Keshe Technology Update – Relief from Radiation and Glyphosate [videos] ~ May 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: I purchased the GANS waters (see the test tube products below) a few years ago and now drink the CO2 and ZnO waters regularly (follow directions carefully!) Although I Am a healthy woman, my thought is my health is maintained though the beneficial actions of drinking “plasma water” daily.

I’ve made a combination of the CO2 and ZnO plasma water available for a co-worker with newly diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis who is experiencing relief from symptoms. What can I say except these waters provide relief from discomfort. Oh yes, I moved recently and was experiencing some shoulder pain…which is now GONE without any other treatment than drinking the CO2 and ZnO plasma water on a regular and routine basis.

Who knows…perhaps this can help you as well in many ways of which you may not even be aware! Please read this article, think about preventative steps to maintain yorur health, and be…



The “new science” is developing rapidly despite being squelched by the establishment in many ways and folks are benefiting big time from what was previously hidden.

Sometimes we can avoid the pitfalls of the traditional, allopathic medical industry and take control of our own health with the lastest plasma technologies from Keshe. (rhymes with ‘fresh’)

Even if you’re familiar with the Keshe plasma products, do watch the short video below about the Russian plasma experiments in space. It’s extraordinary.

Another video explains how drinking plasma water from the GANS of Co2 not only breaks down Monsanto’s glyphosate but turns it into food our body can use. That is astounding to me.

Keshe plasma seat pad

Nothing remains static at the Keshe Foundation for long and  distributor Dr. Presser updates us regularly on the products and his growing business as he responds to the needs of his customer base.

Thank you to everyone who engaged in Dr. Presser’s Keshe Technology product offerings and put a little cash in my pocket by clicking on the links provided. I so appreciate it, as does Richard.

There are other sources for the Keshe technology, obviously, but I have personally known Dr. Presser for many years and I also know that he will deliver, as promised, every time. He answers every email and phone call and gives his customers personal attention. If that were not the case, I wouldn’t be telling you any of this.

Richard is very knowledgeable about the technology, has been to the factory in Italy, and has met Mehran Keshe and his wife, Caroline. When he says they’re the real deal, you can take that to the bank.

They have been persecuted by the controllers on the planet. The dark ones have a vested interest in keeping the world status quo and don’t want us to have access to or knowledge of space age technologies so don’t believe the smear campaigns you might find on the Internet. Mehran Keshe is a very brave man and has also exposed the Ninth Circle satanic child trafficking ring.

Improved Availability of  Space Age Health Protocols

The marvelous, ground-breaking plasma technologies Keshe shared with the world have not been easy to come by until fairly recently and we’re so pleased to be able to bring relief and improved health to more and more suffering people.

A thumb drive with blueprints to these technologies was given to President Obama as it was to all world leaders but he didn’t see fit to share it with the American people. He preferred to unload his unaffordable and disastrous “Obamacare” on the nation.

It’s up to us to take responsibility for our health.

I prepared this quick-guide to the benefits of the Keshe Plasma Technologies from Dr. Presser via his many online stores in multiple countries:

  • Permanent and temporary pain relief
  • Reversal of negative health conditions
  • Reusable products
  • Cost effective
  • Preventive health care for global threats
  • Works with the body and our own consciousness
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ease of purchase and unparalleled customer service
  • No prescription
  • No subscription
  • Safe: No negative side-effects
  • Great gift idea for those who have everything except good health

I enjoy very good health, personally, but recently treated myself to a plasma eye mask and it rapidly relieved my tired, stinging eyes from long hours at the keyboard and monitor.

One of the best features of the plasma technologies is that they are used again and again, for years. It’s not something to stir into a drink and have to keep buying every month. No one-time applications.

There’s no subscription or prescription. It’s simple, inexpensive and effective; with consistent performance.

Users are getting very creative with their plasma products, too, and using them in unique ways that work for them with excellent results.

See the full range of Keshe plasma technologies available at Dr. Presser’s online store and learn more about each one.

My other half developed a shoulder and bicep issue mid-year in 2018 with the rotator cuff joint literally sounding like bone-on-bone which made me wince. Sports injury experts told him his arm was “diseased” and he might need surgery.

