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Editor’s Note: Folks…this is one of the best websites for spiritual knowledge that I have come across and this MUST be shared for the realities of which we humans are unaware! Much love to “H” for sending this to me, to send on to YOU!

There is a vast wealth of material here which has been encapsulated in this message designed to convey to all of humanity about who we really are, why we are really here, and what is really about to happen on, and for, our world.

This group of articles is far too large to explain, or explore at once and you may wish to “sign up” at the end of all this for more infomration to be revealed as it becomes available. So…take your time, pause and revisit areas worth more of your exploration, and most of all please be…




The beginning of our story

is about dispersing light & energy or “Dimensional Infusion” and the end is about the organization of the constituent elements of ourselves into a coordinated, harmonious whole, “Integration of Energy.

We are all from Source.

This existence is about our evolution.

Source separated itself into fractals so it could learn how to LOVE itself and bring all of itself back HOME.

“Your divinity lies in that you are indeed the spark of light and that you, the creators, have created from the Father, the sublime Source, through your unique wills all that is – all. God did not create the Universe. He is the Universes. His sons created from their thinking processes by feeling it in their souls. They came forth readily. You created the Embodiment as a vehicle to experience matter. ”

— Ramtha



In passing a beam of light through a PRISM, one gets a spectrum of light…

Fragmented into 7 Visible Color Frequencies.

They are: Point Zero, Infinite Unknown, Gamma Ray, X-Ray, Ultraviolet Blue, Visible Light, Infrared, & Hertzian.

When a portion of the Whole passed through the PRISM OF LYRA,

Consciousness was fragmented into 7 Vibratory Frequencies that represent the mass consciousness of Earth’s galactic family.

“This plane of seven planes was created, which is the lowest facet of thought, mass. Everything is God, but the designer of it, as it were, is exclusively the artisans of artisans, which you be, his beloved son. The Father has given to his sons and always will give unto them whatever they desire. Planes of that which is termed advancement were lowered so that his son could experience from light, into heavy light, into electrical matter, into gross matter, into manifested form all of their creations. ”

— Ramtha



Each fragment became conscious

On all of these different frequencies or densities and manifested as 7 Aware Frequencies.

Consciousness then fragmented and moved away from each other as the illusion thus arose that each fragment was very, very alone.

The Whole understood that the purpose of this experience was to learn to reintegrate from a point of separation.

We do this with energy: unconditional love.


Thousands of years ago,

Higher Dimensional Non-Physical Beings, wanted to create an experience/game in density to forget who they were and then try to get out of it.

They wanted to know, “Who AM I?” But it wouldn’t be easy. 

There would be distractions in all aspects of their experience/life.

“In order for that which is termed Gods of light, great creators, to possess a feeling of mass, they had to have a vehicle of mass of the same vibration. Man was created by the Gods but as a vehicle so that which you are may ride within and experience this kingdom of matter. ”

— Ramtha


There would be a full range of emotions and polarity in every form.

These Higher Dimensional Beings that Created this Grand Experiment are You, Us.

We came up with this idea and decided to play this out.

This “Dimensional Infusion” not only created a consciousness fragmentation, but it also created the stars, planets, gases, and molecules that make up physical reality. Those beings just chose a different experience in matter, Non-Polarity.

As science has discovered, matter is densified energy vibrating at a specific rate.


Every aspect of the universe is made up of energy.


We have all CHOSEN a Life HERE. No one is a victim.

Humans are divine models for integration.

We are Divine and Terrestrial: of Gods and Men/Women/Animal.

We are proof that human life can adapt to seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

This is what allows us such a vast emotional range from which to perceive reality.

The entire spectrum of frequencies/emotion exist in every one of us.


Earth is a grand experiment, complete with genetic material from thousands of worlds. Along with that genetic material comes all the emotional experiences of all of those species.

earth is a school of freedom from control, by connecting to your spirit/double.

eT’s are our children. we have only forgotten our power and like children,

they will manipulate to get what they want.



The Body

Your Auric Field, is called your Spirit, the God of your Being.


It is a direct connector to the flow of that which is termed the river of thought into memory, the soul of your being, which is called the lord of your being.

