Blue Avians ~ April 8, 2019

Blue Avians and Arcturian High Council

The trumphets are sounding…. The Blue Avians will honor us with their presence and assistance along with the Arcturians in tonight´s transmission.

It´s graduation time for humanity and after the timeline collapse earlier this year and the actualization of the ascension of the earth and moving into her new trajetory orbital dance, we are urged in an all sounding collective clarion call to now step into servicehood to embody the supreme majesty and synergy of the 144000 frequency of light as our avatar master presence in universal service.

A gigantic upleveling of frequency, is now available for those souls ready to step into divine sovereignty synergy of soul monad and into planetary and universal service on the new Sophia-Christos heaven-on-earth.

Please join the Arcturians, the Blue Avians and a group of highly devoted starseeds in tonight´s global group transmission, where we will receive a download configuration of the new earth´s universal coordinates and download of the 144 faceted diamond light body, that is our vessel on the ascended earth 5D trajetory of divine joy embodied.

Thru this configuration and activation you come into a state of divine joy, peace and in full acceptance and inner-knowing everything is as it is… all in perfect divine order…. only truth can be held in this vibration… everything that is not in alignment with divine truth and the Law of One cannot exist in your diamond body… hence no imbalances, no dis-ease or untruthfullness… you will BE in complete trancendence and convergence with the universal and galactic law of ONE as a Sovereign being of light. This is a gigantic evolutionary leap from human to trans-personal multidimensional universal consciousness. We invite you to join in this collective quantum brake thru to our new universal home trajetory of divine joy. We will join up as ONE tonight… in 4 hrs from now at 7 pm UK time, 2 pm edt, 11 am pdt, 12 pm pdt, 8 pm central european time for this galactic transmission as servants to the new earth.

Please click on link to sign up and learn more about this new earth homeband frequency of joy.

~ Grace Solaris, the Blue Avians and Arcturian High Council

The 5:5:5 Code, April 2019 ~ Rising to the Occasion!

By Tania Gabrielle

April 5 New Moon unleashes a stunning 5:5:5 code of positive transformation.

5 coupled with the dynamics of this Aries New Moon means:

  • April is a turning point.

How perfect that this Aries New Moon on April 5 is also the 5th of 5 consecutive New Moons at 15°!

Triple 5:5:5 forms a triad of 5’s – an enhancement of freedom, fun, adventure, traveling, decisions and movement on all levels.

And – check this out:  5:5:5 = 15 !

So the 5th of 5 consecutive New Moons on April 5 at 15° ALSO adds up to 15… Wow!

15 resonates to magic, spiritual alchemy, upliftment through joy and abundance attraction.

15 merged with the powerful 5:5:5 triad enhances the cosmic expression of magic and miracles.

**Check out more fun facts about this fabulous New Moon code in my Instagram posts – Click Here

What is clearly a big theme surrounding April and today’s Aries New moon is that…

  • You are Rising to the Occasion.
  • Like number 5 you are rising from the ground up into the Spiritual realms.

5’s Snake-like pattern is the upward movement through each of our chakras – so the number 5 symbolizes the S-curve of Divine Light moving through our Spine.

5 emits a vibration of rising upwards through several segments of our human experience, while being open to changes of direction – and this deep TRUST in the adventure ultimately allows us the FREEDOM to explore without knowing our destination!

How amazing that we can rise ever higher knowing only that we are on the right path… yet Not knowing where we are heading!

5 keeps the “where” a stunning mystery.

5 asks us to TRUST by delighting in new adventures.

After all, why go on any adventure if you’re not intentionally moving through a fear of change – or any fear for that matter?

  • 5 loves consciously exploring the unknown.
  • 5 is the symbol of curves in the road and decisions to be made.

Due to the current astrological intensification of Saturn and Pluto moving closer together in Capricorn, you are dealing with themes of commitment (Saturn), empowerment (Pluto) and a recognition of your Soul contracts in this lifetime.

Fortunately, 5 is also the number of FUN!

In fact, 5 and Aries invite you to go on an ultimate Soul adventure – so fire up all cylinders and follow your instinct to explore.

This includes doing something at the spur of the moment, no planning allowed!

Allow your Soul to fly – you’ve GOT this!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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