Plasma waist wrap

He went for physical therapy and wasn’t experiencing any relief. If anything, it made it more painful.

Hubby was unable to extend his arm over his head or out to the side without pain. He’s a very physical guy and this was a great hindrance and discomfort so for Christmas I got him a PLASMA WAIST WRAP he could wear around his shoulder and bicep while sitting at the computer.

He used the plasma wrap from time to time and to my surprise, over the course of a few months the grinding in his shoulder went away.

Being a typical busy guy, he isn’t using the plasma wrap now and deals with a little tightness in the bicep tendon. I am not saying the plasma wrap resolved the issue, as he does favour the arm and avoids the activities that aggravated the condition, but relief did ensue and that’s all I care about. I wasn’t expecting that problem to go away when it seemed that cartilage had deteriorated and therapy wasn’t helping, but I do believe in miracles.

Click this link to see the catalogue of plasma products and learn more.

There are routinely positive developments in the plasma therapy field and this week Dr. Presser reports additional news for his clients:

FYI, I have been updating the store in several ways to make it easier to use. All of the products are now on the front panel of all of the stores. Perhaps more importantly, the mobile store was TERRIBLE!!! It’s now much more user friendly.

And I have enabled customers to order without registering, so it will make the ordering process a little easier, giving the customer the option to register at the end of the sale.

Richard also tells me he is replacing the Energizer/Alkalizer pitcher with a GANS tube that can be used in any pitcher and there will be some new products available in a few weeks.

If you are aware of the incredible science of plasma and these health-enhancing products, you may peruse Dr. Presser’s array of products at this link. It is an affiliate link and I will benefit if you use it. We like transparency.

If you are new to the Keshe plasma technologies, by way of introduction I share the following information.

The Keshe products have addressed many health issues from potential threats to outright lethal conditions.

We can not only safeguard our current good health by simply drinking pure water charged with a plasma field, but lives have been saved from cancers, and a seriously mangled body of a young woman “put back together” after she was in a severe car wreck and expected to die.

The magic of the Keshe plasma technology lies in this previously shrouded fourth state; liquid, solid, gas—and plasma! I don’t know about you, but no one ever spoke of plasma in physics or chemistry when I went to school.

Plasma is a big secret because it reacts with consciousness. In the video below we see experiments the Russian cosmonauts performed in space illustrating, among other things, that when plasma was cryogenically frozen, it formed a double helix. They also observed the creation of a mini galaxy.

Why would matter inherently adapt the form of Human DNA? Something to think about, as plasma appears to display intelligence—or at the very least respond in ways we have never seen. They submit ideas where we might practically apply these responses here on Earth. This video is only 5 minutes long and then repeats.

The behaviour of plasma, I believe, is at least one reason why the Keshe plasma technologies work so “miraculously” for some people. It’s not really a miracle, it’s just that we were never taught about this element of life that pervades our reality or its principles. Optimally, it can add what our body is missing and take away what we don’t want. It’s a corrective therapy.

This works best with intention in some cases, and expressing positive thoughts while we use the products is an inexpensive, non-invasive way to feel better, correct problems, eliminate pain, and reduce the chances of negative health conditions developing.

This is so new that after years of research and clinical treatments in studies, scientists are still learning about the practical applications of the Keshe technology.


In Japan they used this plasma technology from Mehran Keshe to address the serious threats stemming from the Fukushima disaster. The plasma fields can decontaminate radiation. The damage spread for thousands of miles, however, and sea life reflects that.

The Glyphosate Disaster Mitigated by Keshe Technology

Dr. Presser, a friend and dedicated distributor for the Keshe technologies updates us frequently on the discoveries derived from plasma technology. Many of us understand the threat posed by Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, particularly the chemical glyphosate.

Even mainstream news often contains stories linked to this lethal poison used so liberally in our lives and now accepted as causing cancers and other problems in Humans, pets, livestock, flora and fauna.

When judges find in favour of plaintiffs for huge sums of money and Monsanto/Bayer are forced to pay, you know the damage is real. It has been a long haul to get the courts to fairly address this assault on Humanity but it’s finally coming to light.

