Horoscopes for May 12th to May 19th, 2019 ~ Deep Endings and Transformations ~ May 12, 2019

By Nadia Gilchrist


May 13th can be a day of grounded power. The Taurus Sun trines Pluto Rx in Capricorn, encouraging you to tap into deep endings and transformations. The power comes from the intensity of the change and the reveal of deeper resources.

On May 14th, Venus in Mars-ruled Aries makes a sextile to Mars in Gemini, both in the final degrees of their respective signs. What you do (especially involving choices and information) will support what you want. On May 15th, Venus moves into Taurus and Mars into Cancer, suggesting that the above harmony will shift and evolve as nurturing actions support the continued growth of what you want/love. 

On May 18th, a Scorpio Full Moon (opposing the Venus-ruled Taurus Sun) coincides with Venus in Taurus conjunct Uranus. Results/endings will be profound (Scorpio) while delivering a flash of surprise and clarity (Uranus). What you want or have can be completely disrupted, or something sweet can be unexpectedly delivered. 


The Sun in your sector of personal resources trine Pluto Rx can empower your security, self -esteem or finances. Tapping into career changes, or changes to how you express your authority, is key – old definitions of success are being replaced by something more authentic. 

Venus in your sign sextile Mars gifts you with the ability to attract what you want via assertive choices, or actions combined with words. Good for increased charm or a touch of spice in all conversations. As Venus enters your sector of personal resources and Mars enters your domestic sector, finances or personal values can blend nicely with domestic actions. These energies can enhance your domestic finances or self-esteem in family matters. 

The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources, and Venus/Uranus in your personal resources sector, can deliver surprising results around your money versus their money, or your independence versus what you share. Finances and intimacy can be impacted as new values, sources of income or the desire for personal freedom are revealed. 


The Sun in your sign trine Pluto Rx can empower you via developments around travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Tapping into intensified expressions of faith or exploration can deliver confidence and the ability to make significant changes. 

Venus in your hidden sector sextile Mars suggests external actions/choices regarding money or self-esteem will fuel a hidden desire, attraction or project. Things will come out into the open as Venus enters your sign and Mars enters your communication sector – your charm and  public expressions of what you want will harmonize with impassioned words and assertive ideas. Say it, do it and watch it happen. 

The Full Moon in your partnership sector, and Venus/Uranus in your sign, can deliver abrupt results in a relationship. Sudden realizations will be connected to the open expression of your independence, desire for change or awareness that you want something different. Too, relationship endings can hit you in unexpected ways. 


The Sun in your hidden sector trine Pluto Rx may not be as noticeable as it activates background changes. Deepening intimacy or the “death” and transformation of old habits can strengthen hidden resolve, stability and self-esteem. Watch for a quiet but steady sense that you’re on the right track. 

Venus in your social sector sextile Mars in your sign encourages you to make your move. A group activity, friendship, flirtation or issue with your public image can progress favourably if you choose to make something happen. However, Venus’ move into your hidden sector and Mars’ move into your sector of personal resources suggests the next step might be to pull back and see how things develop. Actions related to finances and self-esteem will resonate with what you’re allowing to develop, or what’s not completely under your control. 

The Full Moon in your sector of routine, and Venus/Uranus in your hidden sector, suggests revelations involving work, co-workers or health. Results in your daily life will be connected to surprising, background reveals as an attraction, unacknowledged desire or clarification about money/relationships comes out of left field. 


The Sun in your social sector trine Pluto Rx can empower all relationships – group, friendships and one-on-one. Changes in a partnership, or in you as a partner, can favourably intensify public connections, your public image or group connections. 

Venus in your career sector sextile Mars suggests a professional relationship, your professional image or a desired career goal can be fuelled by hidden or intuitive actions. Going with the flow or tapping to hidden motivations can benefit you, and as Venus enters your social sector and Mars enters your sign, watch for previously hidden actions to come out into the open. Now is the time to connect with others on a public level or openly express your ambitions/desires. 

The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression, and Venus/Uranus in your social sector, suggests a surprising public attraction, result for creative work or sudden change in your public image/friendships. This can be about your desire to fully be yourself or express your talents. Others may react unpredictably, but this can be effective if you’re looking for attention. 


The Sun in your career sector trine Pluto Rx suggests releasing old habits (that have been negatively impacting work or health) can empower your future goals or expression of authority. An evolving approach to responsibilities, self-improvement and time management can draw favourable attention from management. 

Venus in your sector of opportunities sextile Mars urges you to make the most of social connections- public actions or aligning yourself with those who have something new to offer can benefit travel, education, legal matters or publishing. As Venus enters your career sector and Mars enters your hidden sector, you may have to pull back in order to evaluate recent actions. Or, the actions of others can temporarily be unclear. But hidden or intuitive motivations can still harmonize with career relationships or your professional image.

The Full Moon in your domestic sector, and Venus/Uranus in your career sector, suggest a sudden turn regarding career versus home life. An unexpected opportunity, change to your professional image or a new/disruptive professional relationship can completely change what you thought you wanted for yourself and your home life. Too, this could be about abruptly stepping away from a career due to domestic issues. 


The Sun in your opportunities sector trine Pluto Rx is favourable for manifesting desired results around travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Your faith in something new and in your talents can be boosted as long as you tap into an intensified drive to take what you have to offer seriously. 

