Old Souls and Incarnation Process ~ may 2, 2019

Old Souls and Incarnation Process. By Teri Wade.

We are all souls but some of you are more in tune with your memories of that eternal life brought on by many incarnations.

A soul is the real you, your eternal self, your higher self. We’ve all heard the saying before…

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are a spiritual being having a human experience.


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People who are approaching the completion of their incarnation cycles are old souls.

These old souls have mastered many lessons and are becoming very knowledgeable about the past, present and future of our true existence.

Old souls have a strong intuition, empathy and understanding towards people because they’ve already been there and done that many times.

Many old souls are able to connect with their higher self and spirit guides.

Old Souls and Incarnation Process

Incarnation Process

Old Souls and Incarnation Process

Cintamani Jewels

With this ability they are able to attain incredible insight. This knowledge is within all of us.

This knowledge is stored in our cellular memory, DNA and is brought forward from past lifetimes.

Currently many are starting to tap into that cellular memory. We’re recovering memory.

Old souls believe experiences bring more joy then materialistic things.

They also enjoy solitude very much it’s kind of like a re-charging. Some people find solitude and being alone scary but old souls find it extremely necessary.

Old souls know very well how important it is to trust your gut, your intuitive instincts.

Old souls are very much in touch with the knowledge and information they have accumulated.

Old Souls and Incarnation Process

Old Soul

Old Souls and Incarnation Process

As we incarnate we meet with many of the same souls.

They could be your brother, sister, aunt, uncle, wife, mother, father etc. But, in each incarnation the souls are under different masks and roles.

The soul goes through a certain physical incarnation because it has some sort of a debt or obligation that needed to be completed.

Through incarnation with these souls that we continuously incarnate with gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from a karmic debt so to speak.

Everything is planned out there are no coincidences.

Karma is nothing but residual baggage that one needs to take care of brought over from past lifetimes.

If a person in your life fulfills it’s goal they will move away from your life.

All people we meet in our lives are teachers and are meant for a particular reason.

Some of these people might piss you off or be downright assholes but they are their for a certain reason to help you along in your evolutionary process.

These people are their to help you release the poisons you are holding onto.

Release the Old Karma

Toward Superior ExperiencesPleiadians Message

When Meeting These Teachers…

First contact is physical on a visual level then that attraction goes to a subconscious level where there are readings of karmic records.

Your karmic record and the karmic record of the other person recognizes the essential thing that’s needed to clear that particular debt or obligation.

Sooo, this is where the connection is made as we enter that relationship.

Remember, there are no coincidences!

Conflict in relationships are like gold because important things are happening.

I know it sucks but these conflicts bring up emotion and emotions are there to make you ask questions so conflict is necessary.

Sometimes we see this friend or partner someone who is trying to hurt us or tick us off.

There is a karmic reasoning for this.

They are a ripped piece of you and are there to help you heal.

As long as relationships are not crystallized at this level we will continue the cycle of incarnation in different lives and different roles.

However, everything will change upon Ascension!

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To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

Bertrand Russell


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