We are winning in the courts. Unfortunately, our planet and our food supply are already riddled with the toxic fallout from glyphosate and other poisons and we have to deal with it. Winning a lawsuit does not eliminate the source of the problem.

This 12-minute video explains a lot. How can plasma water not only break down glyphosate but render it food for our body??? It’s a little over my head, but I can see that the plasma changes the structure of the glyphosate, rendering it a positive aspect rather than a negative one within the body. Keshe tells us the phosphorus in our DNA must be replaced over time.

How the plasma water of the GANS of CO2 destroys glyphosate

Keshe Technology’s Role in Mitigating the Effects of Glyphosate

This is Richard’s recent update on glyphosate and the findings from the research so far with respect to the Keshe technology.

Yesterday, an article on glyphosate and its impact in our world, written by F. William Engdahl arrived in my email. I have a great deal of respect for Engdahl. He is one of the few true journalists in our world, who researches properly before he writes. I have read a number of his very inciteful books and articles, which I have reviewed on my blog.

I quote from his article:

In a trial in San Francisco the jury was unanimous in their verdict that Monsanto Roundup weed-killer, based on glyphosate, had been responsible for Hardeman’s cancer. His attorneys stated, 

“It is clear from Monsanto’s actions that it does not care whether Roundup causes cancer, focusing instead on manipulating public opinion and undermining anyone who raises genuine and legitimate concerns about Roundup.” 

It is the second defeat for the lawyers of Monsanto after another jury ruled in 2018 that Glyphosate-based Roundup was responsible for the cancer illness of a California school grounds-keeper who contracted the same form of cancer after daily spraying school grounds with Roundup over years, unprotected. There a jury found Monsanto guilty of “malice and oppression” in that company executives, based on internal email discovery, knew that their glyphosate products could cause cancer and suppressed this information from the public.

A new independent study shows that those with highest exposure to glyphosate have a 41% increased risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) cancer. A meta-analysis of six studies containing nearly 65,000 participants looked at links between glyphosate-based herbicides and immune-suppression, endocrine disruption and genetic alterations. The authors found “the same key finding: exposure to GBHs (glyphosate-based herbicides) are associated with an increased risk of NHL (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma).” Further, they stated that glyphosate “alters the gut microbiome,” and that that could “impact the immune system, promote chronic inflammation, and contribute to the susceptibility of invading pathogens.” Glyphosate also ”may act as an endocrine disrupting chemical because it has been found recently to alter sex hormone production” in both male and female rats.

In a long-term animal study by French scientists under Gilles Eric Seralini, Michael Antoniou and associates, it was demonstrated that even ultra-low levels of glyphosate herbicides cause non-alcoholic liver disease. The levels the rats were exposed to, per kg of body weight, were far lower than what is allowed in our food supply. According to the Mayo Clinic, today, after four decades or more pervasive use of glyphosate pesticides, 100 million, or 1 out of 3 Americans now have liver disease. These diagnoses are in some as young as 8 years old.

Glyphosate from Monsanto’s Roundup Decimates Microbes in Soils and the Human Gut – New Science

But glyphosate is not only having alarming effects on human health. Soil scientists are beginning to realize the residues of glyphosate application are also having a possibly dramatic effect on soil health and nutrition, effects that can take years to restore.

End of quote.

We are only beginning to comprehend the scope of the damage being caused by glyphosate, and it has not ended. The usage level is perhaps still increasing, as Engdahl’s article illustrates.

I have no doubt the board of Bayer is ruing the day it closed the deal to purchase Monsanto. Its share price has gone a long way south since the court cases over glyphosate have begun to land.

So, what does it mean for you and me? 

Well, we can ignore it and hope that we or our loved ones do not get cancer or some other compromising health condition as a result of the glyphosate entering our bodies from almost everything we eat and drink, or we can simply drink 60ml of the plasma water of the GANS of CO2 from the GANS Pack with Health Protocols twice/day. So simple.

GANS Pack Health Protocols

Mehran Keshe explains in this article why glyphosate is so dangerous and how drinking the plasma water of the GANS of CO2 simply breaks glyphosate down and makes it available as a food for our bodies.

