The First Wavers ~ May 19, 2019

By Rick Jewers

In this Now, there are between 1000 and 2000 of You that are near ready to leave the lower dimensions. The variance in the actual number is a result of individuals straddling the completion stage and nearing the full capability. These numbers are comprised of what You may consider Your “First Wavers” and the Ones that have almost completed their Mastery. Upon full completion of Mastery, by eradicating 100 percent the fear and negative influence upon You, and within You, You can no longer stay here as You were.

The strong Empathic ability by the “First Wavers” allows them to transmute negativity, which actually acts as a ground to them being in these lower dimensions. The “First Wavers”, at this time, are quite capable of generating their Pure state of Being, and polarizing their fields and Merkaba to complete positive, to complete Light. However, because of the significance of this Ascension to many, it is Divinely assured that the “First Wavers” for the most part, remain until the overall Divine Plan dictates that they leave. There is not a linear time set on an actual departure date whereas there are several factors, of which one factor being, the overall vibration of the Collective of those Ascending. The polarity of the vibration is what dictates the timing.

Many retests and subjugations to fear have recently been administered, both for growth opportunity and learning. The “hands-on” approach is most effective in integrating the required experiences, to gain higher perspectives and promote overall growth within the Collective. As in any school, the subject is first taught, then the test comes later. Some tests were administered individually while other tests involved groups. You are constantly tested upon Your ability to control fear and negativity, until You do control it, by not empowering it, and integrating Your Higher state of Being and knowing, which instills Your Divine Sovereignty. Your Divine Sovereignty being Your place of full prowess with great discipline and responsibility as a Divine One. You may consider that point in Your development, as being an Angel.

Upon maturation, everything changes for You here and You are given more of the reins, to assist Others and to seed events in ways that are most beneficial for All. With this Prowess, comes great discipline, as You can see what You will be effecting. This is Your purpose, Your mission, to stabilize the lower dimensions while Your Comrades rise into their respective sovereignties. You are also here to Create the havens of harmony, timelines, void of any abstract of fear, where many still enjoying the Human experience will go. You have the Creation ability upon Your shoulders, hence the most intense testing and preparation.

Ascension symptoms will persist, for You are always upgrading while here, and the physical vessel is evolving within. You are given much information and tools in ways to lessen discomforts during incubation periods. There comes a time, upon near completion of Mastery, that the symptoms diminish.

Divine Gifts such as telepathy, and several forms of it, HAVE STRENGTHENED CONSIDERABLY WITHIN THOSE of higher consciousness and ability. They are seeing their Gift in motion and becoming familiar with the capabilities of this enhanced communication system. Some are also seeing the evidence of their great energetic prowess at play, weeding out the last doubts that it is indeed real, and appreciating the extents of these Divine abilities. The access to several timelines will become profound for first entrants, as complete confirmations of timeline existences as well as integrating the ability to transcend the variations of reality.

You have now entered Your most powerful state Yet of Divine Prowess, use this time to strengthen these Gifts by putting them to practice. Always with good intent, unselfishly, and of course positively.

Love and Light 



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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