Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline # 41 ~ may 13, 2019

Wow. This new protocol has sparked us like nothing I’ve seen! I’ve been getting email from all over the world and it hasn’t let up. I also heard from the Pleiadians again, which I’ll share in a moment.

First, here is a bit more explanation to answer some questions from those for whom English is not their first language.

The word “Pods” is a reference to the healing technology/bed they (the Pleiadians) utilize.  You will see them described in earlier blog posts. So, it would mean:

  2) a detachable or self-contained unit on an aircraft, spacecraft, vehicle, or vessel, having a particular function.    

Enlist is an important distinction. It is quite different from ask and assumes you are in control of what it is you are doing. If you are cutting up food, you don’t ask the knife to assist, you “enlist” the knife, take it up and apply it to the task at hand; it is a tool.

So, enlist means:    to engage (a person or their help or support)     The takeaway is that until now, we’ve removed ourselves from the equation. The only power is US. It is this distinction that needs to be clear. YOU are healing yourself, actually assuming yourself to be as healthy and vital as you desire. You are enlisting their aid to speed the process. This is a tough place to be (meaning earth), and they are only too happy to help us!  

This healing technology depends only on the deepest belief of the person. If the belief held by the person is “I am ill”, then it will not change a thing. If the deepest belief is “I am whole” and I could use an assist, then the technology works.

The person does not have to be consciously aware of the help for the help to work. This is how I understand it. The person has to be willing to heal himself or herself. Their technology is a tool towards health and wholeness. The vision held by the person is what has control in the healing process.  

Emotional causes are not what is being healed here, this is a physical healing of the body. It only matters here if the person continuously re-creates the problem/illness with emotional stress. The responsibility is on the person always. The attitude of health and vitality must be maintained. It is assumed here that it will be, once physical issues are corrected.   

Here are a few quotes (of the many) from some of you who’ve checked in with progress …   “For me, major relief from back pain.”   “I am 69 years old and the belief in “aging” sort of slipped into my consciousness. This protocol, especially the sentence: they did not realize that their technology could not overcome our own assumption of illness, aging, etc.  This brought to my attention that I was holding that assumption and now it is time to change that assumption. I had been experiencing strong disbalance, especially when walking. I was grabbing on to some counter or chair just to move around our unit. Saturday night I started the protocol and shifted my behavior: no longer holding on to anything but moving with the trust that I am strong and steady in all movements. I also stopped taking DMSO, which I had felt was essential for me to have less leg spasms in the night. Sunday morning, I went for about a 3/4 mile walk on the trails here where we live. I had been experiencing spasms in my legs in the night – now in the last two nights when I felt tension building up to spasming I breathed into my legs invoking the Pleiadian assistance, affirming calm legs and the spasm subsided. I then got up and walked around a bit and then retired again. Especially Saturday night it felt like the sciatica down my right leg was being “worked on”. In a nutshell, last night (Sunday night) I slept two phases of 4 hours each, whereas for the past year at least I have always been up every 2 ~ 2.5 hours during the night with leg discomfort. It feels like I am starting to learn to walk again, without wobbliness. I am holding the assumption of the divine infant body in me as my original perfect body. I will continue to track the changes.”   “xxx said that he feels better.”   “I did try enlisting the pods in my meditation last night and seemed to feel a lovely vibration coming into my heart chakra. It put a smile on my face so I’m going to believe there was a bit of contact.”   And now, a few more words from the Pleiadians from May 12th, 2019.  

Hello there! Please introduce yourselves! Thank you for coming forward!

Of course, we will! We are the Pleiadians. We are figuring you must recognize us though!  

Why yes, I do. This is mostly for the readers (smile). Hello! What is going on?

We wanted to report to you that we’ve been swamped (is that the right word? We see this as a body of water that is shallow but spreads over a great distance.) with contact! It is working!  

Hi! And yes, this is the correct term. This is good news!

We are so pleased and wanted to report that we are very skilled at healing and rejuvenation and finally now have an avenue that allows us to reach humanity! In real “time” for whatever that’s worth.   We see folks willing and believing and this will only spread. In fact, you are healing yourselves and the “time” it takes to do so will be shortened with our collaboration and tech. Our tech merely intensifies your own vision; your vision of vitality.
This would be an accurate description.  

Thank you. I do have a question. Please.  

Is it possible for someone to enlist your assistance on behalf of another? This “other” having no idea about you specifically, yet desiring health?

This question is answered two ways, both valid.  

Yes. It is possible if the target person holds a vision of themselves as whole and vital rather than ill or damaged. This deep internal vision is one that may not be obvious to the one who is attempting to help them by enlisting the Pods. This leads to the second answer –  

No. If the target holds a picture of himself or herself without hope. You may not ever truly know what is held by the target unless this is attempted. (meaning a healing effort with the Pods is attempted)   What became clear in our work with you and your partner is your power to control the process. It is the most crucial ingredient to success.  

Okay, thank you.Is there anything else?

Only that we are prepared for many more – spread the word – share your successes – this is a new day for our collaboration!! We are so, so excited Sophia and friends!!   It is finally coming to fruition. Thank you for your willingness to try!  

You’re welcome! I’m hearing from folks all over the world. This thank you comes from all of us! It is an honor.

We will speak again soon! Goodbye Sophia!  

(I see many smiling faces and waving hands) Goodbye now!


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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