The soul’s sole purpose is to record thought felt and exchanged through the kingdom, the body of the God that inhabits it. The soul records memory, not in vision but in feelings.

Hence from feelings, a word is formulated to describe it.

Without the soul, you cannot occupy thought, you cannot have memory, you cannot create, for you cannot make a thought stand still to contemplate it.

“Ego is the God totality of your being. The God totality of your being has a will of its own to accept certain thoughts and reject others, to feel certain ways and store feelings. It represents collectively a unique entity different from his brothers and finally, the body in which to express on this the first and lowest of seven planes, mass and matter. You are made up of Spirit, soul, and ego. That is the Lord God of your being, the Lord God of your totality.”

— Ramtha

Earth is the womb of the galaxy, due to its mix of genetic material from thousands and thousands of worlds.

It was our hope that this vast range would allow for new and unique potentials so that we could integrate polarity

where other aspects of ourselves and our galactic siblings had difficulties.

Rainbow vortex above Earth_SML.gif

Earth is a planet of emotion. Earth is also the zero point of the milky way galaxy.

Here on Earth, we created contracts and blueprints that allowed us to replay galactic issues on a somewhat smaller scale with the hope of being able to release judgment.

Humans also hold a full spectrum/range of emotions, from the extreme high and low. Our emotions are also called frequencies. We are teaching the entire galaxy compassion.

but where did these emotions & diversity come from?

In other sectors of the galaxy, the emotional range is not as varied.

This is in part why the two previous experiments did not go so well.

When you lack emotional range, you have a far more focused existence.

Earth itself is a living, ever-growing library complete with records of all the experiences of all consciousness on it.

We have access to this library.

It is actually much, much easier for us to achieve integration on Earth since we have access to such a vast pool of genetic records and experiences.

“What love you of another is the unseen essence that makes the body work, that makes the eyes flicker, the voice melodious, the hair with sheen, the hands with touch. It is the essence of an entity called their personality self that you love, not their embodiment. 
What you are hides behind your eyes, your hair, and your skin deep within your body and is seen by no one. Your body is the illusionary instrument to play the game of illusions of life, a vehicle to ride within to experience this totality of creation that the soul may learn emotion. ”

— Ramtha

There are five seed races who donated their genetic material to create you, the modern human.

Each of the five races has had diverse and extensive histories whose records give you knowledge and wisdom to pull from as you attempt integration.

From their experiences, you can access information to glean insight into what may have helped or hindered the process of integration.

To fully understand the play and the players,

it is therefore also important to realize that Earth’s Galactic History is merely one part, one stage, in the bigger play of Humanoid galactic history.






Seed Races

The Basic Premise of this Reality/Game


The Founders created a simple set of mirrors that shattered into infinite fragments. these fragments are fractals of consciousness.

They had lost direct contact with many of the beings that they created. Long before Homo Sapiens existed, Earth was thus visited by humanoid races from Lyra, Vega, Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades, and all of them established colonies on this planet.

We would say that each of us has at least two systems with which we align to and are pulling in the frequencies of those systems into our game of polarity integration. 


If you identify with an off-planet race,

it is due to what they represent and or you have lived in that system.

Their bodies/prototypes are just like humans,

but each having different programs of ego and higher or lower forms of consciousness.

They all play an important role in this game.


The beginnings of humanoid consciousness began in the area called the Lyra constellation.

Over time the consciousness took bodily form (in terms of humanoid beings), and within the civilizations Lyra system began to explode in all directions.

They began to polarize, as is the natural model of their reality – since having a polarized reality forces it to achieve integration, meaning balance.

Earth was a way for all these races to accelerate their own evolution.  


The 3 main groups that orchestrated the Earth Inception:

The Founders, a Lyran Group and a Sirian Group.

The Lyran group was determined to create a planet founded on integration rather than polarity.

Pleiadians involved themselves for their own benefit and learned about negativity and integration without incarnating.

Terra/Earth was the final ground for healing the Orion drama and had to remain polarized in order to resolve conflict.  


A Sirian group / The Anunnauki

Considered Earth to be within the Sirius trinity star system; and believed they had a right to manipulate Earth genetics.  They wanted to establish slaves while they expanded their colonies on Earth.  

