Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline # 40 ~ May 10, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes! Bring it on…healing and rejuvenation brought about by only “thinking about” how you wish your health to be…and perhaps asking, as given in the message below. Please read this article, give this concept a try as you encourage your body to heal, and be…



Editor’s Note: I have posted a message from Sophia below this original article which better explains the “protocol” from Sophia for using the Pleiadian healing technology spoken of below.

Now is the moment when all will come into their own understanding of their divinity, and better yet, how to use this idea to create that which you love! No longer must we merely “accept” that which we endure. Rather, we have the capability of changing our lives to be as we wish…no holds barred.

Please read these two articles, KNOW you can have that which brings you delight and joy, and be…



As we learn of the power of humanity, our own personal power for creating that which we seek,

Hi everyone. The conversation you are about to read took place on May 8th. Here is a bit of background, so that it makes sense.
They reference my partner, who has had diabetes for 20 years now. He
has not felt a great deal of success with meds (insulin) and is “no good at watching everything I eat”. He does manage to keep his A1C test in line,
which means nothing to me but will mean something to those of you
familiar with diabetes.

He’s been lowering his insulin gradually for 2 years now. It was initially
51 units and eventually reduced to 31 with concerted effort. Until recently, results have been painstakingly achieved with diet, and they have been
slow. There seemed faint hope of a rapid and complete healing.

Until 2 weeks ago. He will tell you he is “gob-smacked” at the change! He awoke one day with the idea to only take insulin if his blood sugar gets to be above 200; he stopped automatically taking it first thing in the morning. He tested every few hours, his goal was to see if he was able to maintain a level of less than 160 without insulin. The first day he tried this he had
pizza for dinner and awoke the next day with a blood sugar of 111.

Today, he is no longer taking the nighttime insulin and his morning levels are below 150. He’s abandoning the second shot and is taking about 18
ONCE a day. His blood sugars are now better than ever before. He has
NOT changed anything else!

They are not perfect, yet he feels better every day (I can affirm there’s been a major change in his energy level and mood). He sleeps through the night and didn’t know why any of this was suddenly happening – until now!
Enjoy the explanation below!

Much love, Sophia     May 8th, 2019 4:00 AM

We are here now Sophia.

Hello. Please introduce yourselves.
We are the Pleiadians. We have come again to help, to offer information
and hopefully comfort for you.

Thank you. Please go ahead then.
Yes. We have at our fingertips technology that affords not just healing, but rejuvenation. A return to a younger, more vibrant, healthier state. We
have been using it on your partner now these past weeks. You have noticed changes, no?

Yes, he has, and has reported them to me. He feels so much better; his condition is improving in ways he’s never seen.
This is due to the efforts of our tech. We know him well and have used him in this way, in the way you’d refer to as a “guinea pig”. He has shown
steady progress right along. Yet this new version we have perfected does not require complete belief in its methods in order to sustain healing and achieve the results looked for. It finds the bare whispers of health visions and expands them, encasing the subject. We’ve been bathing your partner in these visions for weeks now and he is noticing.

Yes. He is very encouraged.

As are we!

You are doing this while he sleeps?

We are utilizing his intent and doing it with that. His only requirement is
holding a vision of health – he has one. This technology is new and has
been perfected due to the initial setbacks and failures with the two of you some time ago.

Note – This may be another book, it all happened in 2016 and 2017. Sophia.

What is new is now seen as working. We wanted to reach out to you so
that you’d tell your partner (that) he is doing so much for himself by
retaining a vision of health, and by not losing hope. His physical efforts
are painting a picture of where he would like to be and this is the picture that our pods are utilizing. It is his ideal body that is created with light and as he accepts the possibility – it manifests. This may only have been
possible with these new frequencies. With this current energy on earth.
We aren’t completely sure but that may partly explain why we weren’t
experiencing much luck before.

What can the rest of us do to achieve similar results?

