The Long, Long Road to Freedom: An Anniversary and a New SerialBrain Decode [video] ~ April 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends, we are in this for the long haul it seems, but then…freedom for an entire planet was never an easy task. You and I signed up for an event this WILL rock our world.

Despite our traveling this long road, we can all be heartened by the continual string for successes of the Light. Despite global chaos and confusion, we all are seeing more and more truths becoming uncovered and exposed to the light of truth.

When will we actually begin enjoying our freedom from 3D economic slavery? No one knows…but each day brings far more success as humanity stumbles and lurches toward the Light of global freedom! Please read the article below for more details, eagerly seek out and share the truth of the matter, and be…



FYI, Starship Earth: The Big Picture (formerly 2012: The Big Picture) is celebrating 7 years of glorious flight. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long and arduous a journey but here we are; bigger and better than when we started with a most wonderful crew.

We knew the dark would not relinquish their power; would never surrender and graciously wish Humanity an exciting future learning how to be the people they were meant to be when they were created. The evil and selfish greed of the scourge in our world knows no bounds.

Fortunately, it is the time now that outside help and a greater understanding within Humanity is rising to the occasion and we are seeing progress. We’re actually seeing it.

The greedy, psychopathic cabal does not want their easy life of luxury, opulence and excess slip away, but they won’t be needing it where they’re going.

As we watch the factions war against each other and continue the illusion with their lying and complicit mass media, it may seem like little is happening but much is hidden from us. There are gears and moving parts we are unaware of.

The positive changes we do see are encouraging and we continue to observe the process; hoping that those who appear to be working on our behalf have the best intentions.

Regardless, too many Humans are now aware of the lies, deceit, coverups and con jobs and we will not settle for a continuation of the ghastly plan to annihilate and manipulate an entire race of people. We denounce “royalty” and subjugation and rise in our own power.

What we see in the news is the implosion of a system that failed; including the financial one. The shift to a new, fair system belonging to and run by the People is ready to go as soon as we eviscerate the dark interference in the switch—and it’s coming.

Through the hard work in the alternative news community, we are educating the masses and presenting the truth no one wanted to hear for so long. Now they have no choice. The truth about the objectives of the New World Order is flowing; cascading down around us. It’s ugly and difficult to believe but it’s also empowering and enabling us to see who the traitors and imposters are.

They have infiltrated every aspect of our world and battles between light and dark ensue in every institution but we can see and hear we’re winning. The evidence is everywhere.

Astute analysts bring us running commentaries every day on the progress and meaning of the subtle and in some cases not-so-subtle events. It’s a fascinating but frustrating time to be alive.

Those of us here in the trenches every day can rest in the knowledge we have played a role in the liberation of Humanity—regardless of how long it takes.

The evil cabal will endeavor to keep us living in fear, but it’s time to stand up to their stunts and threats and boldly go. We’re installing our own regime, a new way of being. Gradually, it ‘s happening, and in a civilized and honourable way. We don’t stoop to their level.

While our friends down under are ruggin’ up for winter, here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s spring and time for new beginnings; rapid growth and rejuvenation of life. Exciting times are unfolding and while there is no one source to learn all that transpires, we do our best every day to make sense of it all and share meaningful information.

The journey continues.

We don’t consider President Trump and his team a magic bullet, but they have pulled off some undeniably remarkable feats. Below is the latest SerialBrain2 video interpretation of the recent action.

This is testament to the fact that it is various factions of the controllers at war for domination, involving secret societies who communicate with each other subtly. To disregard this aspect of the scuffles is to lose a key piece of the puzzle. The media knows exactly what’s going on but of course use the opportunity to mock the President for his “nonsensical” tweets.

We know what covféfe means. President Trump manipulated the media into falling on their own sword. The mockingbird fake news media is dead, and we are standing up and taking their place; rendering them irrelevant—and a laughing stock.

They may send out their pathetic little trolls to lie and discredit the People’s news, but few pay attention to them any longer. They stick out like a sore thumb and we expose them.  ~ BP

SerialBrain2: COVFEFE: Trump Defeated the Demonic Fake News in 666 Days, 6 Hours and 6 Minutes.


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