Darkness: Rapid Change: 3 Events: Leaving the Planet: After THE EVENT ~ April 27, 2019

Editor’s Note: now… I Am not a “date” person when it comes to spiritual-based “happenings”, But…my good friend “P” sent me this video which all should watch; and wonder about.

I have to say that this video answers several questions I have had regarding information I have recently received through my pendulum. Plus, we ALL feeling the hgher energies of LOVE as they continue tio cleanse our planet if the dark. So… please watch this video, how do these dates feel to your intuition, and be…



This client came to the session expressing that he wanted to leave the planet. He felt as though he is just waiting to transition.

As soon as I took him into the “past life” energy was pouring through his body as many beings started to clear density from his body. He was shaking and shuddering as LIGHT was blasting through his system. He was having difficulty sharing information. An entitity was blocking his throat. As soon as I cleared it from his system, loads of information began to stream in about THE EVENT.

There will be two mass exits from the planet. The first one happening at the event. Some groups of starseeds will leave the planet as well as souls who have decided not to participate in this LOVE VIBRATION. Those beings will be reprogrammed and relocated to finish their karma.

Immediately following this event, we will have the ability to manipulate time and energy. We will be able to travel in a blink of an eye. We will begin coming together in a unified way to balance Gaia as she shifts.

A second event, seen as a wall/veil/curtain, will happen about 6 months later that will help us see into other dimensions and realities. Another event, a calm blanket, happens after that to soothe and calm the energies.

LOADS OF ANGELIC SUPPORT and ET support during these times.


ETA: Late June: This client received 22, 23,24ish…Done by the 26th…

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