Surfing the Waves of Energy ~ May 16, 2019

By Gift From Gaia

Good morning you beautiful rays of light

So yesterday Venus came home to Taurus and today Mars hits Cancer

This sets a new scene, a movement of our lower masculine and feminine humanness for us to sieve through what is required and what is no longer conducive to conscious being. Right before the Full Moon swimming in the moody depths of Scorpio.

Ok a new level of PAY ATTENTION….those words are becoming tiresome but moving forward it is THE most important advice. OBSERVE everything and CHOOSE conscious are the keys to surfing, well perhaps we use O&C as the surfboard, it’s the vehicle of choice to cut your through those choppy waves and allow you to jump to heights never possible on the blind board which appears to be more like a board made of concrete…purposely built for practicing on the shore and not for the fun in the cosmic tide.

Observation, believe it or not is incredibly hard in the beginning of the heart awakening. We have been hardwired to run out our programs, attaching to our realities, accepting life because “that’s life” and all the other ridiculous victim sayings that accept the hardness of life…it’s all untrue of course and created by those locked into the old belief systems. But the moment you learn the art of observing Self and the reality you get to begin reading energy, you no longer see synchronicites and get all excited or start asking every forum on Facebook what does it mean, you know exactly what it means, like a paper chase of frequency, drawing you closer and closer to the big reveal, the big reveal of YOU, which appears to be a never ending super fun game of pass the parcel, with Babooshka dolls under every wrapper layer for you to start opening more dolls whilst unwrapping more layers of the parcel, finding sweets along the way which of course they require unwrapping too ….I hope you like unwrapping because that’s exactly what The Game of Life is all about…..once you have observed and learned the rules that is, and the keys of Observation and Choice will give you that very experience of beginning that unifying amazement of the heart awakening.

Every movement, from our Sun to cosmic explosions, from our planets including this spaceship we call Earth, every meteor shower, every reverberation EVERYWHERE changes the dynamics of the energy, creating new coordinates for us to blindly (at first) move through….until that day we See and we no longer accept THATS LIFE programming and we move into the Creator space and design our patterns around the structure of the cosmic pattern.

This is called surfing. No longer reactive just purely ACTIVE, sitting at your commanders seat and driving through the rock littered belt you find yourself in.

But for now let’s have a stock check….

Saturn in retrograde – Check
Pluto in retrograde – Check
Jupiter in retrograde – Check
We will be loading Neptune June 21st

Sun activity has been high during a solar minimum, recent flares haven’t been seen since Sept/Oct 2017

All in preparation for the super conjunction in January 2020


This is a year of facing our truth and the higher the resistance the more loud life will get. You are being asked to become your purest You, you are being asked to drop all your conditions, and to unify with your light, bringing heaven on Earth, claiming your angelic Self and aligning to the harmonics of Gaia. What is there to resist?

Each movement of our celestial family creates a charge that sparks within us a need to love differently and it is only you that stands in the way. You are proving in your resistance how very powerful you are…it’s just being used to your physical detriment as opposed to your Sovereignty.

Easily switched…that’s the thing here…it’s only Ego that thinks this is hard….energy is actually to simple for the ego because ego loves the complexity of everything, ego loves to add words, exaggerate, build, debate and can never be happy with the lost simplest of ways.

Back to Mars we go….he doesn’t sit here too well, these emotional waters of Cancer create a very uncomfortable space, the lowest octaves can see Mars get rather manipulative, empaths often use these subtle streams with beliefs they are doing what’s right for everyone however the need base of the empath often creates a mission of manipulation, only for the empath to realise the misuse of their energy and find the void within to heal, BUT good old defense is always used once the shell starts to show the cracks. Rash emotional decisions could well be seen, knees jerking like a collective Cossack dance and mood swings are to be expected.

Cosmic surfers we often find our tweaks in these energies, learning how to move through takes times so again…pay attention and adjust as you see the distortions or feel the drains. It’s going to be crucial to choose wisely where you engage, your sacred fields may require some downtime for maintenance, stay away from the external noise and only place your energy where it can expand. Trigger hippy holiday time – #ifyouknowYOUKNOW

Venus in Taurus is seeking value, seeking a nest in which she can settle knowing the darn thing isn’t going to blow away in the next solar storm.
Lower octaves we can see our selfishness, possessiveness and the fears that make us hold on.

Cosmic surfers we are looking in/out for all that keeps things secure, where can we create from our fountains of passion, what can we expand upon to create more. Venus in Taurus may well be like a blue print for you to use and continue using as a template to build upon.

And as for the Sun….well the recent flares, the recent G3 winds are not over, firstly energy doesn’t have walls, it fades in and fades out and we currently have more CME’s heading our way PLUS we had a C2 solar flare during the night.

This is your propeller, moving you forward and showing what is anchoring you. This isn’t meant to be comfortable it is meant to feel like you are stretched, like an elastic band, FOR you to See your truth and where this contradicts the Divine Truth that you are.



About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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