a space so vast it takes her over 11,000 years to orbit the Sun, Sedna’s shamanic frequencies also transform suffering into blessing.  Today, Mercury is bringing them to his star meeting with the Sun and Alcyone — and to the new way of seeing he’s transforming into as you read these words.
  • Algol, a brilliant triple star system long seen as the third eye of the mighty serpent goddess, Medusa. To patriarchal consciousness, she’s a “demon star.” Long before that, however, she was a mighty force of regeneration and renewal. 

This is transformative, phoenix-raising perceptual magic, and it’s happening three days after a Scorpio Full Moon drenched your life with transformative potency. Now it’s Mercury’s turn. It’s time to see what is possible. Amidst all the polarities Luna brought to your attention, the Messenger is reminding you that as you allow the way we see to transform and regenerate, your consciousness expands — and your reality changes. He’s whispering to you now. Can you hear him? We musn’t be afraid to see what’s ready to fall away. It’s the raw material we need to renew our lives, and our world.

What do you need to let go of, and to allow, for you to be a space where transformative blessing can happen? 

There’s no more timely question. We’re moving deeper and deeper into the reality-changing astrology for which we took birth. The planetary line-ups are pulling no punches as they activate shifts we haven’t experienced in centuries (Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon’s South Node all in Capricorn this year and into next, for the first time in over 700 years, Jupiter and Saturn conjoining in an air sign for the first time in over 500 years. 

They’re changing reality — and the way it happens to us depends on how it happens within us. Because the Universe and its transformative creativity isn’t just way out there in the sky. It’s within you, too, MotherGod.

Today, Mercury is cazimi the Sun. He’s in the heart of our Star, transforming his perception — and yours. Even there, he’s not stopping. He’s forming an aspect known as a quintile — one that brings flashes of brilliant inspiration — with Neptune, your pipeline to infinite creative inspiration and mystical insight.The Universe is pulling out the stops, to remind us: transformation is our superpower. Mercury’s message today is that it begins within us — as we activate our perception with the star codes of the Heart. And if you feel you’re in the Underworld, know that you’re in the right place. The great secret celebrated at Eleusis for 2,000 years was that that’s where transformation and renewal begin. With big love and star blessings as you kindle the magnificent star power that burns in every atom of your being, keeping you connected in every second with the Mystery that made you,

Marcia (aka Star Sister)My special Mercury Cazimi offer to youPerceive It with Star Power A personal reading with Star SisterWhere are the codes of Algol, Alcyone, and the Sun downloaing into your perception today?  How are they preparing you for the reality-changing astrology unfolding in the coming months? Where are the possibilties for suffering to be transformed into bliss already being activated in your life? How can you use what you’re seeing change your reality? This reading looks at the power of Mercury today and in the months ahead, as we move into the most transformative energy field of our lvves.2-hour reading  $1461-hour reading  $110 To schedule your Perceive it with Star Power session, simply reply to this email. 



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