Headlines and Updates for April 3, 2019: A Bumper Crop of Information [videos] ~ April 3, 2019

QAnon’s last post was March 29 but SerialBrain2 has another decode for us. I’ll share the video from And We Know when it’s uploaded.

FBIAnon has been active and T.R.U. Reporting brings us that information. Fascinating.

F.B.I. anon Unleashed!?

BREAKING: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Campaign Manager Chakrabarti Implicated in “Brazen Dark Money Scheme”

The whack-jobs in Washington are at it again… playing the victim card. They can’t find anything to charge President Trump with so they’re making him look like a tyrant and bully. Boo-hoo.

We’ll see who the tyrants are when all the crimes of the deep state and globalists are exposed; the theft, the forced financial hardship, the poisoned food and water, toxic vaccines, an endless array of laboratory-created diseases, irradiating the public, spraying them with chemicals in the sky, the spectacular expense accounts enjoyed by Congress and theft of trillions for black budget military programs, the sexual predation and murder of children… this and more the public is learning about.

We know who was harmed and by whom, but you can see where they’re going with this, can’t you?

WTH? Kamala Harris: “[Trump] Has Caused A Lot Of Us To Go Through Individual And Group Therapy…To Feel Despair, And Depression, And Anxiety, And Fear” (VIDEO)

We’re hoping the financial situation is under patriot control because we really need an “easy transition” with few challenges for the People. So many just don’t see any of this coming.

Confirmed, Patriots Shutdown The Recession – Episode 1831a

LIBERAL HEADS EXPLODE: Trump Reportedly Says He Will Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Catholic Judge Amy Barrett

Not sure what this means, if anything. Seems a little odd, though.

Army Special Ops Exercise Spooks Nearby Residents, Officials Promise It Won’t Happen Again

Here’s another stunning update from Dan Bongino. As he is former Secret Service, he has some valuable connections and intel.

The scandal/treason is beyond what the average person suspects. Many of you are expecting this because you’ve done your homework but the general citizens need to develop an understanding for the scope of the corruption in Washington and the evil plans devised by the racketeers who never thought they would be caught because with Hillary Clinton in the oval office, they would have remained in control. Trump changed everything.

Ep. 949 This is the Real Joe Biden Scandal. The Dan Bongino Show 4/2/2019

We are gradually educating the general public as to the status in Washington, DC.

Rep. Doug Collins slipped in the “C” word here. Yes, “cabal” is now out there in the public eye after this chat with Maria Bartiromo. We are no longer just conspiracy nut jobs. We are vindicated and the masses are charged with catching up.

There was a cabal at the Department of Justice: Rep. Doug Collins

A Chinese woman was arrested at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s Florida club and her story didn’t ring true.

Woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago Club with 2 Chinese passports, malware, feds say

This is a great, short talk from Ben Swann, and we can only wish all journalists were like him. His appearance at Anarchapulco explains his humble beginnings, career moves, and where he’s now embarking with the plan to make the world a better place; to facilitate Humanity getting real information as we abandon the legacy media and the misleading narrative they push day in and day out to shape our world.

In the few minutes afterward he explains his foray into the Pizzagate story that ended abruptly and what happened.

Ben Swann at Anarchapulco 2019 – ISE Crypto Media, U.S. Southern Border Wall & His Pizzagate Purge

David Icke speaks all over the world and gets through to people with simple concepts explained well using basic examples. This particular interview on Nikki Columbo’s show is one of the best he’s ever done, in my opinion.

He tells us the “great awakening” is in full swing in a way he’s never seen it before.

David Icke Talks To Nikki Columbo – Full Interview


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  1. Great post, great vid!! Just saw it a few days ago 😁


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