The Lyrans carefully observed the developing race of humans and made slight alterations to the DNA structures.  At critical times they inserted genetic material from the Pleiadians and other groups. 

These are also known as the Nefilim, which means, “those who have come down.”

The Lyran group wanted a species that had no knowledge of polarity.  But they did not acknowledge that they were restricting choice on part of the humans to manifest their own destiny. 

They then created a prototype, Adam and Eve. 

Out of their fear and desire to create a species that had no knowledge of polarity, the Lyrans instructed all who tended the prototypes to forbid them knowledge – to deny them the right of choice which all divine beings are granted.

“From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; but from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you shall surely die.”


The Sirians working with them (The Anunnaki), disagreed but discovered a genuine affection toward the humans.  They decided to intervene and inadvertently give humans the right to choose. 

“And the serpent said to the woman, you surely shall not die!  For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” 

This created 3D consciousness. 

When they realized they had been deceived by “God” they opted for knowledge. 


Once they made the decision to receive knowledge of polarity, they were fully anchored in the physical. 

They no longer possessed ego, and had the knowledge of “I AM” and became self-aware.  

In anger, the Lyrans denied humans knowledge from the tree of life (Divine Heritage) and was forced to develop without the knowledge of it’s connection to the galactic family and the Whole. 

They left humanity its heritage – the legacy of Orion (symbolically portrayed as the sword) without leaving any knowledge of it’s resolution. 

Humans became banished from the heavens.  

This Sirian group / Anunnauki – became energetically tied to the development of Earth. 

When working with the Lyran group during the genetic program, they inserted a latent DNA code within the human cells.  This code is triggered by accelerating vibration that occurs when a civilization begins to evolve spiritually. 

This code has been activated as we are in 4D.  This activation unwinds it’s limited vision like a coil until the expanse of ALL THAT IS becomes visible.  It was their way of allowing humanity to eat from the tree of life after all.

This is what we know today as love.


Earth was seeded from a point of inequality and lack of free will.

This explains why humans of many races today still carry an underlying belief in the superiority of the Caucasian/Aryan race – The Lyran Group.  Breaking free of this pattern of our forefathers and this Godspell that has been cast over humanity may be the key to the liberation of the human race on Earth. 

In our history, humans were abandoned and left to die on the planet while the Gods they trusted left in their spaceships. 

During these times, some Gods illegally rescued chosen humans. 

This has created an emotional encoding within the human species during times of crisis.  The encoding remembers both of these patterns and struggle is activated between the fear of abandonment and the joy of salvation.  It is imperative that the human race resolve this dependence on the Gods and become self-sufficient.


Presently there are ET groups whose encodings rooted in the past, promise salvation. 

They come to humans as physical ships or speak telepathically to those who can hear their frequency. 

They often name humans “commanders” or “chosen ones” and continue to tempt the human ego to perpetuate it’s own feelings of superiority.  But this perpetuates the gap between the fear of abandonment and the joy of salvation, thus encouraging separative belief in elitism.  

The Lyran group needed to play out the scenario for their own growth. 

These early ET “Gods” left behind clues on Earth that will eventually assist in awakening the planet to its heritage. 


As we awaken to this knowledge, it will begin to bring into play the tools that are needed to resolve the Orion drama. 

Resolution comes from allowance. 

If the human race can allow diversity within unity from a point of non-judgement,

Heaven on Earth WILL be created.  


In Earth’s reality we have created the Arcturans, Sirians, Lyrans, Orions, Reticuli, Pleiadians, etc to be the selves who tap us on the shoulder. 

They are US. We must be conscious and allow. 

This can take place on the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical.  


We are all from source

We have all chosen a Life here.

Humans are models for integration.


We are divine and terrestrial: of gods and men. 

We are proof that human life can adapt to seemingly unsurmountable circumstances.  

We have refused to die, our resilience and faith in our abilities has continually proven our worth. 

We refused to be dominated by the Lyran group in the Garden of Eden and the various “plagues” by the Gods have not succeeded in wiping us out. 

Thanks to Noah and Sirian overlord who warned him, we have a flourishing civilization today. 


our awakening

Will lead us home, to ourselves. Below is that story.



