Channeled by Linda Dillon

…your energy underneath the surface is very powerful and it is grabbing, quite literally, those that you engage with … entraining them to the Mother’s energy of nurturing, of caring, of non-judgement, of discernment, of compassion, and a willingness to step forward and declare truth.

Archangel Michael: Carry the Power of the Mother and of You!

Andrew: … S is still in the situation of continually worrying about attending her two-weekly clinic appointments where the staff are frankly uncaring, controlling and less than competent. It is indeed a source of deep sadness to me to see the depths to which the medical profession has sunk in recent years.

I am so very proud of this beloved daughter and of the burden she has taken on in this lifetime in her service to the Mother and to humanity. Can you give us an update on her progress in this matter and perhaps some further encouragement?

Archangel Michael: Take heart… take heart, beloved one, dearest S. And I use these words not merely as ‘pretty words’ or comfort or reassurance, but quite literally to assist you – yes, of course to encourage you – but also to help you more deeply anchor and be in your heart.

You carry the nurturing, the wisdom, the empathy and the power. Yes, ‘power’ is a word, dearest heart, that you have shied away from and so I introduce it and reintroduce it to you this day: you carry the power of the Mother, and even more importantly than that – yes, even more importantly than that – you carry the power of you, dearest S.

It is exceedingly sad – and I do not simply mean in the emotional sense; I mean in the practical sense as well – at how the medical ‘systems’ (note that I do not call it ‘professions’) have deteriorated, [and] how the emotional and the heart-wellbeing of many engaged in this ‘business’ have hardened.

Now many of them have hardened because the magnitude of the undertaking – the healing both of individuals and the collective, particularly of addictions – seems overwhelming and of such great difficulty that they have simply backed up and hardened themselves rather than to continue and to feel the pain.

But dearest heart, make no mistake. When you go to the clinic – and yes, it has been difficult, and you are breaking free of this bondage, make no mistake about that – but one of the reasons you are continuing to go is not just the fear… that quotient of fear you were carrying previously was very large [but] it is diminishing week by week, day by day, hour by hour…

But one of the reasons you continue to go is you are bringing your heart, your wisdom, your nurturing, your evidence of the worthiness of each and every individuated soul. And you do not allow – you are very placid! – but you do not allow those who attend to you to simply make you faceless, powerless… dismissible.

You are reinforcing the dignity, the sweetness, the creative power that is carried and you are influencing and penetrating those in this building, in this clinic, and far beyond – far more than you know.

Now, is the plan – your plan or our Plan – for you to have to continue in this bondage? The answer is no! But for the time being, do not – please – underestimate the value, the power of what you are doing and what you are bringing.

You are like a deep current in a very – supposedly – placid river. And many look at you and think, “Oh, there is nothing here that is to be concerned about.” And yet, your energy underneath the surface is very powerful and it is grabbing, quite literally, those that you engage with – and we do not just mean at the clinic – and it is grabbing those people and it is entraining them to the Mother’s energy of nurturing, of caring, of non-judgement, of discernment, of compassion, and a willingness to step forward and declare truth.

So many of the human beings attempt to hide what they judge as their shortcomings, as their problems, as their issues, and that is simply unproductive – and very unproductive in terms of the forward thrust of humanity. If one is always trying to conceal one’s inner issues, one’s inner demons, one’s inner challenges, then they do not come to the surface.

So what you are doing is you are declaring, “I have an issue”and we call it addiction, but the biggest addiction is the addiction to pain that humanity has fallen under – so you declare, and in that declaration you say, “I want help, I am open to receive.” But dearest heart, never underestimate what you are giving in that exchange. And you are saying, “Humanity, we are a work in process but we are shifting, and care and concern and kindness in this expansion is not only desirable – it is essential.”

So, sweet one, are you freeing yourself from bondage? Are you moving forward? The answer is yes! But in the transition work, which is what you are doing, make no mistake of how valuable it is… what your undertaking is.

And you are fortified, sweet one, not only by Raphael but by all of us – every step of the way!

Channeled by Linda Dillon



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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