Headlines and Updates for April 20, 2019: Easter Surprises—Not! [videos] ~ April 20, 2019

Easter ritual in Spain

Surprise, surprise. The psychos love their anniversaries, don’t they? Unfortunately, Easter doesn’t mean the same thing to the satanic globalists that it does to many of us.

The Columbine shooter story was ammunition for the dimms to further their gun grabbing agenda. They used the latest stunt to resurrect the emotion of that ritual twenty years ago and gin up enthusiasm for surrendering Second Amendment rights. So lame.

Did anyone buy that pathetic story about Sol Pais? It was an embarrassing, epic fail, IMO. They just don’t get that that stuff doesn’t work any more. Their playbook has been published on the Internet and we’re not into their game.

Laura Walker explained the objective in her Oracle Report about their cycles and loops and how the recurring themes reflect in various false flag events and rituals. It was an outstanding review of key historical events.

That latest hoax in Denver should show Americans that there is one thing standing between them and utter tyranny and that is their guns. It should also show them that these creatures are hell bent on achieving their objectives and taking control of this planet. They just don’t get that they’ve already lost. No quarter granted.

I guess their utter defeat wasn’t in their Illuminati card deck. Time for a new edition of the game. They should also remember that while not everyone has a gun, we peasants are rather fond of pitchforks and torches and we know where they live.

20 years after Columbine, Dems bullish on gun reform

Speaking of rituals, here is Part 2 of the SerialBrain2 decode from And We Know.

SerialBrain2: The 9/11 Satanic Ritual and The Mark of Cain. (Part2)



The three stooges, Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar are a never-ending source of entertainment. How can anyone take them seriously? Three actresses hired to entertain Congress, apparently, because WE are not amused.

Who writes this stuff? It’s right out of the theatre of the absurd. Are they the stand-ins for Pelosi because she can’t take the pressure any more? When you are the Speaker of the House and you can’t speak, it can affect job performance and I get the impression these comediennes were intended to step up the deep state game. They are simply not credible = another fail.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib calls for hunger strikes to shut down ICE

Now this—THIS is entertainment. Do not miss it. It’s AOC—only better.

Getting back to the infamous Mueller Report, because it’s always Mueller Time, it seems, the CAT rips it apart like a wet newspaper.

We know most of our readers are attuned to the whole charade of the dossier and the Russian collusion hoax and who really colluded with the Russians, but we need to keep this information circulating for those woozy ones who are just coming around and trying to make sense of it all.

We have terrific videos and commentary from the dynamic duo, Betsy and Thomas, at American Intelligence Media with guest appearances from Michael McKibben. And their memes—top drawer. If you’re on social media you could use these MOAB memes to your advantage. There are lots of good videos there, too, of all kinds.

The Mueller Report pure ca-ca? Thinking Humans couldn’t agree more.

This one has instant impact: every page of the Mueller Report…

Remember this image when the mainstream media cucks say that the report is heavily redacted.

Source: It’s a Ca-Ca Dossier

On a lighter note, we have the body language analysis of the Barr press conference with Rosenstein, whom I noted was very quiet and possibly contrite. Those eyes are familiar, are they not? Yup. That’s them. Some do feel that Rosenstein is a stealth bomber for Trump, however. We’ll find out later.

Body Language: Catatonic Rosenstein, William Barr Press Conference

I just read that a poll stated Trump’s popularity tanked after the Mueller Report was unveiled. Really? So much for polls.

We also want to remember that Trump doesn’t accept his Presidential salary. He’s beyond transparent.

Trump 2020 campaign donations soar after Mueller report with $1 MILLION pouring in just a day after its release

Great reminder to financially starve the RNC – which is full of RINOs, cucks, and Romneys – of your campaign donations. Continue to give your MAGA $$$ to the Donald Trump Campaign directly, and not the RNC. If you receive a survey from the RNC, let them know why you will not be supporting their globalist candidates, especially the dirty dozen that did not support the American people for funding the southern border wall.


Kip Simpson tells us John Podesta had a snit fit and is trying to invoke action from Congress to… you know… oust the President. Nothing like beating your head against a brick wall, John. We’ll see YOU behind bars with the rest of the child lovers.

John Podesta FURIOUS Over Mueller Report Fail, Orders Congress ‘It’s Time to Act’

Podesta is right about one thing; bots are problematic and it seems our security guards here at Starship Earth, from Wordfence, can’t always tell the difference between bots and some of our crew and they’re blocking their access.

Number One had a come-to-Jesus meeting with the little blighters and told them to lighten up. We apologize for their over-zealous efforts and if you continue to have issues accessing the site, please let us know via comments as we’ve dialed it down. Thanks.  ~ BP

“Igor” Marty Feldman

I just saw the following headline from H.A. Goodman for his live video stream this morning.

Live: Elizabeth Warren Wants To Impeach President Trump Because Mueller Report Showed No Collusion

Are these people insane? Is that the point? Is this really about waking up the snoozers with rhetoric that is so beyond logic that they have to take notice and come to a rational conclusion on their own; the conclusion being that the Democrats are raving lunatics and not fit to run the country—unless you want to run it into the ground?

Looks like we’ve regressed to the middle ages.

FIREWORKS! Mike Huckabee Calls For April Ryan’s White House Credentials to be Revoked For Saying Sarah Sanders’ Head Should be “Lopped Off”

Video at the link below, if you can stomach it.

April Ryan Takes Heat For Saying Sarah Sanders’ Head Should Be ‘Lopped Off,’ Then ‘Plays The Victim’

Illegal migrants continue to contribute to the state of emergency at the US/Mexico border. Last week the city of Yuma, Arizona took drastic action due to the crisis situation and now Oterro County in New Mexico has declared a state of emergency. Are Americans getting it? Let’s hope so.

New Mexico county declares state of emergency over surge of illegal immigrants

Canada is no bed of roses, either. Are folks seeing the agenda? The first one minute of this video says it all. Absolutely outrageous.

The rights of Citizens of North America don’t matter but the rights of recent migrants do. Maybe Turdeau has a fund not only to bribe the media but judges, too? Tax dollars at work?

FINAL UPDATE: Canadian Christian forced to pay “sharia” fine | Ezra Levant

Time for some comedy relief and sane talk in this mad, mad world.

Q Anon/News – Game Over – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 4.20.19


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