The birth of the humanoid race. All humanoid races in our galactic family have genetic roots connected to Lyra. It is the symbolic harp which the song of humanity is played.LEARN MORE



A star within the constellation of Lyra. Descendants of Lyra, Vega birthed a race of beings who manifested Lyra’s opposite polarity both in their beliefs and actions. There were frequent conflicts between the Lyran and Vegan races.LEARN MORE



A trinary star group, it is known in Earth mythology as the Dog Star. Sirius was one of the first areas to be colonized by beings from the Lyran Star Group. Sirius embodied the energy of the triadic template and perpetuated the drive toward integration.LEARN MORE



The Main Battleground for the challenge of polarity integration, seeded from Sirius as well as Lyra and Vega. There is a direct connection with Earth and Orion.LEARN MORE



Colonized by Lyran offshoots, this group is Earth’s main genetic connection from extraterrestrial sources.LEARN MORE



An archetype Future-Self ideal of Earth. It’s vibration, primarily sixth density, has been attributed to the angelic kingdom.LEARN MORE

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 11.09.27 AM.png


The Civilization is intimately connected with Earth.LEARN MORE







Earth’s Galactic Family & Prototypes of Physicality

These seed races donated their genetic material to create the human being.

The colors of man/woman.


These races are very diverse and have extensive histories and records that we can access for knowledge and wisdom to integrate.

Though some of these civilizations overlap each other in time and may not appear linear, below is a more linear translation of the progression of various cultures in comparison to each other.

The beings, the Lyrans and theSirianswho were involved in the genetic engineering of the Earth human, were looking to create the perfect vehicle, a body, for themselves to incarnate into eventually.

These bodies/prototypes are just like humans, but each having different programs of ego and higher or lower forms of consciousness.

they all play an important role in this game.

We are playing a Cosmic Game, the destination is not what counts, but the journey along the way.  

This is how the game is played.

Integration means the allowance of all levels of being as valid portions of the whole.

It means letting go of denial. It means embracing ourselves as well as each other. Just as our unified consciousness created this realm of polarity, we can transform it.


The first two earths never made it through an ascension. Many of us here on earth today were on the one or both of the previous earth experiments.

And due to the wisdom we have accumulated from our experiences, we will successfully ascend ourselves, earth’s people and the planet.

What we lacked before was compassion and acceptance of others different from ourselves.

We have learned that polarizing to the light or the dark

does not allow us to feel compassion and maintain peace. 

Only by integrating the Light and Dark within us we will be able

to complete the Third Grand Experiment successfully with the planet and all the races involved.


When integration occurs, this realm will become defined by very different parameters. We will become the archetypes as well as the Founders. We will shift perspective and become conscious of ourselves as the Creator. 

It does not necessarily mean that our identities will be absorbed. It could mean that we will awaken to the point where we will consciously choose our destinies. Perhaps we may choose to enter other realms and be the unseen friends for planetary societies still playing the game of separation.

– We may even be another planet’s extraterrestrials –

pondering the same decisions regarding interference that our forefathers faced.

In stilling ourselves and listening closely, we can hear and feel the undercurrents of this transformation. Existence and change are the only constants.

We can play the game of illusion that we are an accidental creation, but sooner or later we tap ourselves on the shoulder and the game is up.

In Earth’s reality we have created the Arcturans, Sirians, Lyrans, Orions, Reticuli, Pleiadians, etc., to be the selves who tap us on the shoulder.

They are really part of the same one thing – us!

So how on Earth do we encourage integration to take place?

First of all, we must know that it will take place with or without our conscious action.

The difference is only that conscious action will allow the journey to be more enjoyable. We will feel more in control of our destinies.

The conscious action that will accelerate our integration process is very simple – allowance.

If we allow on all levels in which the integration takes place, we will see our paths unfold before us joyously.

Integration will take place on four main levels: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical.



For us to integrate our mentality means that we allow ourselves to combine not only our cerebral processes, but our intuitive and emotional ones as well. The kind of thought today that is validated most is almost entirely head-centered. Formulas and calculations determine the reality of twentieth century Earth.

If we can allow ourselves to understand that the intuitive and emotional processes are just as valid and can be used in combination with the mental, we will be well on our way toward integrating our mentality.


