Message for the Collective: The Era of Perfection Ends Now ~ April 4, 2019

In this video we cover the topic of perfection within our spiritual awakening, the need to release criticism, and the importance of following our own pace, and truth, as that is ultimately what and who we are. Download the Group meditation and regression session to address our individual and collective history off-world, and the karma created within Lyra, the birthplace of humanity, and the ensuing Orion Wars. Only when we understand where we come from can we understand who we are beyond the veil. Email us at for the recording. Join us at the “Embracing the New Paradigm: Grounding Your Godliness” in-person event on April 28th, in Wakefield QC. We are happy to announce newly redacted rates for the event in lew of attendees coming from all over, after taking into consideration travel costs and lodging. The event will be live-streamed and recorded for those attending from afar. The cost for attendance of the in-person event will be 150 USD for the 5-6 hours duration, including parking, lunch, and beverages. There is limited availability of up to 20 attendees, so it is best to book soon. You may register directly via our Indigo Light Paypal link at The live-streamed version of the event will be 88 USD and held via Clickmeeting, accessible online from any PC, without prior setup or download. You may register directly here:… This is an exciting new chapter for us all, and we are excited to be able to help usher it in with you. We look forward to meeting you on April 28th. More info and tickets available at or via email at By popular demand and following the amazing feedback we received regarding printing some of our designs on apparel, we are very happy to announce the creation of the Indigo Light Store. You now have access to some artwork that can be printed on several garments, as well as decorations for the home and some accessories. We hope that you enjoy them and we are sincerely thankful for the love and support we have gotten for the last 10 months. Bless you all for being so awesome! You can access the store at the link below.… Personal Sessions: Please contact us at for sessions, or visit the website at The recording of the “Guided Meditation for Connection to Guidance” from December 22nd is now available for download. Please contact us at to receive it. The cost is only 22 Dollars for the 75 minute event. “WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?”: Contact us to receive the downloadable file of the recording for the anticipated ” WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?” and “Love and Relationships in 5D” Workshop . Please email us at The fee is only 44 and 33 USD respectively. These workshop covers True Soul Purpose and how to bring it to fruition pragmatically, as well as Love and Relationships in 5D, with an emphasis on Twin-Flames and Soulmates Become Co-creators and Patrons of Indigo Light at our new PATREON PAGE : Visit our new FB page at:… Alexander’s new book “Confessions of An Indigo Child” is available now on with the link below. The new Audiobook version is available in the BOOKS Tab on the website.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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