Headlines and Updates for April 23, 2019: Intolerable Conditions on So Many Levels [videos] ~April 23, 2019

How could Comey remember enough to even produce a book? Ghost-writer?

These people are so full of themselves.

What’s REALLY going on?

This just in…

BREAKING: FBI Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Found in Obama White House

Illegal immigration. The statistics and the implications of this are staggering—but it’s not a crisis. No reason to go overboard and declare a “national emergency”.

Perhaps now that the liars have been royally outed folks will take the President at his word—or perhaps even understand that he is understating the problem. There’s more than enough drama to go around.

The immigration system is completely overwhelmed and it’s wreaking havoc on border towns.

1600 Migrants Released in One New Mexico City over 10 Days

And there are serious repercussions I don’t hear anyone talking about on the lamestream media. The following focuses on issues in Arizona, but I imagine all the border states are experiencing similar problems.

This trash-filled wash is below Diablito Mountain, about 5 miles west of Interstate 19, southwest of Arivaca Junction. It is 21 miles north of the border at Nogales. The illegal aliens who dump their trash here have just emerged from the Tumacacori Highlands, which are also trashed out. – Photo credit: Leo W. Banks

This article from ten years ago—2009—explores additional serious issues resulting from a high influx of southerners into border states, including an impact on wildlife. “Diablito”, incidentally means “little devil”.

The talking heads never discuss any of this. The policy-makers prefer to sing the praises of Humanitarian acts and the vibrancy of ethnic diversity immigrants bring—as long as it’s outside the security gates of their palatial mansions and vineyards—when they’re not too busy trashing Donald Trump or going on vacation.

Get a load of the statistics in the article below. With the dramatic uptick in illegal aliens, how much do you suppose the issues cited in this article have grown in ten years? While the problems may begin in the border states, they’re working their way north, folks. San Francisco’s “brown out” is no joke, is it? I’ve heard Portland, Oregon is a shit-hole now, too, full of trash.

Officials Are Fighting A Poop Epidemic On The Streets Of San Francisco

All or most of America will be the same in ten years or so, with violence, crime, and untold misery. This must be stopped.

Trashing Arizona

by Leo W. Banks

Illegal immigrants dump tons of waste in the wilderness every day—and it’s devastating the environment

Read the article…

Last night’s Q LEGEN[D] from GoodDog was terrific, as always. He dove into the Seal Beach pier photo QAnon dropped and pointed out interesting connections, such as it was Yorba Linda just beyond, where the suspicious plane crash happened that was previously linked to Liddle Adam Schitt and the Standard Hotel, a Chase Bank, and more.

Also discussed was more on the Notre-Dame cathedral. It seems the architectural plans for the renovation were presented two days following the fire. Wow, some gifted architects must have worked around the clock to pull that one out of a hat—or for a couple of months previous… what visionaries.

Need we mention that the artist rendering indicates they made no attempt to restore the original. It looks… um… quite different.

Q LEGEN[D] – Time Machine Chapter: 2 – Episode: We Must Fight

There have been an alarming number of drug recalls for curious reasons; another one last week.

We have questions. For example, why is a potentially carcinogenic chemical like NMBA (NNitrosoNmethyl4aminobutyric Acid) found in medications like Losartan for blood pressure modification?

There are safe, natural remedies for high blood pressure (hypertension) like tea, but for the purpose of this discussion, we will continue to prod about how these contaminations happen, and continue to happen, and require recalls.

FDA: Blood Pressure Medication Recall Expanded to Include More Losartan Tablets

Why are chemicals like that in a facility that produces concoctions that will be ingested by Humans—and in large quantities for years on end?

What IS NMBA, I wondered. What is it used for and why is it in close proximity to medications?

This N-nitrosamino acid has been isolated and identified in various types of tobacco, inlcluding snuff, chewing and pipe tobacco, cigars and cigarettes. The occurence of N-nitrosamino acids are highly correlated with levels of tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines which are known carcinogens in a wide range of animal species.  Source

Charming. Now we know what it is, what it’s used for, but not why it is in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Some articles suggested the products may have been contaminated in transit to market.

Does NBMA have anything to do with the production of e-Cigarettes? Where are those made?

I think there are a whole lot of problems with pharmaceuticals—including vaccines—and that people should find alternative ways to improve their health and treat conditions with the products Mother Nature gave us rather than trusting irresponsible corporations to police what doctors are prescribing hand over fist at absurd prices which have multitudes of negative side-effects.

High blood pressure? Relax. Meditate—and smoke some weed. Have a cuppa tea. I drink vats of tea, according to my other half. That’s why I’m so chill.

This went viral. Perhaps people will believe us when we say there is an agenda to dumb us down. Kids can now learn how to misspell “school” on their way there every day. (pronounced skoo-wal) It’s like nook-ya-lar. (nuclear) Just some of those anomalies in the English language that aren’t pronounced anything like they’re spelled. Apparently. Only in America.

Florida school crosswalk in Doral – since repainted

I had to wonder about the intelligence of washing machine manufacturers when I got my new one this morning. The installer put it on a clean cycle to get the crud out before we used it for clothes and when the cycle ended I nearly had a hissy fit.

The freaking thing played a childish tune. I’m not kidding. I was in disbelief. Is this how parents entertain their children now—with appliances that play tunes? It sounded like a gambling machine in Vegas. I actually preferred the sound of a 747 landing in the laundry room which was when we decided we needed to retire the old washer.

This is exactly the tune this new model played, all Q’d up at the 1:08 mark. THIS is what turns people into axe murderers. Fortunately, my hatchet was still outside.

That’s not the same as my machine, but I put a quick end to the potential violence when I got out the manual and turned all the sounds off. Unbelievable. Like the flashing lights aren’t enough. Who wants to turn their laundry room into a carnival?

Are these boys sad because girls are now allowed in their troop or is it something else?

Boy Lovers of America

We’ve told you the most revered institutions are infiltrated by satanist pedophiles but perhaps some find it difficult to believe. These people know where to find and appropriate their prey. Organizations that claim to provide services and enhance the lives of children are the first places to look for these sickos.

“This is a real peril,” Anderson said. “It’s a systematic problem. These are perversion files and secrets held by the Boy Scouts of America.”

Did he mean “systemic”?)

Lawyers claim thousands of Boy Scout leaders sexually abused children for decades

Boy Scouts ‘perversion files’ list 7,800 suspected pedophiles: attorney

More is coming, folks, and you’re going to hear a lot worse. This just scratches the surface.

I need to lighten up. I got no weed, so…

Q Anon/News – Stunning – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 4.23.19

We have a thunderstorm moving in so I need to turn off my PC.  ~ BP


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