Integrating emotionally means that we begin learning how to embrace our shadow self. We can start opening inner closets and digging deep into the subconscious for beliefs which hold us back. More often than not, these neglected parts of ourselves only want attention.

As the Pleiadians and the Lyrans before them discovered, denial only prolongs the pain of existence. Let us learn from these other selves on distant worlds. Let us not repeat the same lessons over and over again.


To integrate spiritually is perhaps the easiest of all. Each person possesses an inner spirituality that is not connected to doctrine. If we can release the doctrine and touch the innate spirituality, we begin the integration process. It extends outward onto the planet by the honoring of every person’s truth as a manifestation of the One Truth.

This allows each of us to coexist within our philosophies without needing to change each other’s beliefs. The fact that God/All That Is exists is not changed by our argument over which color robe “He” wears. We are so afraid of being alone and separate that we create even more separation through our desire to have a unified doctrine.

If we have the courage to begin touching this inner spirituality, we will see our transformation blossom.


Integration physically is slightly different. It involves an acknowledgment of our past and our history as being part of a grander scenario on a cosmic scale. From the Source and the Founders we fragmented. We have stretched our individualization to its outer limits. Coming together will require us to once again acknowledge and accept ourselves as part of our galactic family.

As we move through our racial fears and stop allowing skin color and cultural differences to be barriers between us, we also move through our fears.


We can allow integration on all levels into our physical life here on Earth.

Not one of us is “from” another place. We are from the Source, and the Source is vast. To say we are “from” the Pleiades is a denial of all the other ideas that we are. Our terrestrial selves become confused if we continually deny that our existence is part of the planet’s body.

We are of All That Is.

If individuals insist on stating they are “from” somewhere, the suggestion is offered that they proclaim their alliance with Earth.

They have chosen a life here.


The ETs we are talking about now who are fighting amongst themselves are reincarnation-ally you/us.

This is how we are bringing about the transformation and integration on Earth.

You have achieved what you set out to do – the Creation of the Terran race on Earth –

and then the incarnation into that race in order to work out the problems of our forefathers.

The first creation was the indigenous Terran species, the primates. Throughout the primate development there were periods of time when genetics was inserted to speed up the process. But it wasn’t until the Neanderthal, when things evolved rapidly toward a positive way.


 There began an explosion of growth, and it was at that time these ET races guided humankind into Cro-Magnon man.

 The missing link was the time period in which your development was extremely accelerated.

Our anthropologists can’t figure out what happened during that period because it doesn’t fit any of the theories. The most obvious thing is that we had help.

So the vehicle became prepared then.

The vehicle was given an instilment of extraterrestrial genetics. Think of it like this, we hybridize plants on, creating new forms of food. This is a natural process of evolution.

There was an infusion of the extraterrestrial genetics into the developing primate on Earth. Therefore you had Homo sapiens. The whole Garden of Eden story is a symbolic representation of our Terran species’ leap from second to third density, the awareness of the I AM.

That is how the race progressed into the prototype.

This is a natural process of evolution.


terran/Earth people can be seen as models for integration.

We are divine and terrestrial; of gods and men. We are proof positive that human life can adapt to seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

Let us celebrate humanity!

There are no space brothers who are really going to save us – they are too busy saving themselves!

We are not children. Though we are still playing the game of unawareness somewhat, we are looked at by other civilizations as an enigma.

We are the civilization that refused to die!


Our resilience and faith in our abilities has continually proven our worth. We refused to be dominated and used by the Lyran group in the Garden of Eden.

Various “plagues” by the gods have not succeeded in wiping us out. Thanks to Noah and the Sirian overlord who warned him, we have a flourishing civilization today.

Many have wondered why Earth has been observed by so many extraterrestrial groups.

Perhaps we are a predictable demonstration of integration in action.

It may be painful, but in our mass conscious belief, pain can produce miraculous results.

Earth of the present and Earth of the future is indeed that miracle.

Let us celebrate that miracle by integrating ourselves and taking responsibility for our planetary reality.

A number of collectives on Earth are carriers of their own extraterrestrial archetypes, such as:

  • the British (Nibiru), the French (Orion), Balinese (Pleiades), Iraqis (Nibiru), Jews (Nibiru) and Egyptians (Sirius).