Recently, an updated report was produced, outlining how the initial test of curing a pig of the swine flu virus in China was successfully expanded to a 30-pig trial and then an 800-pig trial. Simply put, plasma activated water is being used to cure an incurable viral disease in pigs that threatened the food security of China and Russia and other countries.

Why would you not simply drink some of this plasma water every day and have your loved ones do the same to protect yourself from the ravages of glyphosate? I do, as do many of my customers.

You can do this using the GANS Pack with Health Protocols and it has many other benefits.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Richard Presser

+1 443 769 1752
+44 1212 840 929
+61 3 9021 6920

Next time I will highlight the GANS Pack with Health Protocols pictured just above and the amazing benefits it provides for users, including the repair of bones and cartilage. Richard provides his guidance on using these products so there’s no guesswork.

Keshe plasma foot pads

See the wide array of Keshe Plasma Products here and learn more.

I call the Keshe plasma-activated drink “smart water”, because it knows what to do. You charge up a pitcher of purified water for 12 hours with the vial of GANS (gas as nano state) and use it the way you would any water. I just drop the vial into the water where it is submerged all the time.

I lost my Golden Retriever to lymphoma in 2012—and I suspect it may have been due to the pesticides and herbicides containing glyphosate used liberally on our property and places we took him for exercise.

My current Golden gets fresh Keshe plasma water to drink, as do I, every day, all day, and we avoid grass and potential Roundup-contaminated areas as well as cheap dog foods that might be heavily laden with GMOs and glyphosate. It’s impossible to avoid, however.

Mica developed the spore-induced Valley Fever a few years ago (possibly due to a weakened immune system from over-vaccination) but recently his body fought it off and as of April he no longer takes the anti-fungal drugs. Some dogs have to take them for life.

We got our Energizer/Alkalizer Pitcher over a year ago and I can’t prove the recovery was due to the “smart water” but I anticipate we can maintain this healthy flow now.

Those who got creative with some of the other GANS protocols Keshe provides have cleared up health issues  and they felt it was “miraculous”.

Eliminating, or at the very least minimizing or temporarily ending pain, without the cost and use of dangerous and addictive drugs is an incredible advancement for Humanity.

What many don’t realize is that those pharmaceuticals also end up in our ground water, and therefore, our soil, drinking water and food. Our planet is in a very bad way but using the Keshe plasma technology we can do our part to remedy it, and ourselves.

We will continue to learn what this exciting technology can do for us pain relief is the most common offshoot from the products Richard offers.

Chakra-balancing Tee

Other unexpected benefits inspire happy customers to tell Richard what has happened for them while using the plasma products and the testimonials are thrilling.

We’re not supposed to claim that anything outside allopathic medicine can heal, but clearly the stories that have come out in the past several years indicate that is exactly what has happened.

Often the matter comprising bodies reverted to its original healthy state, be it flesh or bone.

Due to the “consciousness” aspect of the Keshe plasma technologies and the unknown sub-conscious issues and latent cell memory we all have, the products don’t work for everyone, but they certainly work for many and Starship readers have shared some of their positive experiences in the comments from time to time. We’re so pleased to hear this and I forward the feedback to Dr. Presser.

See the wide array of Keshe plasma products Richard offers here and learn how they might help you.

If you are not aware of the threat to our food supply and our environment from Monsanto/Bayer, Roundup and glyphosate, you may benefit from reading this article.

Secret Investor Report Leaks: 5-Step Bayer / Monsanto Plan to Poison Our Food

In summary, despite efforts by the establishment to suppress it, the truth about science and how our world works is getting out and Humanity is benefiting.

Mehran Keshe has freely shared his research and teachings with all countries and encouraged scientists and inventors to conduct their own experiments. We are pleased to aid in this process as we can. To that end we share the products and information about them to improve lives and remove suffering.

If you are a scientist or inventor and would like to learn more about the Keshe technology you can review the teachings published regularly by the Keshe Spaceship Institute on YouTube in multiple languages.

Dr. Presser has made his own videos to help us understand and use the products and you can find those videos here and here.

To see the many Keshe Plasma Products in Richard’s store click this link.

Cheers to the improving health of the planet and Humanity.  ~ BP



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