Venus in your sector of shared resources, sextile Mars, suggests developments with intimacy or shared finances can be boosted by career actions. Choosing to move forward and follow your ambitions will harmonize with what’s happening on a private level- deep sources of happiness and security can grow. As Venus enters your sector of opportunities and Mars enters your social sector, watch for public actions to support new areas of interest/faith – travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters or publishing can blend nicely with efforts to  contact  others. 

The Full Moon in your communication sector, and Venus/Uranus in your opportunities  sector, can deliver a surprising answer or decision regarding  travel, long-distance romance, education, legal matters or publishing. A discovery, brand new and slightly risky development or a complete change in what you have faith in can open your eyes to what new and authentic. 


The Sun in your sector of shared resources trine Pluto Rx suggests major changes at home/with family, especially the “death” of a past issue, can help you get a handle on financial or psychological issues. A deeper understanding of family dynamics and your own history can empower you. Domestic finances are also favoured. 

Venus in your partnership sector, sextile Mars, suggests new input or efforts to explore new territory can benefit a relationship. A new attraction or existing partnership can expand in a hopeful direction with a bit of initiative, and as Venus enters your sector of shared resources and Mars enters your career sector, watch for the focus to shift to professional ambitions and deeper issues involving shared finances or intimacy. Pushing forward can resonate with deeper sources of love, self-esteem and stability. 

The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources, and Venus/Uranus in your shared resources sector, can illuminate a key issue around earned money, personal values or independence. Surprising discoveries around what you share or owe (or perhaps involving a partner’s finances) will encourage you to look at your personal security in a new light. 


The Sun in your partnership sector, trine Pluto Rx, suggests powerful conversations or discoveries can strengthen a relationship. This could be about you saying what needs to be said or sharing your evolving ideas. Too, a contract or agreement with a partner (business or personal) can be favourable. 

Venus in your sector of routine, sextile Mars, indicates that actions involving what you share with another (financially or emotionally) or becoming aware of deeper motivations (including anger) can support work or health issues. Self-care, helping others or working more effectively on a daily basis will benefit from the activation of behind-the-scenes issues. As Venus enters your relationship sector and Mars enters your sector of opportunities, watch for a more balanced expression of love/affection/assistance as actions become more open. A relationship can benefit from exploration of new territory, including travel, education, legal matters or publishing. 

The Full Moon in your sign, and Venus/Uranus in your partnership sector, suggests a surprising turning point or abrupt revelation about what a partner wants. The expression of their values, desires or independence will push you towards a realization. In some cases, this can indicate your attraction to a new and unusual partner. As abrupt as these changes are, know that they are a reflection of your own need for an update. 


The Sun in your sector of routine, trine Pluto Rx, indicates that changes around earned money, spending/saving or your self-esteem can empower your health or work routines. Tap into the ongoing release of old insecurities/undermining financial habits and watch your personal strength improve. 

Venus in your sector of self-expression, sextile Mars, favours a new attraction or fun/romantic times with a existing partner. Their actions will encourage your sense that you’re special/loved, and as Venus enters your sector of routine and Mars enters your sector of shared resources, the vibe can become more practical but also more solid. A partner’s nurturing efforts to share/support on a deep level can benefit your health or contribute to a solution. 

The Full Moon in your hidden sector, and Venus/Uranus in your sector of routine, suggests the surprising illumination of a health or work issue. A disruption or offer of assistance (or unforeseen solution) will draw your attention to what’s been ignored. Use the clarity to upgrade your habits. 


The Sun in your sector of self-expression trines Pluto Rx in your sign. Major transform 

The Full Moon in your social sector, and Venus/Uranus in your sector of self-expression, suggests an illuminating public result along with a surge of confidence or the desire to take a risk. A new attraction, sudden realization about what you have to offer or desire to celebrate/cut loose can put you in the spotlight. 


The Sun in your domestic sector trine Pluto Rx suggests that a major ending/release (perhaps the death of an old way of being) can be your source of power and focus on a domestic level. Accessing what’s uncovered when you acknowledge what’s inevitably slipping away can bring profound truths regarding your past or family. 

Venus in your communication sector sextile Mars indicates flirtatious conversations or creative ideas with a bit of spice. Your efforts to communicate what you’re proud of will have a receptive audience, and as Venus moves in to your domestic sector and Mars enters your sector of routine, nurturing actions (especially regarding health) will harmonize with good vibes at home. These energies can help you create a happy, healthy domestic situation. 

The Full Moon in your career sector, and Venus/Uranus in your domestic sector, can bring results regarding future goals, a new or existing job or your priorities around work versus home life. A sudden illumination regarding what will really make you happy, or a sudden change in the life of a family member, can put things in perspective. 


The Sun in your communication sector trine Pluto Rx indicates that your words/ideas can gain focus and power if you tap into a what’s happening on a social level. Changes in a friendship or your deepening awareness of how your public image is evolving can add depth and impact to what you say. Excellent for reaching the collective. 

Venus in your sector of personal resources, sextile Mars, favours domestic finances and positive changes with home/family. Security (on a financial and emotional level) can be enabled by your choices at home or involving a home business. As Venus moves into your communication sector and Mars enters your sector of self-expression, you may feel an increase in confidence as actions (or a new attraction) support social or flirtatious words. Also good for nurturing creative work. 

The Full Moon in your opportunities sector, and Venus/Uranus in your communication sector, suggests surprising results involving travel, education, legal matters or publishing . A sudden revelation about what you want, or the urge to speak up and express your true desires, will be connected to what’s revealed in the bigger picture. In some cases there can be surprising but excellent news. 

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