Our universe is approximately 27 trillion years old, and the earth about 7.5 billion years.

763,132 BC – colonials from the Orion star system (Rigel and Betelgeuse systems) arrive. Orion established their first biosphere in China

741,237 BC – Capella (Ursa major) established a biosphere in southern Chile

701,655 BC – Vegans (Lyrans – our human ancestors) in Libya-Niger border

604,003 BC – the Cassiopeans (an insect race) settled in Algeria, North Africa

585,133 BC – the Niburu settled in Cairo, Egypt, bringing with them the moon as their satellite base and establishing their primary base on Mars

870,300 BC – the Orions sent another team in Perth, Australia

 83,400 BC – the Lyrans returned to Southern Europe

 73,414 BC – the Orions returned to Brazil

 79,743 BC – the Pleiadians arrived to Earth

 71,933 BC – Lemuria is founded as a collective colony. Many of these races are a pooled resources, located at a continent in the Pacific, composing of the Lyrans, Sirians, Pleiadians, Capellas and Nibirans

 57,600BC – Atlantis is founded and the Pleiadeans, who had left prior to the fall of Lemuria, return. Other colonies include the Andromedans, Nibirans, Aldebarans, Altareans and Sagitarreans. With the exception of Nibiru, these colonists are oxygen breathing humanoids

 31,017 BC – Lemuria is destroyed by war

 27,603 BC – Atlantis is destroyed by war

 27,000 BC – the Sumerian civilization is established by the Anunnaki, establishing rulership of Earth under the dominion of the Ceecar overlords. Recorded history begins.



Root races on Earth 

North America (Indigenous) – Pleiades/Sirius

South America – Pleiades/Procyon/Sirius 

Atlantis – Lyra/Pleiades (later infiltrated by Maldek and Orion)/Aldebaran 

Lemuria – Arcturus/Andromeda/ some Sirius

UK – Pleiades/Lyra/Andromeda/Sirius 

Asia – Draco/Orion/Andromeda/Vega/Zeta 


Africa – Annunaki/Sirius/Orion

Northern Europe/Scandinavia – Aldebaran/Pleiades/Alpha Centauri 

Italy – Northern & Central – Arcturus, Southern – Pleiades/Antares 

Greece – Antares 

Middle Eastern – Sirius/Annunaki/Orion

Russian/Slavic – Tau Ceti/Pleiades/Lyra

India and Indo-Asia – Vega/Orion/Sirius

Australia – Arcturus/Andromeda 

New Zealand- Andromeda 

Hawaii/Polynesia – Arcturus/Andromeda


Earth’s Galactic Family

The following are the main characters displayed in this tapestry from the perspective of Earth:

Though some of these civilizations overlap each other in time and may not appear linear, below is a linear translation of the progression of various cultures in comparison to each other.

The beings, the Lyrans and the Sirians who were involved in the genetic engineering of the Earth human, were looking to create the perfect vehicle, a body, for themselves to incarnate into eventually. It’s kind of like building your own car.

Our awakening will lead us home…to ourselves.

As we are going through this process of ascension and increasing our vibration rate, we are also completing a 26,000-year cycle.

It is no coincidence that the two coincide.

With the completion of this 26,000-year cycle, we are integrating everything that we have learned during this period.

These high vibrational particles of light assist and support us in elevating our frequency.

Rather than remaining on the same track going around and around in circles, we actually spiral up with the completion of each cycle.

As we near the end of a cycle, we are able to access once more everything that you’ve learned and then integrate it before moving on to the next.

Most of humanity simply experiences this as life going faster and getting more hectic as their issues are more intensely reflected so they can clearly see where judgment needs to be released. Not only are we at the end a 26,000-year cycle, but we are also at the end of a universal cycle. The end of this universal cycle has nothing to do with the counting of revolutions, but rather a result of the dissemination of information and skills that humanity gains and shares with the entire Universe. This new knowledge and wisdom will in essence change the universal game so dramatically that the game as it fundamentally exists can no longer be and is deemed complete.


The Founders


Andromedans / NON-Physical


The Lyrans




The Zeta Reticuli / Greys


Arcturians / Non-Physical






The Pleiadians








TO contributions by DEBBIE SOLARIS, & EVA MARQUEZ.



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