There is a protocol. You can adopt a mission of constant rejuvenation, continuous creation of ideal; a perfect healthy body. With this
protocol, add “I enlist the assistance of the Pleiadian Pods.” This can
be done silently. With practice it will manifest. We are ready for you now. Prepared to help humanity and the atmosphere is now supportive of our
efforts as well. What this means for you is support. You are not so much
battling conflicting beliefs and energetics, but riding the waves of support.
We are here to help, prepared to assist and eager to heal! The human
body undergoes this massive alteration, and at this point right now is
ready and accepting of change, to support the change. Past efforts did not happen in such an atmosphere and required sheer will on your part for
small change. We wanted you to know that we are available to assist a
nyone willing to try. We are anxious to help.

Okay. I will share this. Yet, let me say that we’ve been a bit discouraged and some would say beaten up with promises and failures in our “past”.

We know. This is the reason we did not reach out until your partner was
so very much improved and encouraged and showing measurable signs of health. You can share these now. People will believe or not – yet in any
case, more of them will try and perhaps will come forward with their
stories for each other. It is a collaborative belief that is most effective.
Once we can turn the tables on that, the rest is a matter of time and word of mouth. We are ready to help and are ready.

Thank you. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Not at this point Sophia, no. Please share this with your friends so that we
can help. You have all the facts.

Okay. Thank you.

We are very excited to be of assistance at this moment in our history. It is an honor. We appreciate your willingness to engage with us. Goodbye! We hope to see you soon!

Goodbye! (I see a large group – maybe 20 or so – waving. (smile)) This conversation ended. Please add your comments to the blog or email me with results, as you use this protocol!

Thanks everyone

Hi everyone. Just a few words on the protocol, as there are already several questions. As mentioned in the first message, # 40, here is what they said:

There is a protocol. You can adopt a mission of constant rejuvenation, continuous creation of ideal; a perfect healthy body. With this protocol, add “I enlist the assistance of the Pleiadian Pods.”

This is not asking for a fix. It is a statement of creation. There is a difference.

What we tend to do is expect medicine to fix us, doctors to heal us, etc. What was learned in our work with the Pleiadians was that we cannot ignore our part in the process. It is the basic assumption of “I am ill or somehow less than ideal” that has control in this process. If the assumption begins there, it tends to remain there.

This initial assumption is the protocol they refer to. See yourself ideal, healthy, vital, perfect. Instead of “having this illness or that setback that needs to be fixed so that I can be ideal, healthy, vital, perfect”.

There is a subtle difference.What was learned a few years ago in our work with them is that we (my partner and myself) expected to do nothing but receive a healing from them, and they did not realize that their technology could not overcome our own assumption of illness, aging, etc. The technology now has been adjusted –

It finds the bare whispers of health visions and expands them, encasing the subject.” (a quote from our conversation #40)

I recently released “The Imposter”, and so my conversations with the Poseur, which took place before ever meeting the Pleiadians, are sort of fresh in my mind. One of the things he said was this:

“This is a physical world, and to accomplish an alteration of the physical means a departure from thinking of it as final and complete. Rather, regard the pain, the body, all with skepticism and ask – “who are you and what right do you have to occur this way in my creation?

“Refuse to observe a way that does not serve your intent. Only observe the possibility of wholeness and completeness that serves your desire.This is your creation, all of it is. Everything you take in and regurgitate is creative. Consciousness is all the time. What do you want?”

These are powerful words, indicative of our creative power. This protocol utilizes that power and grabs a hold of our hope. It matters what you hold and keep in your mind and heart.

Walk around seeing yourself ideally healthy instead of needing a healing. Don’t worry about the details or the specifics. Just hold a vision of wholeness and health.

Our thoughts and our words are so very powerful. Use them as if you are in control of the outcome. Use them as tools for they very much are. With this message the Pleiadians are giving us their tech as yet another tool:

“I enlist the assistance of the Pleiadian Pods.”Notice the word “enlist”.

I hope this helps you all. I will update you here, please do the same in the comments below or via email to me at .Thank you.In appreciation for all that you are,Sophia

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